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Amoda Maa : 1. The Problem with Spiritual Practice 2. Stop Bothering Life and Life Will Stop Bothering You

Published on Nov 28, 2015

An excerpt from Amoda’s Talk at Science & Nonduality Conference in San Jose, California, October 2015 – Amoda answers a question from the audience about spiritual practice. 9 more words


Full Embrace of Truth, a conversation with Aisha Salem

Zaya Benazzo(SAND co-founder) in conversation with Aisha Salem

The full embrace of Truth carries the invitation for our recognition of and merging with Reality through every aspect of Being; as Emptiness, Divine and Human. 350 more words


P(ointing the Finger) (A-Z #16)

I want to start this post with one of my favorite movie quotes. Tony Montana in Scarface said (going off memory here): “You need people like me! 1,105 more words


How can I worship God? "The Yoga of Love" by James Swartz

Published on Nov 14, 2015

This short video is part of the video set “The Yoga of Love ~ Narada Bhakti Sutras” which is now available in the shop on the shiningworld website.


Compass of Our Heart

Published on Nov 12, 2015
Compass of Our Heart (11/04/2105)

All of our actions, our entire life experience, arises from the energy of intention. While it’s natural that our intentions are shaped by egoic wants and fears, when we bring this into conscious, compassionate awareness, we can discover the deep aspiration that guides and energizes our awakening hearts and minds. 20 more words


Relating Wisely with Imperfection

Published on Nov 11, 2015

Relating Wisely with Imperfection (10/28/2015)

Our survival brain reacts to perceived imperfection with aversion and anxiety, and if we are habituated to this reaction, we become imprisoned in the identity of a flawed separate self. 20 more words