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New Study Shows White Supremacists Have Tiny Penises

Chicago, Illinois.    The results of a study conducted by Professor James Smartman, head of the genetics department at the University of Chicago, show what many intelligent humans have always suspected, males of the white supremacist race have extremely tiny penises.  189 more words

Religious And Political Satire, And Other Irreverent Humor

Haiku (preying mantis)

Hey preying mantis!
Lost your head and blown your load –
for what? She’s jail-bait?


Am I Superman?

I’m not faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, Modern Philosophers.

But I still think I’m Superman! 554 more words


Dystopia Spotlight: Fallon Starr

DYSTOPIA–Many people in the Dystopia College community have seen Fallon Starr, who is homeless, on and around the Dystopia campus, and some have even treated him to a coffee at Rocket Fuel Coffee Casa or a beer at the Dead Albatross. 416 more words

Rex Ryan’s Foot Fetish Poem

They’re fucking beautiful.
Size Five just like I like.
Better feet than Vinateri
has in the fourth quarter.
The way you paint those
sexy fuckers gold like the… 201 more words


Miracle water

As a man of science I am obviously skeptical – okay – dismissive when it comes to rubbish like fortune-telling and “miracle” cures, but when you see a commercial for what appears to be ordinary bottled water, but has REAL people making claims that it will make you rich and healthy… I have to second guess everything I think I know… 11 more words

New rant video: ranting about clubbing

Right, so… I absolutely HATE clubbing

Here’s why….

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Take care chaps!

-Jay 8 more words