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DPD Police Blotter: Satyr?

DYSTOPIA–Dystopia Police Department officers are seeking a young man who rode naked on a goat at high speed through Wasteland Park Sunday afternoon, screaming, “Somebody stop them, they’re closing in!” 194 more words

It's Just Like a Dream I Had, But Stupider

Deep among the stars two spacecraft hung; nose-to-nose and eye-to-eye. One invisible, one with its sirens blaring silently into the vacuum of space. It was a showdown, a confrontation of titans. 3,333 more words


On January 28, 1986 the space shuttle Challenger exploded into pieces within seconds of take-off. I was in the first grade. No one talked to me about it. 1,071 more words

When the Cyclists Took Over

I’m recording this. I don’t have much time.

We never wanted to become one of them, but many of us had no choice. The world as we knew it had ended. 524 more words

Just For Fun

Do you know who is in the operating room with your surgeon? I dare you to open this link.


White Noise-Should You Read It?

Genre: Satirical Fiction

Rating: 4/5

White Noise, by Don DeLillo, covers an array of thematic ideas that relate to something the American culture cannot escape: consumerism. 668 more words


Left is Right

If you’re right you’re far-right or alt-right.
There’s no moderate right or right-lite.
You’re at the right extreme,
While if left, it would seem
You’re just left, not far-left – left’s alright.