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Coming home

It’s funny being back at my home studio after holidays. It’s a nice ‘homecoming’ to be with my regular teacher again, in a familiar space, and catching up with yogi friends. 404 more words


Your Meditation Questions - Answered

Since the turn of the millennium, the scientific research on meditation has exploded.

While meditation was formerly seen as an exotic phenomenon that belonged in religious or esoteric circles only, meditation is now increasingly explored and understood, accepted and integrated into different areas of everyday life. 1,477 more words

Personal Wellbeing

Yoga training

I’m sitting my favourite way on the train — facing backwards. I like to watch the landscape unfold in front of my eyes rather than seeking it out, craning forwards. 429 more words


THIS THURSDAY ONLINE MEETING: The Structured 'Enlightenment' Teachings

Hello everyone

This Thursday in our ONLINE meeting we start another run through ‘The Structured Teachings’. As many of you already know, this way of teaching is proving to be highly effective with several attendees already ‘getting it’ in recent months, ending their seeking and watching their suffering slip away… 165 more words


What is a Satsang?

In just a few short weeks, I’ll be flying with a beloved friend to her new home of India; in particular, Kullu: the Valley of the Gods… 972 more words
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