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Raspberry Pi Project: Automatic NOAA Satellite Receiver and Tweeter

I’ve long enjoyed setting up and recording passing NOAA satellites, and when I saw this Instructables guide on making a Raspberry Pi into a weather satellite receiver, I knew it would be a great next step. 383 more words


The Moon and the Earth From the ISS

From NASA.

An astronaut aboard the International Space Station (ISS) took this photograph while flying over Asia and looking southeast toward the horizon. Astronauts have unique opportunities to photograph Earth from various angles while orbiting in the  306 more words


Keeping an eye on penguins

The status of penguins has not been an easy thing to establish but new techniques and knowledge are improving assessments.

Scientists are studying the distribution and abundance of penguins and other animals by… 179 more words

NOAA Automatic Picture Transmission Receiving and Decoding

Last November, I got a small RTL3832U SDR USB dongle to experiment with receiving radio signals from my computer. I specifically used the RTL-SDR.com blog’s $26 kit… 1,154 more words


Jan. 22nd, 2018 NOAA 15 MCIR

This image greatly confused me, and although I was able to get a false color picture for the first time, the picture was plagued by weird static tendrils along the top and bottom, and the map overlay feature was ineffective.Some land feature is visible in the bottom right, and I assume it to be somewhere along the Alaskan/Canadian coast, but I can’t be sure.


This is the island camp Bangladesh is building to house the Rohingya

It’s in the of the Bay of Bengal.

Nine months ago, it looked like this.

May 2017

Landsat 8

17 years ago, it didn’t exist.

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Can we use satellite imagery to monitor how forests recover after wildfires and harvests? TrentU MsC student Griffin Williams explains his research

Griffin Williams, from London, Ontario, is currently conducting research for his Masters of Science in the Environmental and Life Sciences program at Trent University. 346 more words