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The new South Sea fishery

A satire ridiculing the first Nootka Convention in which Spain conceded England’s right to maintain outposts in Nootka Sound and engage in whaling outside a “ten-league line” off the Northwest coast of North America.

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The Widow's Pique

© 1968, 2016 By Bob Litton

NOTE TO READERS:  Almost in self-defense, I feel I must provide the exculpatory background for the poem published here today. 755 more words


Wife & no wife, or, A trip to the Continent

“The interior of a large church or cathedral. Burke, dressed as a Jesuit, standing within a low, semicircular wall at the foot of a crucifix, marries the Prince of Wales and Mrs.

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Let's just build a wall around Wisconsin

Since the building of really big walls for the good of the nation is now a popular idea among some Americans, especially Republican presidential candidates… 421 more words


Satires - Light Up

The follow-up to Daze Of Youth (released in October), Light Up is Satires next step towards a bright future. 139 more words


"VOT_ for Republicans!"-- An Issue Ad for Our Times

We at the Wisconsin Institute for Insisting that Issue Ads are Not About Electing Anybody (WIII . . .) have teamed up with the Wisconsin Club for Circumventing Justice… 228 more words


A Review: The Groovy Greeks

The Groovy Greeks by Terry Deary
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love every single thing about HISTORY. This book has reminded me of my seven-year-old self who had memorized her history textbook for reading and rereading it every single day. 130 more words

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