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Satellite Imagery & Contours!

This week has been one of giving the system a good and thorough testing to make sure it is in a good position for the next major phase of development. 778 more words

Ancient Armies

Why is the water off of New Jersey turning aquamarine?

Turquoise waters reminiscent of a Caribbean island have replaced the New Jersey’s typically murky coast for the past week, thanks to combination of phytoplankton and unusual weather conditions. 52 more words

Christian Science Monitor

Lake Okeechobee Algae Bloom Satellite Imagery May- July 2016, SLR/IRL

Today I share an amazing link to a website of Lake Okeechobee satellite imagery from May-June 2016 as created by my brother,  Todd Thurlow. These images reflect the huge algae bloom in the lake that on July 2nd was estimated to be over 200 square miles. 134 more words

Purple Martins -Rings on Georgia Radar

This is from what is sold as weather Radar. Radar was a phrase termed as in 1940 by the U.S. Navy. There are often anomalous images that appear in Radar imagery. 325 more words


New Leaps in Planetary Mapping

Exciting times are ahead for space exploration and extraterrestrial mapping as we push further from the boundaries of our world. Juno, NASA’s satellite bound for Jupiter, will be able to take the highest resolution pictures of Jupiter EVER! 129 more words


Google Maps gets multi-stop directions and vacation memories on mobile

Google is bringing long awaited multi-stop directions to mobile with its new summer update. Travelers can now hit as many tourist traps as they want on their cross country treks. 137 more words


Google Maps and Google Earth get sharper satellite imagery

”When Google Earth was first released, it was life-changing,” Brian Fagioli reports for BetaNews. “While people take it for granted now, seeing aerial views of the entire planet — including something as mundane as your neighbor’s roof — was something many folks never thought possible. 189 more words