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Texting acronyms that actually describe life

When was the last time you were actually ROFL? No one’s that funny, and floors are usually gross. We here at PenPalsOnPills encourage you to keep it real, so we’ve provided a list of text acronyms that let you quickly and genuinely communicate to your friends how you’re doing and what you’re feeling throughout the day. 109 more words


Trump's Charities

There’s a lot of misinformation being spread by losers about me. It’s like people think that because they say something that makes it true. Things like, ‘he’s a bigot’ or ‘he’s sexist’ or ‘he’s unaware of the issues facing America’. 878 more words


Letter from the Presidential Debate Water Boy! (via Second City)

Check out this article I wrote for Second City. Click the image below for the link. :)


Look Back in Laughter / Обърни се със смях на зад

I need to read more in Bulgarian. I have been saying this since the mid-1990s. Had I been reading in Bulgarian steadily since, my vocabulary would be far richer. 1,130 more words


Banh Mi Me On The Rocks

      The doomed assault against Ano Nuevo Island waged by the apparatchik rats commanded by soulless robots and techno-yuppie dweebs raged for less than an hour. It became a flat out rout. 1,247 more words



I thaught Donald Trump reely looked Prezidenchal in thare deebate last night. All she did was say these so-called “facts” witch is why I will still vote for Mr Trump to. 312 more words