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Elba to star as Cameron in new Brexit movie

British actor Idris Elba has been cast to star as David Cameron in the upcoming film depicting the unfolding of Brexit. The film, titled “Brexit”, does not have a release date as of yet due to actual negotiations not having begun. 87 more words


Counter-Culture Camp

Fade in on a dark and stormy night. A tire’s gone flat. Oh, helpless prey! The couple get out of the car and walk down the road, looking for help. 748 more words

Pop Culture

This Just In: UN Warns Global Warming Makes Statues Come to Life

See what happens when we don’t pay carbon tax?

The United Nations Special Panel of Smart People has brought forth evidence that Climate Change is causing statues all over the world to come to life and scare people. 141 more words


From the Vault: Police Can't Make Norweigan Shooter's Press Conference Because They Couldn't Get A Ride


Oslo, Norway The world reels as the horror of suspect Anders Behring Breivik’s shooting spree is slowly uncovered, but police in Oslo were unable to make the press conference as they could not find a ride. 527 more words


100 Days or Hillary

The first 100 days of Hillary Clinton’s administration have been if nothing else historic.   Much celebration has followed the surprisingly narrow victory over antagonist Donald Trump (polls eh, who can trust em), with the World sharing  a collective sigh of relief. 300 more words


8-year old youngest owner of Apache helicopter

For youngster Kevin Dustin, the sky is literally the limit. The 8-year old now holds the record for being the youngest owner of an Apache helicopter after receiving the military machine for his 8th birthday. 77 more words




Obama flashed his hard-on on a plane.
Reporterettes were scrambling for a look.
He didn’t have to prove he had a brain.
Obama flashed his hard-on on a plane. 42 more words