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I got rid of Sirius XM

and I feel so free!!!

Let’s rewind a bit…four years ago I bought a new car, and with it came a free trial of satellite radio. 356 more words


Coming This Week: December 27th - January 2nd

While our winter break is a bit short this year, it’s not been short on fun.  Last week was a great visit with my family in central Illinois; today we are heading north.   182 more words

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What Annoys Jeff this Week?

1. Forgetting Thursday. Most weeks, by the time Thursday rolls around I have a laundry list of potential topics to pick from. The annoyances range from monumental to petty and all are perfectly suitable for taking up a hundred or so words in print. 425 more words

What Annoys Jeff This Week?

The CIA and The Church Committee

So I just heard a really interesting interview about the CIA on POTUS Satellite Radio Channel 124. Apparently, the CIA got functional cuffs put on them in the 70’s, disabling them from doing a lot that was being abused at the time, such as the assassination of foreign leaders and heavy operations on domestic grounds. 171 more words


Satellite Radio

Satellite Radio

A satellite radio is a digital radio that receives signals broadcast by communications satellites. Since satellite radio operates wherever there is line of sight between the antenna and satellite, the signal spans a much wider geographical range than terrestrial radio. 28 more words

SiriusXM Satellite Radio SXPL1V1 Onyx Plus

  • Subscription sold separately by SiriusXM.
  • Store up to 20 of your favorite channels for one-touch access.
  • Pause, rewind and replay live satellite radio plus all your Smart Favorite channels.
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B is for Beats...Kids Musical Beats

Voices raised, arms flying, feet stomping, heads rolling.  A scene from a typical sibling fight?  Could be, but the music’s blaring, so it must be…Family Dance Party! 624 more words