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RSGB respond to Ofcom 5G consultation

The RSGB have responded to the Ofcom Call for Input on Spectrum above 6 GHz for future mobile communications (5G) consultation.

The range of frequencies Ofcom are considering included the Primary amateur and amateur-satellite allocation at 47-47.2 GHz. 34 more words

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SETI: What Are We Looking For? When we’re searching for...

SETI: What Are We Looking For?

When we’re searching for extraterrestrial life, what exactly are we looking for? Or listening for? Signals in the noise. Anything that doesn’t match the pattern of nature.

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I always thought it was weird we have such big satellites and so many of them. You would think Internet would be like full bars across the whole world but no. Some are used to send signals in space and look at distant galaxies. But who can tell if we are really looking in space or communicating with extraterrestrials. Also I have heard many conspiracy theories that these huge dishes and satellites could change the weather. That is awesome and very frightening. Having someone control the weather instead of nature taking its course, who knows what could happen? Anyway all I am saying is with our advances in technology what are they really used for and why can't we have full bars or cable around the globe?

Can a candle burn in a spaceship?

Can a candle burn in a spaceship (in microgravity)?

Image Credit: NASA.
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Prestwick in Space

Prestwick is quickly becoming the Scottish front runner for the development of the Spaceport as as Stornoway pulls out and Highlands and Islands Airports Ltd don’t intend to develop a plan for Campbelltown, I’ve submitted a motion supporting Prestwick. 132 more words


Apple reportedly in talks to be launch partner for new standalone web service 'HBO Now'

”HBO is in talks with Apple to make Apple TV one of the launch partners for its highly anticipated streaming service when it debuts next month,” Michael Learmonth reports for The International Business Times. 158 more words


LiDAR Data: Storage & Compression Ideas