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Il faut arrêter les baleines!

Écrit par Émilia d’Albret, image tirée de Wikipedia. 

Il y a de cela un mois, une brave canadienne, une fière représentante de notre pays, est morte au Mexique. 306 more words


Dieu foudroie le Canada de son divin courroux

Écrit par Émil Limprecht, image de Le Soleil.

Aujourd’hui, dans une décision unanime menée par le juge Clément Gascon, la Cour Suprême du Canada a déclaré inconstitutionnelle la prière traditionnelle du Maire de Saguenay d’avant chaque réunion du Conseil de Ville, attirant par le fait même l’ire de l’Alpha et de l’Oméga sur le Canada.  433 more words


659 to 36!!

A series of unconnected caricature vignettes. The centre of the print is dominated by a large set of scales – a well-established symbol within the English satirical canon – which are weighted heavily towards the side containing 659 “£10 voters”, as opposed to the 36 well-dressed gentlemen of the “close packed corporation”.

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[Sheet of scraps of prints attributed to Hogarth]

  • Printmaker: Hogarth, William, 1697-1764, printmaker.
  • Title:  .
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Catalog Record & Digital Collection

Hogarth 725.00.00.26 Box 1

Acquired October 2014 14 more words

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The King of Brobdingnag, and Gulliver

“George III, half length, stands in profile to the left, holding a tiny Napoleon on the palm of his right hand, and inspecting him through a spy-glass.

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Taking leave

Fox (right), hat in hand, bows humbly before Bonaparte (left), who stands arrogantly, arms akimbo, head in profile to the right. The First Consul wears military uniform, boots, an enormous sword; on his head is a mural crown decorated with a cannon and skull and cross-bones, and bristling with sabres, pistols and daggers.

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A conservative angel

Satire against Conservative policies: The ‘Conservative Angel’ top centre brings ‘all Ale to Spirits’, dispensing beer from a tankard marked ‘vote for Lush’. A ‘Nunn at Devotions’ prays for the defeat of radicals and two figures on a wheel are ‘just caught in the Conservative rat trap’.

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