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My Adventures In Sleep Running

I’m not going to point fingers at who is responsible for my going out for a run in a Zombie-like state this morning, Modern Philosophers, because I am getting a witty blog post out of the situation. 591 more words


Ryan Still Hesitant To Endorse Giant Orange Turd For President

WASHINGTON – (CT&P) – House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said Wednesday he will not be rushed into an endorsement of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, tamping down speculation that he was moving toward a declaration of support. 470 more words


Green Eggs And Ham: The Election Year Remix

Here’s what happens when you get a call from a very persistent political pollster while you’re trying to read Green Eggs And Ham to your godchild: 454 more words


Presidential Prediction

Hi Hillary! How nice to meet you.
I doubt that old Bern will defeat you,
But don’t be too happy,
That cheerful old chappy,
The Donald, most surely will beat you.


Declining Fortunes

Declining Fortunes: A Get Rich Quick Scheme Novel by Cusper Lynn

“John D. MacDonald, Anthony Robbins and Steve Martin walk into a bar…” Declining Fortunes. Cusper Lynn returns as an independent consultant who has gone to the dark side; he is working for motivational speakers. 208 more words


In Light of American Politics "Jumping the Shark" - Lady Liberty Repatriates to France

by Troy M. Olson

In the dark of the night and into the still morning hours of May 26, 2016 – Lady Liberty, that beautiful beacon of hope and freedom that had welcomed generations of new Americans looking for a brighter future, officially closed up shop and decided to call it quits in light of the country nominating Donald Trump as one of its major party nominees for the Presidency. 305 more words

American Politics

Advent of the Nonsensical Whimsical

Concerning the undefined; on occasion, one may find oneself being tasked with an impossible task.  Opening a portal to the inside of a Wonderball.  Extracting the Omega 13 device with a stick of gum and a paperclip.  348 more words