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Arming John Bull to fight the buggoboos!!!

John Bull, a much overburdened soldier, looks up in angry dismay at a helmet inscribed ‘Glory’ which Pitt (left) is about to place on his head.

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The Princess Bride: A Modern Classic

Produced: in 1987 by Rob Reiner/Andrew Scheinman of “Act III Communications.” 

Based on the book The Princess Bride by William Goldman (also the author of the screenplay)  828 more words


Water cresses, come buy my water cresses

“A decrepit old man stands at the door of a house of ill fame at the corner of Portland Street; Mrs Burke is on the door-plate.

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The last stage of cruelty, or, A mercifull example of Quaerism

“A plainly dressed man with lank hair falling on his shoulders, bends over a dog, placing his left hand on the head of the trustful animal.

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Majority one against the boroughmongers

A satire on the electoral Reform Bill of 1831, which was passed soon after this print was issued. Grant shows the figure of blind Justice leaning out from a mass of billowing clouds and holding her scales labelled “Reform 1813”.

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The total eclipse

  • Title: The total eclipse : a grand politico-astronomical phenomenon, which occurred in the year 1820; with a series of engravings, to demonstrate the configuration of the planets.
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The Queen and Magna charta

A satire, in verse, on the trial, etc., of Queen Caroline.
Illustrated by Isaac Robert Cruikshank.

  • Title: The Queen and Magna charta; or, The thing that John signed …
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