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Interior of an English workhouse* under the new Poor Law Act

Emaciated and shaven-headed paupers treated as slaves by cruel overseers: adults beating hemp and children picking rope in the foreground, others in the background manacled to the wall or hanging from the ceiling, tied up by their feet and hands; to right, a manager with a scourge seizing an elderly man, and a man pulling a cart, which he says is full of dead infants to be sold to surgeons; to left, a manager turning away the starving poor who beg to be let in.”–British Museum online catalogue.

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Riverboat Sam: "Night Surfing Not a Brilliant Idea"

“We hear all our lives about the ‘gentle, stormless Pacific,’ and about the ‘smooth and delightful route to the Sandwich Islands,’ and about the ‘steady blowing trades’ that never vary, never change, never ‘chop around,’ and all the days of our boyhood we read how that infatuated old ass, Balboa, looked out from the top of a high rock upon a broad sea as calm and peaceful as a sylvan lake . 550 more words


T.S. Swanky*: "War is Making TRUMP (and US) Great!"

By T.S. Swanky, *a satirical creation therefore any resemblance to any actual person or conservative columnist, living or dead, is an astounding coincidence.

I confess, dear readers, in this inaugural of my posts, that I was one of the many conservative “Never Trumpers” who said publicly before the election that I would under absolutely no circumstances stoop to voting for a guy that the most perspicacious of American columnists, … 449 more words


Over weight, or, The sinking fund, or, The downfall of faro

“Lady Buckinghamshire, enormously fat, is seated in profile to the right in an open chariot which sinks through a rectangular aperture in front of the Weigh-House, its weight being too great for the apparatus for weighing wagons.

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An apparition

In a churchyard, a resurrection man holding a lantern, his hat and shovel at his feet, is surprised by ghost, rising from grave. In the background is a church and in the foreground, a skull and bone.

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Facetiae; being a general collection of the jeux d'esprits

“A list of new and popular works, published by William Kidd, No. 14, Chandos Street, West Strand”–Following illustrations in Cruikshank v. Agnew; or, A view of Sir Andrew Agnew’s bill for the better observance of the Lord’s day.

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The Allegory behind Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets

Note: This is just an article for fun, not an insult to J.K. Rowling.

           Thus, after Winds of Winter, THE ONE EYE of THe LoRD of ThE BooKS fell to the one cult icon, Harry Potter. 286 more words