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An Alleged Copy of a White House Transcript Provided Courtesy of Russia

Discussion in the Offal Office of The White House via the Great Generosity of Russia

!Official Transcript!

cc: U.S.A.

Russian Foreign Minister: Hey, Donny. What’s new? 444 more words


Riverboat Sam: "Our President is Singing Like a Canary"

By Riverboat Sam, technical specialist/digital skeptic

If brevity is the soul of wit, Twitter is the home of witlessness. The problem as it strikes a very old guy like me is as stated: Twitter is to publication like spitting is to art. 350 more words


A sweep-ing reform among the clergy

Two policemen are shown arresting chimney sweeps, roughly pulling one by the arm and another pushing an adult chimney sweep away while carrying four little boys on his back or in his arm.

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Proof plates before using aquatint ground from The English spy

A collection of 24 proof plates for The English spy, all proofs before letters and all but one before aquatint.

  • Printmaker: Cruikshank, Robert, 1789-1856, printmaker.
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T.S. Swanky: "Darwin was Right About Health Care"

By T.S. Swanky, The Pacific’s confused conservative

When liberals say they value scientific theories like evolution and “global warming,” what they mean is that they like… 902 more words


Interior of an English workhouse* under the new Poor Law Act

Emaciated and shaven-headed paupers treated as slaves by cruel overseers: adults beating hemp and children picking rope in the foreground, others in the background manacled to the wall or hanging from the ceiling, tied up by their feet and hands; to right, a manager with a scourge seizing an elderly man, and a man pulling a cart, which he says is full of dead infants to be sold to surgeons; to left, a manager turning away the starving poor who beg to be let in.”–British Museum online catalogue.

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Riverboat Sam: "Night Surfing Not a Brilliant Idea"

“We hear all our lives about the ‘gentle, stormless Pacific,’ and about the ‘smooth and delightful route to the Sandwich Islands,’ and about the ‘steady blowing trades’ that never vary, never change, never ‘chop around,’ and all the days of our boyhood we read how that infatuated old ass, Balboa, looked out from the top of a high rock upon a broad sea as calm and peaceful as a sylvan lake . 552 more words