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“I should have known you would have betrayed me…”

“Sir, this is a hamburger stand, we never sold life insurance here.”


And the lone ranger strode off into the sunset, double burger with cheese in one hand and a loaded Smith and Wesson in the other.


'delete that, please.'

do you find questions to be an invasive procedure?

when was the last time you walked in on your mother, sitting on the carpet in your young room, right fingers pressed upon a diary page, left ones clutching at her pearls? 114 more words

'thank your lucky stars!'

i consider it unkind–cruel, even–the idea that the stars would bring two people together, simply to tear them apart. a wrathful god is nothing but a masochist. 178 more words

When the guv’nah’...

When the governor says she’s gonna shut down the state of Alabama, we Southerners in heart of Dixie grab a little piece of heaven while we can!

Meanwhile, in Estes Park, Colorado…

Mean Hegemons

The common perception of the 2004 film Mean Girls is a memorable teen comedy. This is wholly incorrect. Mean Girls is a primer on the risks of an unrestrainedly realist approach to hegemonic transition, and a stirring endorsement of multilateral arbitration.  916 more words

Guest Posts

Forever is a Fish

I stare sometimes into a starry night and I swear I can see forever.  I can see broken children of the Holocaust, the Black slaves being tossed off slave ships into a watery death.  209 more words



By Resident Fitness Guru Arnold Gamma

With the closure of most businesses and leisure centres due to the lock down in the UK and many other countries, organisers of this year’s Bodybuilding competitions fear having contestants looking like regular people, and not the ripped Adonises that usually take part. 932 more words