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Head and tail, or, A crown piece and a sovereign

“Lady Conyngham, immensely fat, and broadened by inflated sleeves and skirt, walks away from the picture-plane. The King advances from the right and takes her right hand.

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Arming John Bull to fight the buggoboos!!!

“John Bull, a much overburdened soldier, looks up in angry dismay at a helmet inscribed ‘Glory’ which Pitt (left) is about to place on his head.

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Boroughmongers' attack on the British column

The opponents of parliamentary reform, including Wellington and Peel, attempt to pull down a column topped by Lord John Russell, a portrait of William IV on the plinth.

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Mrs. M.A. Clarke

“Mrs. Clarke stands in the lobby of the House of Commons, a section of which is seen through the partly open door: the corner of three tiers of empty benches and the gallery, with a strip of the Speaker’s chair, showing his right elbow.

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The church in danger, or, A very uncommon parish dinner

“Satire showing an announcement from a pulpit in a church requesting the wardens to meet to consider eating the church.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Title:┬áThe church in danger, or, A very uncommon parish dinner .
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At Exeter Cathedral

A large, masculine-looking woman with spectacles and a hat, stands before stool on which sits an open book of music. She holds in her right hand a baton which rests on the open page.

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The beaux nurses, or, The modern cramers

An allegorical representation of the nationalistic riot occasioned by a troupe of French comedians in London. This satirical print refers to the controversy and protest surrounding a French theatrical company, nicknamed the ‘French Strollers’, who applied for and were granted a licence to perform at the Haymarket in the winter of 1749.

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