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Port Isaac, Cornwall, England

The wife and I, for the longevity of our union, have talked about where we’d move to if we could. I’ve mentioned Maine before because Stephen King, and she’s mentioned San Diego before because she was born there but moved when she was 1 and she don’t remember it at all, and then I’ve mentioned Amsterdam because drugs and hookers, and she’s mentioned Portland, Oregon lately, and I think that’s where we’ve settled on. 387 more words


SWANSEA: Council worker wants to go back to work so she's doesn't have to do anything

A County Hall worker who’s having a busy long weekend can’t wait to go to work on Tuesday so she can get back to doing nothing again. 275 more words

Swansea News

Harry Pothead And The Bong Hit Of Fire

Harry was a wizard. He got a letter that told him that. Prior to getting the letter, he had done some things that appeared to be magic, but were really just stupid asinine parlor tricks, sort of like David Blaine, only with even less magic. 963 more words


Lalami, or your life

How do you replace a country?

By creating the fiction of a new one from the sinews of the one you lost.

Indeed, immigrants n the United States have always created a rich fictional narrative that indelibly defined their place in the sun. 761 more words


Reflections in the Pond (full, final version; more fun without having to wait)

The sun had not yet peeked over the horizon and already Bill had moved a cord of wood blocking the canal. A hard day’s work never bothered Bill much. 5,179 more words


Today's Hatreds. (4/29/2017)

Pet peeves I want to drown in the creek:
1) Gun rights advocates who hold dear their right to bear arms while completely ignoring the right of innocent people not to get shot by… 102 more words