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Crossing Over. . . A Cat's Eye View

Crossing Over. . . a cat’s eye view.

Karen Noel:

Before we begin I would like to share something Satchmo reminded both Karen Nowak and I about, do NOT beat yourself up about anything in your past. 444 more words

Manic Monday: Louis Armstrong - "Louis Armstrong"

So, the past couple of weeks while I’ve been busy with work and whatnot, I’ve also been listening a lot to this box set, which contains 15 CDs of Louis Armstrong-recordings and over 11 hours of music. 181 more words


Trying to be perfect is very tiring, it wears you out. I know, because I tried it for years. The girls in my generation were raised to be perfect.

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Daily Prompts

In The Early Days

Karen Noel:

In the early days of our life together Satchmo was timid. Friends commented on my “invisible cat”.

The turning point, for Satchmo, came when my then partner and I adopted 2 puppies. 471 more words

Good Ol' Satchmo

Re-watched the Ken Burns doc on jazz last week. Interesting detail I had forgotten: for all his success and influence Louis Armstrong did not own a home or have a really fruitful romance until he was forty. 30 more words

Shit That Can't Be Real Yet Somehow Is

Oh, To Be a Marsupial

I wish I was a marsupial. Preferably one who has the power to shrink loved ones. If I was a marsupial, I’d carry Satch around in my tummy pocket all day. 313 more words