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Satechi launches inexpensive, Mac-matching docking station w/4K HDMI GigE and 4xUSB 3 hub

Popular peripheral maker Satechi is launching a new compact hub for Macs called Aluminum Mini Docking Station. The new hub expands one USB 3 port into four USB 3 ports plus adds access other networking and audio/video ports. 353 more words

The best accessories for Apple's 12-inch MacBook: USB-C cables, hubs, flash storage, more

Just this morning Apple refreshed its 12-inch MacBook with a faster processor and improved battery life. Whether you’re springing for the new models released today or… 610 more words


Review: Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard becomes full-size w/ Satechi’s wireless aluminum keypad

Satechi’s new Aluminum Wireless Keypad is the numeric keypad add-on Apple doesn’t make for its own wireless keyboard. Apple has a truly full-sized keyboard with the number/keypad option, but it’s only available… 572 more words

Using The iPad Pro: Keynote Presentation Advancer

I have been moving more toward using my iPad Pro as my full time mobile computer, both personally and at work. Every so often I come across an activity that is not easily done on my iPad. 169 more words


Satechi answers the prayers of MacBook owners by adding pass-through charging to its USB-C hub

Today at CES Satechi announced two new essential USB-C accessories geared towards users of Apple’s 12-inch MacBook. Satechi’s updated USB-C Hub includes an integrated pass-through USB-C charging port. 264 more words

Review: Satechi's Type-C Hub is almost the perfect MacBook hub with USB 3 + SD Card ports

Satechi’s new Type-C USB Hub announced in October at first glance looks like the perfect solution for using single-port Retina MacBooks with wired accessories and SD cards. 675 more words

Top 5 Apple products Accessories (V.1)

  1. Spigen iPhone Cases: One of my favourite brands when it comes to protecting my iPhone 6s. Not only Spigen offers great value for the cases but packs quite the punch; with their materials that enhances the durability of your Apple iPhones.
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