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Satellite Images: Visualizing the Highs and Lows of Lake Mead

Acquired May 15, 1984 download large image (14 MB, JPEG, 4391×3348)

 Acquired May 23, 2016 download large image (11 MB, JPEG, 4391×3348)

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News/ Current Events

NASA sees Fort McMurray wildfires from space

The devastating wildfires that forced more than 88,000 people from their homes in Fort McMurray has been imaged from space.

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Help with the Ecuador Earthquake Rescue Efforts Now!

We urgently need you to help guide rescue workers on the ground in Ecuador. Go to www.planetaryresponsenetwork.org now!

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Citizen Science

See a River’s Path Change Over 30 Years

According to Mental_floss –

Thanks to satellite imagery, it’s easier than ever to see how the Earth is changing over time. The Ucayali River in Peru is changing its course at an especially rapid pace, and Zoltan Sylvester, a sedimentary biologist who blogs at… 37 more words

After watch movie titled: in Déjà vu Main actor by Denzel Washington (2006)

The semi-scientific dialog here inspires the scientist to do more on electromagnetic research and modern physics. Yet, the transformer machine personally allows me to start dream beyond my imagination. 197 more words