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Obviously sick person at work maintains its just allergies

A yellowing, wholly beige employee incapable of lifting his own head eased tension around the office as he confirmed the symptoms were a mere product of elevated pollen levels. 195 more words


Caledonia: Land of the Tories

“Look! It’s – it’s a Tory Scotland. There’s a wood inside it, and it’s snowing, and there’s a Female Tory First Minister and a White Nationalist Witch and it’s called Caledonia; come and see.” said Lucy to her British siblings, Paddy, Huw and Kate. 587 more words


"Marrying Absurd" -Joan Didion

The intention of this essay is to point out cultural and social issues within our country when dealing with love by describing the wedding industry of Las Vegas. 246 more words

Las Vegas

My Bathroom Scale

“What did it say?” she asks.

“What did what say?” I ask her.

“I heard you step on the bathroom scale.”

“Oh that…”


“You never tell me what you weigh,so why should I tell you what I weigh?” 481 more words