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Orlando or Bust (or Winner Winner but Don't Have The Chicken Dinner): Day 3

I was going to include days 3 & 4 in this excerpt but due to the length, Mrs Frog thought it better that I didn’t go for the long read option, rather keep our audience wanting more. 5,006 more words

The T-Rump Who Cried Fake News ...

The Tyrumposaurus was snoozing peacefully, dreaming of one day being as wise or just having as many teeth as the Putinodon. The Mediacircustops leaned in close, peering over him, listening to his every snore. 397 more words


Kick It Out

Fred G. Korth, “A Good Time In The Office” (ca. 1936)

Curtail far hopes to fit short destiny.
Even while we speak time, grudging time, has fled.

22 more words

Rise Of Online Hate Groups Leads Canadian Government To Consider Emergency Grammar Lessons

Saying that while it is no surprise to learn hate groups are alive and well right here in Canada, a spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office today stated that what is almost as worrying is the percentage of these groups which are unable to differentiate between their, there, and they’re.   233 more words


Just a quickie...

Another sign of the Apocalypse, on a food wrapper…

No, this is not from the store “Best Buy” — it’s food. They mean “BEST BY…”

India Becomes The Sex Capital Of The World


This is a piece of satire which should be read between the lines. Taking the text literally would be apologetic for the reader. Kindly continue reading at your own risk, if your sense of humor is nil or farce: 411 more words

Mob Haiku: Total Eclipse of the Heist

Vito robbed the bank

when the sun was dark.  Got locked

in.  Eclipse, schmeclipse.