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Pieces Of Micro-Pie

I stumbled across a conversation on Twitter this week about a player selling action in a large comp.
From what I could understand, it was a $5k buyin live tournament, and the player in question was a serious and winning low-stakes online player, but was not a usual high-stakes live tournament player. 1,396 more words


30 percent of India’s agricultural land is turning into desert

Photo credit: ASM

Satellite mapping is helping to monitor and raise awareness of India’s rapid loss of agricultural land. (Credit: University of Omaha)

Satellites Observe India Desertification at Alarming Rate… 63 more words


ISRO Developed Application That Provides Accurate Satellite Weather Information

Assessments of real-time, accurate weather information for common people and farmer in India was not reliable and not much accurate, many third party weather forecast is providing a weather information for common people. 389 more words


August 23 - Far Sighted

Today’s factismal: Galileo demonstrated the telescope to the public for the first time 407 years ago today.

It isn’t often that someone invents one device that literally changes the way we see the Universe; what is exceptional about Galileo is that he invented two devices that did it. 677 more words


China launches quantum-enabled satellite

Can it be true?  Have the Chinese really launched a satellite to enable faster than light communications using spooky quantum action at a distance?  That’s what you might think from a recent news release from China that included the intriguing sentence: “The satellite’s two year mission will be to develop “hack-proof” quantum communications allowing users to send messages securely and at speeds faster than light”. 77 more words


What the World's First Quantum Satellite Launch Means

China blasted the world’s first quantum communications satellite into orbit from the Gobi Desert early Tuesday.

The project signals the dawn of a potentially game-changing communications technology: quantum key distribution—a dependable system for exchanging secrets (more on this in a bit)—as beamed from space. 370 more words