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Peter Cottontail Steps Out

We have a bit of a bunny issue in the neighborhood, https://channillo.com/series/does-this-happen-to-you-/1631-25776/.


Mayor Marvin Rees hints that Bristol Arena will be built in location that rhymes with 'smilton'

Mayor Marvin Rees has dropped his biggest hint yet that the Bristol Arena will be built outside the city centre.

The hint was dropped at the Mayor’s annual address to the council on Tuesday 17 July. 176 more words


A Pointless Tale About Nothing – Part 13

Cameron was bored one day and decided to start his own cult. Cults are the new thing these days. Cults are in. Cults are contagiously and catastrophically cathartic – they are absolutely and astronomically agricultural! 438 more words


Exclusive: New Video Game News Site Dedicated to Regurgitating News from Better Video Game News Site

An inventive, new, trend is sweeping the video game coverage industry: recycling. As it turns out conducting interviews, writing reviews, and digging up scoops is a huge pain in the dick. 234 more words


Bonus: The Mouse that Roared

Watched: July 7 2018

Director: Jack Arnold

Starring: Peter Sellers, Peter Sellers, Peter Sellers, Jean Seberg, William Hartnell, David Kossoff

Year: 1959

Runtime: 1h 23min… 230 more words

Edgar Wright

"Stable genius" boast dubious

“I am very consistent. I am a stable genius.” — Donald J. Trump.

A  T R U E R  S T A B L E  G E N I U S… 216 more words


Let It Go: Newer parents deal with old songs stuck in their head

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – Disney songs from movies that are a few years old are getting stuck in newer parents heads.

That’s according to a new study. 196 more words