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Guangdong Satellite Imagery 1985 - 2017

A new area of interest has been developing for me. Could I look at satellite imagery and find interesting things? With a historical bent, I thought I could look at satellite images over time, and see what I could do. 76 more words


Digital Humanitarians in Space: Planet Launches Rapid Response Team

Planet has an unparalleled constellation of satellites in orbit. In addition to their current constellation of 130 micro-satellites, they have 5 RapidEye satellites and the 7 SkySat satellites (recently acquired from Google). 310 more words

Crisis Mapping

Long Man of Wilmington

Moderate 8 mile circular
Overcast, blustery

A curiosity confirmed by National Trails:

If you walk or ride the inland bridleway route of the South Downs Way you will pass over the head of the Long Man of Wilmington and may never know it!

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Rambling On

US intelligence agencies are beginning to build AI spies

A US intelligence director says a lot of espionage is more boring than you might think, and much of it could be handed over to artificial intelligence. 315 more words

A 2 million cubic meter landslide in California, before and after images

A massive landslide has cut off access to one of the most scenic places in the US. California Highway 1 is blocked by 2 million cubic meters of earth more than 0.25 miles (400m) wide near Big Sur, California, turning the short-term closures caused by prior slides into a long-term blockage. 231 more words

Follow this lightning storm halfway across the US to the East Coast

❝ Watch a huge lightning storm move across the eastern USA. The huge storm caused much damage and unfortunately some loss of life for people in its path.

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Watch the Pacific Northwest Change Before Your Eyes

An award-winning visualization uses satellite imagery to reveal the ravages of development, fire, insects, and clear-cut logging.

There have been great upheavals in the Pacific Northwest’s… 80 more words