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Silly Satsang Lilac Leela

Brickman: Well, gentlemen, we are here today because the author who is creating us seems to have expressed a wish to understand the very root of all human agitation. 2,129 more words

Forgetting Everything Else by Kannan

The following is a talk given by Kannan at Amma’s San Ramon ashram, April 2017, weeks before Amma would arrive for her US tour.  

Om Namah Shivaya Sisters and Brothers… 2,468 more words


Satsang by Sain Chandru Ram Saheb at Sant Kanwar Ram Saheb Seminar in 1997 ,National College, Mumbai Vol.1

सखी जा प्यारा प्रेमियों,

तंवाह सभनि खे बुधाइन्डे खुशी थे ती त , परम पूज्य बाबा साईं जन जा पूरा सत्संग वॉल्यूम Youtube ते Upload कया था वञिन । जिये हर हिकु प्रेमी पहनजी सहूलियत सां सत्संग जो आनंद वठी सघे ।

“कैसे बने करोड़पति” ऐं “धनवानों को वेंटी” खां पोए हाणे तंवाह सां गदु साइन जन जो 1997 में बॉम्बे में “संत कंवर राम साहेब” जन जे सेमिनार में कयल सत्संग शेयर था क्यूँ ।

“संतन जो हिकु वचन, तंवाहनजे जीवन खे बदले तो सघे”, आनंद वठो ऐं वठायो ।

Sai Baba

Do you recommend note taking at satsang? New MJ Awakening Blog

Do you recommend note taking at satsang?

MICHAEL: No. What you inherently are is the wordless radiant presence here/now and thus no notes are needed if one truly sees what we are pointing at. 75 more words

To Die to the Ego

Our lives a vast illusion,

as it’s to die that we are born.

To die from all we believed in,

attachments must be torn.

To die inside and surrender, … 91 more words

Anandotsav : The beginning of the expedition of Happy Buxar - Healthy Buxar

So the most awaited ‘Anandotsav’ was accomplished on 13th May. And the success of the program conveys that we (The Art of Living, Buxar) are going forward towards our goal of making people aware of the art of living life. 608 more words


6 Approaches To Secure Sat-Sang - Science To Connect With Boundless

This post is a continuation of the previous one on Satsang – the most relevant thread for all – an enabler for regaining connection with our Boundless Self. 1,875 more words

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