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The monkey and the hounds : a fable

British Library suggests that this is a political satire on Sir Robert Walpole.

  • Title: The monkey and the hounds : a fable.
  • Published:  : , …
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Trump Names McDonald’s Employee Who “Always Gets His Fillet-O-Fish Just Right” to head the USDA. GOP pundits take a deep breath, a stiff drink, and then praise the move as “innovateish”.

Following this morning’s surprise announcement by the President sent at 4 am over Twitter, the President’s supporters steeled themselves to present this decision as a bold or at least, in some manner, sane move at any cost to their former integrity or any shred of personal dignity they may have left. 210 more words


Dark Humor and the Subversion of PC Culture

Primary Source: Figures 1-5 above: Taken from James N. Tidwell’s American Folklore archive at San Diego State University; transcripts of different styles of insult, morbid, and dark jokes used around the nation. 2,248 more words

Couplets: "It Was a Dark and STORMY Day"

Within the White House the forecast is “Stormy.”
But the president swears that NOTHING porny

Ever happened with that woman hushed
With money that had NOTHING to do with slush. 33 more words


Updates To Mother Ghana: Christmas 2017

NB: Please take your time and read like a Ghanaian.

Dear Mother Ghana,

Happy New Year oooo! Afehyia pa! May the year go round to meet all of us! 1,170 more words

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Guns - Strict Constructionist

I’m not a gun nut or anything, but I support the Second Amendment in its strictest, most conservative scope.

As a strict constructionist. I believe in honoring the precise intention of the founding fathers, and not slathering on accretions, addendums, and contingencies. 79 more words


Provisions Hidden Within the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Three

Section 2 of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 is hereafter revised to provide (in part):

Whereas the intent of this legislation is to simplify the lives of true Americans: 114 more words