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All Disney re-enactments illegal

The Canadian government has recently made it illegal to re-enact or even attempt to re-enact even the most innocent of Disney movie scenes.  144 more words


The 10 New Stages of Video Game Development

Video game franchise budgets are now larger than any score you’ll ever see in the game, and the only line between work and play is the midnight queue on launch day. 932 more words

One Man's Opinion

England to cut Scotland and Wales loose

Ministers have come up with the idea of physically removing Scotland and Wales and allowing them to float away quietly.  106 more words


Shark Falls From Sky. What Movie Plot Will Come True Next?

Yahoo News reports that a shark has fallen from the sky onto a woman’s garden in Virginia Beach.  Experts reportedly believe that no Sharknado was involved – they believe the shark likely was picked up by and dropped by an osprey. 167 more words


BREAKING: South Protests Same-Sex Marriage SCOTUS Decision

— Proper Noun

AUSTIN, TEXAS-  The Associated Press reports that in the wake of last week’s decision in which SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) ruled the illegality of same-sex marriage unconstitutional, the South, in precedented protest (think 1860), has decided to fuck itself. 410 more words