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T.S. Swanky: "A Gun is Free Speech" [Satire]

By T.S. Swanky, our confused conservative

Civil liberties? Let’s just call them “liberal liberties” from now on.

I was barely recovered from the shockingly disturbing news that President Trump and Steve Bannon were parting ways, 472 more words


Annals of sporting

A plate with four images etched for the publication: Annals of sporting by Caleb Quizem, Esqr. In the upper left, the image for the etched title page with an image of a man falling from a winged horse; upper right, a portrait of Caleb Quizem, Esqr.

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The Satires and Epistles of Horace and Persius: Translated and Introduced by Niall Rudd

I’m very fascinated by Greco-Roman literature but haven’t posted a lot of material on it as yet. Hopefully, I will, in the future. I would like to begin with  904 more words


An Alleged Copy of a White House Transcript Provided Courtesy of Russia [Satire]


Discussion in the Offal Oval Office of The White House via Great Generosity of Russia

!Official Transcript!

cc: U.S.A.

Russian Foreign Minister: Hey, Donny. 447 more words


Riverboat Sam: "Our President is Singing Like a Canary"

By Riverboat Sam, technical specialist/digital skeptic

If brevity is the soul of wit, Twitter is the home of witlessness. The problem as it strikes a very old guy like me is as stated: Twitter is to publication like spitting is to art. 350 more words


A sweep-ing reform among the clergy

Two policemen are shown arresting chimney sweeps, roughly pulling one by the arm and another pushing an adult chimney sweep away while carrying four little boys on his back or in his arm.

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Proof plates before using aquatint ground from The English spy

A collection of 24 proof plates for The English spy, all proofs before letters and all but one before aquatint.

  • Printmaker: Cruikshank, Robert, 1789-1856, printmaker.
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