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What is the Nintendo NX?

It’s the question that has been bugging fans and casual observers for a long time now; What is the Nintendo NX?

Is it a console? A handheld? 1,060 more words


Pachter Apologises For Disrespectful Comment About Satoru Iwata

Video game industry analyst Michael Pachter has apologised for his disrespectful comment regarding late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. His words caused uproar amongst the video game community when… 49 more words


GoNintendo Refuses To Cover Any Further Michael Pachter News

GoNintendo has announced it will no longer share any of Michael Pachter’s commentary on the industry. In response to his harsh comments regarding the late Satoru Iwata, the popular news source has said the analyst will no longer feature on their site. 198 more words


Michael Pachter Refers To Satoru Iwata As "The Late And Not So Great"

On the latest episode of Michael Pachter‘s Pachter Factor series on YouTube, he referred to Satoru Iwata as “the late and not so great.” Throughout the episode, the famed research analyst discusses… 31 more words


Video: Did You Know Gaming? Details The Life Of Satoru Iwata

The folks at Did You Know Gaming have just released a video covering the life of former Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata. The video is a very comprehensive look at Iwata’s life and time at Nintendo. 23 more words


What's in a Name?

I recently rediscovered my Wii U, having not played the console in more than a year and a half. As rumors about the NX spread and Nintendo begins to pivot away from its ill-fated console, I wanted to look back at its development, release and the games that will be lumped along with the company’s greatest failures. 835 more words

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