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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Honors the Memory of Satoru Iwata and Robin Williams

Two very different men who shared a passion get to be remembered in the best way.

While fans around the globe are exploring everything that the open world of Hyrule has to offer, others are thinking fondly of two spectacular men who would have loved to go on this new adventure along side us. 573 more words

Video: Zelda: Breath Of The Wild NPC May Resemble The Late Satoru Iwata

Fans, gamers, enthusiasts, journalists and pretty much anyone else who knew about Nintendo’s much-loved late president Satoru Iwata were saddened by his death in 2015. Sean Buckley, who has shared a video (which I’ve included below) to his YouTube channel, explains that an NPC strikes an astonishing resemblance to Iwata in the early part of the game. 75 more words


The Influence Iwata Had On The Breath Of The Wild Team

Satoru Iwata’s passing had an effect on many both inside and outside of Nintendo, and one of these groups was obviously the team behind The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild… 173 more words

Breath Of The Wild Development Team Believe That Iwata Was Watching Over Them

Satoru Iwata played a massive role in Nintendo’s history, but his legacy is still a driving force at the company. According to Breath of the Wild’s director, the game’s development team felt that their late president was watching over them. 137 more words


Looking Back at the Best Bits of the Wii U You May Have Already Forgotten

At the time of writing, Nintendo’s latest console, the Nintendo Switch, has already begun to release worldwide. As a hybrid between a home and handheld system, it represents a bold new direction for Nintendo, particularly from a software creation standpoint. 2,207 more words


Is Nintendo's Zelda DLC a Recant Of or a Further Commitment to Iwata's Promise?

One of the many staples of Nintendo, when compared to the other “big three” was its insistence on being a provider of offline systems. They never really suffered for this decision, because they knew their audience. 2,123 more words

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