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Survey reveals that 50% of tailgating motorists "wish everyone else would just not exist"

Press Release.

Tailgating, the act of following another motor vehicle too closely, is considered a traffic violation in Illinois and runs rampant as motorists grow arbitrarily impatient behind the wheel. 981 more words


'86 Mets, Meet the '16 Mets

Taking 2 of 3 in WSH was nice. I forgot something: our hitting doesn’t need to be the best in the league. It is our pitching that will carry us. 101 more words


Loquitur Dana Gioia

Loquitur Dominus Gioia

I guess I won’t hear Dana Gioia speak.
The speech is in the morning, Saturday,
at the church where (here I am not unique) 81 more words

The Worst YA Novel Plan – Ever! PART 1

Ever wondered how someone writes one of those dreadful YA books? You know- the kind that’s just full of all the worst tropes and clichés? So did I! 841 more words


This Short Film Puts A Hilariously Depressing Perspective On Marriage

How many weddings have you been to so far this season? Two? Three? Four? (Two out of three in the can for me so far, here.) There’s just something so touching about witnessing the union of two people who are meant to spend their lives together… … 169 more words


Fifty Reasons Never To Trust A Liberal ( Or Why I Hate Liberals ) Part 4

Everything wrong in the world and America , is not only Obama’s fault , but the fault of liberals. Liberals are destroying everything they touch ,  are in the midst of completely destroying America , and the only way they can be stopped , short of shooting every one of them , is to round them all up , put them on an island somewhere at sea , and let them kill each other , so Conservatives will no longer have to worry about them destroying America. 418 more words


FRIDAY #FICTION with RONOVAN WRITES Prompt Challenge #27-Use 3 of 5

I’m not saying that the life of a statistician is particularly interesting.  

Truth is there aren’t 2.3 children per person in the US, unless every family has a child without arms and legs.   578 more words