Beaver Lodge Available: No Cable Necessary


Beavers, as everyone who has studied their natural history can attest, are amazing in a variety of ways.  The first thing that comes to mind is that they are considered “Natures Engineers” because they have the instinct to secure a site, chew down dozens of trees and proceed to construct a clever and efficient dam.   403 more words


28 Photos Later: Day 16 in London

Welcome to Day 16 of “28 Photos Later”.

Today’s photo is “The Interchange”.

The Interchange was once a link between London’s railways and canals.  The building straddled the canal at Camden Town, with railway tracks and platforms on one side, and trap-doors giving access to the barges beneath.  70 more words



Here I am. In the back of a stuffy airport bus, my heart beats with anticipation. So long I have waited. Finally, I have come. Ici. 160 more words