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“By more than one critic he has been called a pessimist, and it is true that a part of his achievement may be gauged by the lengths to which he carried pessimism – railing and raging, not, in the manner of his tame forerunners, merely at things in general, or at women, or at himself, but lavishing an equally fierce scorn and hatred on children, on trees and flowers and the moon, and indeed on everything that the sentimentalists have endeavoured to force into favour. 55 more words

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One Note On The Mets/Cubs Series

I just want to point one thing out:

At the beginning of the season, people looked to two teams as the “hopefuls” or the “potentials” to take over a playoff spot from an incumbent. 140 more words


Baptize a Cat

Being a writer and achieving understanding is a little bit like trying to baptize a cat. Nobody that I know of starts out to be a writer unless they’re deluded. 843 more words


Chapter Four: Did things just get better or worse?

“Ok – I’ll take over this horse’s ass mess right now!”

Sheriff Rebdone stood in the bar room doorway, a sinister shadow looming behind him. Homeland Security Liaison Special Agent Chuck Friendly (yes, seriously) couldn’t quite emerge from the freezing sleet to squeeze past yet another fine example of classic meat-and-potatoes Whipsaw cuisine. 799 more words


We’re All Rapists and Criminals, Mexican Agrees

A Mexican who crossed into the United States 18 months ago and is working here illegally said it’s true that people from his country are mostly rapists and criminals. 1,338 more words