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Boroughmongers' attack on the British column

The opponents of parliamentary reform, including Wellington and Peel, attempt to pull down a column topped by Lord John Russell, a portrait of William IV on the plinth.

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Mrs. M.A. Clarke

“Mrs. Clarke stands in the lobby of the House of Commons, a section of which is seen through the partly open door: the corner of three tiers of empty benches and the gallery, with a strip of the Speaker’s chair, showing his right elbow.

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The church in danger, or, A very uncommon parish dinner

“Satire showing an announcement from a pulpit in a church requesting the wardens to meet to consider eating the church.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Title:┬áThe church in danger, or, A very uncommon parish dinner .
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At Exeter Cathedral

A large, masculine-looking woman with spectacles and a hat, stands before stool on which sits an open book of music. She holds in her right hand a baton which rests on the open page.

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The beaux nurses, or, The modern cramers

An allegorical representation of the nationalistic riot occasioned by a troupe of French comedians in London. This satirical print refers to the controversy and protest surrounding a French theatrical company, nicknamed the ‘French Strollers’, who applied for and were granted a licence to perform at the Haymarket in the winter of 1749.

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Bartender's Survival Guide

So you want to be a bartender. You have lots of recipes in mind, lots of grand ideas of how fun bartending will be. Whether you want to mix yummy drinks, hear scandalous stories, flirt your way to tips, or simply laugh at drunk people, there is no way to fully anticipate the mental/emotional state of your clientele. 438 more words


Sunday Short: The Variorum Edition of Donne's Satires at the Digital Nexus?

It has been over thirty years since Jerome McGann, D.F. McKenzine, and others catalyzed a shift in literary studies (1) to recenter the field as one unavoidably and necessarily linked to textual history and editorial presentation. 654 more words