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Lilac Passages of the ISS

I present a short video, in 4K, of two video clips of the International Space Station in two successive passages across the sky on May 24/25, 2018. 163 more words


David Davis accuses EU of 'public posturing' and 'point scoring' over public security after Brexit

Michel Barnier and David Davis

By Steven Swinford

The Telegraph
May 25, 2018

David Davis has accused the European Union of “public posturing” and “point-scoring” over public security  116 more words

Space junk and what to do about it

This image illustrates that space junk is a problem. Remember, though, that none of these bits are even as big as a pixel much less as enourmous as they seem to be in the image. 36 more words


Uh-oh, NOAA's brand new weather satellite is already broken

Remember that awesomely powerful new weather satellite that delivered this really cool lightning-tracking video earlier this week? Yeah, so, funny story, it might already be busted. 363 more words


Half of Earth's satellites restrict use of climate data

Dust storms in the Gulf of Alaska, captured by NASA’s Aqua satellite.

By Mariel Borowitz, Georgia Institute of Technology

Scientists and policymakers need satellite data to understand and address climate change. 928 more words

Space BEEs (Unauthorized Mystery Satellites Launched by a Shadowy Private Company)

Ferrebeekeeper has written about nanosatellites—tiny swarms of lightweight & (relatively) inexpensive satellites which mimic the functionality of big pricey birds.  That article was enthusiastic about the tiny spacecraft, however the FCC (which reviews communications satellites and approves/denies satellite launches) has some reasonable reservations about the idea, particularly considering all the of space junk which is already whipping through near-earth orbit at 28,000 kilometers per hour (17,500 miles per hour).  291 more words