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In historic shift, new Microsoft Windows upgrade will break your computer for free

REDMOND, Washington—in a radical change to Microsoft’s business model, the company today released Windows 10 as a free upgrade.

“Instead of charging you $99 or more to mess up your computer and have to roll back the installation, we’re now going to do it for free,” said a Microsoft spokesman. 96 more words

Adorable Belle, believed to be Britain’s smallest puppy, is tinier than an iPhone

Photography Lesson # 1 – Remember, placing your subject next to canned pasta is the universal method by which to illustrate the size of the subject. 16 more words


Walk for Self-Pity Falls Short of Its Goals

BOSTON.  Lyman Sturgis is standing at the finish line of the Walk for the Cure for Self-Pity, looking down at a clipboard, and from his expression you can tell that something isn’t right.  419 more words

Human Factor

The Human Factor

Had the moves all worked out in my head.
Oh, I swear to the truth I have said!
But my foe pondered long, 18 more words

The Zuckerbergs Have Lunch

Mr Zuckerberg: 1010101010101

Ms Zuckerberg: 0010101110011


Weird with a side of turkey bacon

There’s nothing special to report, just the fact that I’m hemorrhaging currency out of every orifice in my financial body (aka, the usual).

This ***)))SPECIAL REPORT(((*** was told to me by my sister-in-law’s brother’s 2nd wife.   1,989 more words


Nudist: Few Things Worse Than Having Sex with Sunburned Dick

William Crane loves stretching out under the sun at the beach with his bathing suit off. He likes to feel the hot sun on his skin. 1,207 more words