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Satirical:Mo' Money Mo' Problems,Except For Local Unions?

The only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace once proclaimed that ‘Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems’ yet it appears the government is very concerned in preventing civil servants from worries and they must be commended and applauded. 150 more words


If Models Will Run the World, What Will Supermodels Run?

Models Will Run the World.

Headline, The Wall Street Journal, August 20, 2018

I removed my sleep mask and rubbed the sleepy-bugs out of my eyes, then looked at the breakfast-in-bed tray that my personal assistant Daniel had plopped down in front of me.  705 more words


Sexism with Kellyanne ...

The Stephenmillerus peered out at the overflowing dino crowd and frowned. He had a bad feeling about this. The Tyrumposaurus had wanted to do yet another vanity roadshow to augment his base with… 740 more words


Mature Reaction

Mature Reaction

“Trump responds to critiques like a child!”
She exclaimed. “Drives my little ears wild
With unbounded disgust!
I’m completely non-plussed!”
Held her breath, and turned blue – and Trump smiled.

–Tom Riley

More On My 2020 Platform For The Senate

I just read report by some libtard, weak-kneed SJW fool that poverty, in America, is caused by “environment”.   Well, to this I say, “Environment my fat, dimpled ass!”  It’s gas chambers and crematoriums that are needed to end poverty in America, not fixes to the “environment,” and, by Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I stand by this statement! 255 more words


Chaos Ensues After Absolute Madman Finishes Series Before Reviewing It

It was on this day that hell came forth. Reviewer, Insertusernamehere, posted a review of a totally not fake show I didn’t want to come up with a name for. 105 more words


Memorial Day 2019

Today is Memorial Day in the United States, a holiday once known as Decoration Day, the time to remember those who fell in defense of our country.  231 more words