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Satellite Images: Eruption at Chikurachki

Acquired February 17, 2015

Acquired February 17, 2015 download large image (5 MB, JPEG, 5000×5000)

Acquired February 17, 2015 download GeoTIFF file (29 MB, TIFF, 5000×5000) 282 more words

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Satellite Images of Plumes From Africa’s Volcanic Duo

 Acquired February 9, 2015 download large image (5 MB, JPEG, 6000×6000)

Acquired February 9, 2015 download GeoTIFF file (48 MB, TIFF, 6000×6000)

Source: Earth Observatory… 374 more words

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Remote Sensing Satellites and the Regulation of Violence in Areas of Limited Statehood

In 1985, American intelligence analyst Samuel Loring Morison was charged with espionage after leaking this satellite image of a Soviet shipyard:

And here’s a satellite image of the same shipyard today, free & publicly available via Google Earth: 1,286 more words

Crisis Mapping

Video: Digital Humanitarians & Next Generation Humanitarian Technology

How do international humanitarian organizations make sense of the “Big Data” generated during major disasters? They turn to Digital Humanitarians who craft and leverage ingenious crowdsourcing solutions with trail-blazing insights from artificial intelligence to make sense of vast volumes of social media, satellite imagery and even UAV/aerial imagery. 81 more words


NASA "gets" Global Climate Change

Of all the US organizations and institutions, I think NASA is one of the few that gets Global Climate Change correct. Their website Global Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet… 227 more words


Google is always expanding the imagery available in its Street View feature in Maps, and this evening the company has announced in a blog post… 162 more words