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Jim The Fedora

Albert was in his bad, waking up. He vaguely remembered a dream of him kissing Emma Watson, but he feared to remember what happened next afraid he might not want to leave the bed. 1,267 more words

Bachelorette Finale Recap: The One Where Georgia and Lee Supporters are Advised to Remain in Their Homes

Lovers, welcome to Horror Central.  It’s not a pretty place so if you’ve come here looking for well wishes and pleasantries, best pick up your skirts and flee for your polite lives.  2,664 more words


I’m dressing full hoe this Halloween and it's gonna be awesome.

Halloween, a time for women around the world to crack out their cracks and show off their bodies in various outfits titled ‘Sexy Insert literally fucking anything here… 501 more words


Give 'The Obama Book of Days'

In just another couple of months, The One, Our Beloved Leader, Barack Hussein Obama, will no longer be our president ; but that doesn’t mean you and your loved ones can’t relive every precious day of his spectacular and gloriously wonderful presidency. 244 more words

Just For Fun

Lithuanian Landladies May Hold Key to Election

WORCESTER, Mass.  In this, the second-largest but often-overlooked city in New England, final get-out-the-vote efforts are focussing on a slice of the national demographic that pundits, pollsters and politicians have overlooked until the last minute–Lithuanian landladies, sometimes referred to as “Triple L’s.” 256 more words


I’m sorry I haven’t posted sooner but life’s been crazy. Anyway, here’s a link to a satirical piece on Trump I published on Medium. com… 25 more words