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Saturday Songbird: When We Kiss... It's Not What You Think (Valentine's Weekend Special)

It’s Valentine’s weekend, everyone. So go out and get lucky, whether it’s with your somewhat significant other(s) or with a carton of Ben and Jerry’s. Just do it. 86 more words


Mejia Banned For Life

“I don’t want you bidniss no more.” -Joe the fruit store guy and also apparently the commish.
Well, Mejia has reached a new level of baller status. 122 more words


Mark Wahlberg Inadvertantly Causes Philadelphia Financial Collapse

In a recent report published on Philly.com, over 40 restaurants have been ordered to cease and desist after Mark Wahlberg, in a stunning act of humility, and in an effort to promote his new restaurant: Wahlburgers, spent his weekend giving back to the less fortunate by selling burgers to mostly homeless college students at the popular Food Truck in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia. 136 more words


The Hunger Games: The Musical - "Don't Cry For Me, District 13"

Note: This post contains major spoilers. So if you haven’t read the books or saw the movies up to Mockingjay Part 2, best not see this. 569 more words



New York Feb. 12 – Early yesterday morning, in a concerted pre-dawn strike the Republican Air Force bombed every major city in the USA.

Flying above heavy flak the Republicans decimated city after city with precise pattern bombing.   1,188 more words


Cheezy Speaks

I be the King
you pull my string
I give you bling
Dat’s the thing
I am Cheezy
you be wheezie
Maybe we open dry cleaners… 158 more words

Politically Incorrect

The Hunger Games: The Musical - "Damned for All Time"

For a long time in Panem, it was supposed that victors of the Hunger Games would never have to go back into the arena again. Katniss thought the same even though the idea of mentoring tributes for the rest of your life isn’t great either. 704 more words