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Black Friday

About a hundred people were lined up outside of Super-Mart’s doors. A battalion of cars were crammed into the parking lot, some pulled into the fire lane, others illegally wedged into handicap spots. 1,958 more words

Short Stories

The Schoolyard Bully: A Bedtime Story of the Iran-Iraq Conflict

By Dan Kim

Author’s note: This fantastical post is the brainchild of a friend who joked about me reading a story to my daughter, but instead wanted me to read him a bedtime story about the Iran-Iraq War.  1,281 more words


George Soros hates Black Friday

George Soros writes to “Veterans Today” about Black Friday:

Dear Gordon Duff and V.T. Senior Editors,


This is George Soros.  I have decided to withdraw my support and funding of “Veterans Today”.  316 more words


Game of Boobs: A Song of Dicks and Butts (NSFW)

Jon Snow looked over the icy and moist wooden walls of Winterfell, deep in thought as a cold chill blew over him. For unexplained plot reasons, the Night King had called for peace talks between mankind and the White Walkers. 556 more words


Black Friday Battle

Here’s a sketch I made with my friends last year celebrating one of America’s favorite -holidays, Black Friday!


Now that Thanksgiving is subsiding, we move as a people to the Friday after, a day of cut throat violence and capitalism. 50 more words


College Humor: Visiting Home is Weird on Thanksgiving

Source: College Humor: Visiting Home is Weird On Thanksgiving

To paraphrase the great Johnny Carson, Thanksgiving is that one day a year that we spend visiting our relatives that we hate. 584 more words

United States

Torontonians Pleased To Learn Not Only Are The Argos Still Going, They're In The Grey Cup

“No shit, those guys are still playing?” Was by far the most common response on the streets of Toronto this week when local residents were asked their feelings on the home team making it to the Grey Cup for the third time in the 21st century.  183 more words