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Ride a Satellite and Orbit the Earth

NASA has created an interactive AAA app called Eyes on the Earth.  AAA? Awesome? Amazing? Absolutely!  If you are interested in earth-orbiting satellites and the information they gather, beautiful pictures of the earth, or cool things on the internet, check this out. 675 more words


India's Guardians In The Sky

RNSS-1D is the fourth satellite in a planned seven-satellite Indian navigational system. IRNSS, set to be fully operational by mid-2016, will have a critical application for the Indian armed forces.

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United States


Yesterday, DARPA released their latest vision for the future. As the far-seeing technological eye of the Defense Department, DARPA’s had its hand in everything from the launch of stealth fighter jets to the birth of the Internet. 377 more words

How to put a satellite in orbit

If you’ve ever wondered how satellites get put into orbit, this video is perfect for you!

Home Made Video

Satellites for Sharks: Watching the World’s Newest, Biggest Marine Reserve 24-7 for Illegal Fishing

Image Credit: ZSL

The United Kingdom this week announced the establishment of the world’s largest ocean reserve, as well as a bold plan to protect it from… 421 more words


NASA’s new ion engine is already in space and could someday be used on a mission to Mars

The NASA spacecraft Dawn has spent more than seven years traveling across the solar system to intercept the asteroid Vesta and the dwarf planet Ceres. Now  771 more words

Suddenly, It Seems, Water Is Everywhere in Solar System

Oceans trapped under ice appear to be pretty common in the solar system and one of them, on a small moon of Saturn’s, appears to be quite hot. 885 more words