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SWANSEA: Child meeting Santa for the sixth time in a fortnight just going through the motions now

A six year old who’s off to meet Santa again today is just going through the motions for the sake of his parents, it’s been revealed. 345 more words

Swansea News


Why does the group of stars called Orion remind me of you always and forever?

I never forget about you, although I’ve tried.

I’ve tried to believe I don’t want children, our children. 46 more words

The Chromosomal Christmas Calendar

Click on the image to see what’s hiding behind the door!

The text will be in English and German each day!

Hilarious Moments In Science Communication

Jayden Nikorima Nominated for The Frownlow Medal.

Young NRL player Jayden Nikorima has been nominated for The Frownlow Medal after failing a second drug test.

Nikorima was sacked by the Sydney Roosters after failing the drug test and was issued with a 12 game suspension by the NRL. 161 more words


14 All-Too-Real Parenting Books For The Moms And Dads Of Today

“No, Sweeties, Mommy and Daddy Hate You Both Equally”

How to handle sibling rivalry with brutal honesty and humor

“Ha ha ha! You Lost Again!” 363 more words

Switching Stations: Wilma Wants an Abortion

Warning: This post discusses adult themes in an admittedly childish way.

(Lights up. An Empty stage; enter Fred Flintstone)

Fred: When Wilma got pregnant, I worried. 606 more words