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An Interview with a Human

Bymorr Product, founder of Product Industries, celebrates his 251st birthday today. As a human being from planet Earth, Mr Product devotes his reasonably short life to exploring the mundane and the meaningless. 409 more words



My today has been a totally wasted day! I’m depressed. I’m angry that I let it happen. I should know better! (I know that I don’t have that many days to waste.) But that’s exactly what I did today. 410 more words


"Trans-Biden" Says He'll Crossdress If It Will Help Win Over Democrat Women

WASHINGTON D.C. (The Barbed Wire) – Vice-President Joe Biden has told members of his presidential exploratory team that he is willing to take up crossdressing if it will help him win over the female Democrat voting bloc from competitor Hillary Clinton. 268 more words



LUKE: “Hey Vader, wow, you really kicked ass… before you were 12. But since you’re like, 40 something, what have you done lately?

Tell you what: you know what else I never did? 406 more words

A ray of light

I was watching a police procedural, the other day.
There was a scene where the cop, hero of the TV series, entered a dark room to find the “bad guy”. 71 more words


Seven Damning Truths of Dungeons and Dragons

There are a lot of misconceptions about people who play the “game” Dungeons and Dragons. I thought it was time to finally set the record straight on this insidious male-formative entertainment so called D&D. 850 more words