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Inside One Company's Stalled Attempt to Blanket the World with Internet Connectivity

Iridium Communications, a $790 million satellite telecommunications company based in McLean, Va., was gearing up to launch the first of a new generation of satellites when the news came in from Cape Canaveral. 2,111 more words


Just A Thought: Would China Create Technology To Destroy All Satellites To Force Everyone Fights Without Eyes In The Heaven?

I was reading an article which mentioned how China may use technology in space to ram United States’ satellites to prevent spying and GPS and whatnot activities in wartime, and I thought to myself that China could also create satellites that may act like a last resort measure in which it would project indiscriminately projectiles to all satellites in an orbit, including the ones that China operates.   136 more words


So-Called Space Debris and Danger to Satellites

Debris In Space Exposed

by Mark Garcia

September 26, 2013

Last Updated July 27, 2016

from NASA Website



I got this article from the above link. 2,787 more words

Fake Satellites

What’s with the name ?

Greetings Earthlings !

A bit about me to start with …

I am a Scientist/Engineer working at Indian Space Research Organization. I am part of the Control Dynamics and Simulation Group at ISRO Satellite Centre and work in the challenging field of spacecraft Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS). 1,225 more words


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A GeoSync Ham Radio Satellite for the Americas – from the DCC on Ham Radio Now.

We’ve been hearing about a Geosynchronous satellite for the Western Hemisphere for a while now, but not many details. 61 more words

Ham Radio

Saturn at its most beautiful and awe-inspiring

NASA’s Cassini orbiter has been dutifully documenting Saturn for more then 10 years. In the images it sends back to Earth, Saturn is a softly lit orb, its distinctive rings slicing through space. 149 more words

Five years of observations from tandem satellites produce 3D world map of unprecedented accuracy

A pair of satellites operating in tandem for five years have produced a depth map of the planet so exact you could theoretically zoom down to street level and tell an adult from a kid, or spot a breaking wave at Malibu. 338 more words