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The last stage of cruelty, or, A mercifull example of Quaerism

“A plainly dressed man with lank hair falling on his shoulders, bends over a dog, placing his left hand on the head of the trustful animal.

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Majority one against the boroughmongers

A satire on the electoral Reform Bill of 1831, which was passed soon after this print was issued. Grant shows the figure of blind Justice leaning out from a mass of billowing clouds and holding her scales labelled “Reform 1813”.

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The total eclipse

  • Title:┬áThe total eclipse : a grand politico-astronomical phenomenon, which occurred in the year 1820; with a series of engravings, to demonstrate the configuration of the planets.
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The Queen and Magna charta

A satire, in verse, on the trial, etc., of Queen Caroline.
Illustrated by Isaac Robert Cruikshank.

  • Title:┬áThe Queen and Magna charta; or, The thing that John signed …
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The drunkard's progress

A city scene with a line of poor men, women, and children lined up from a money lender’s shop to the “Temple of Juniper: Best gin”.

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Boney's inquisition

Four French soldiers with hot pincers torturing “Madame Toussaint” by burning her flesh and pulling out her fingernails; Napoleon gloats on a throne to the right.

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On a hilly rural scene a man in a Northumbrian[?] checkered-plaid over shirt and cap, with bare feet and legs, carries a stave on which are tied his shoes and trousers.

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