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Eating lots of cheese may help you lose weight

Forget what you have heard about cheese – we have Gouda news for you.

Eating cheese does not raise your cholesterol and could actually help you lose weight, scientists have found. 225 more words


Why Fat is Important For a Balanced Diet

In many cases, when people are seeking positive dietary changes there are usually a number of key food groups which they choose to cut out. The most common foods to be scrapped are those which are high in sugar, processed foods, carbohydrates and in some cases fat. 321 more words


Wandering down fat free memory lane

If you were around in 1992, and if you were concerned with your weight, you will remember the phenomena that was SnackWells cookies. These were the first mainstream, grocery store, fat free cookies, and as such they were touted to be a healthy choice. 516 more words

Dietary Fats

These are the 10 foods that affect your risk of heart disease, according to scientists

If you’re wondering what to eat and what to avoid to lower your risk of heart disease, a new study is handing you all of the answers. 482 more words


This was too good for Nurse Angry not to pass on.

Pete Ross writes about bad health recommendations from our beloved health authorities in the Observer (and on Nurse Angry’s birthday. Awww.)

Happy reading!

Health Authorities Continue to Fail Us

HydrogeNATION - United Against Fats

Before venturing into the nutritional therapy world, I had no idea what hydrogenated oils were! Yet, they are found in everything: “low fat” buttery spreads, salad dressings,  ready-made-doughs, cheap peanut butters, flavored coffee creamers, and all sorts of packaged foods (from cake mix to tacos). 1,280 more words


Busting The Cholesterol Myth - Increase Your Libido and Sex Drive

A New Wave of Wellness is splashing ashore from all corners of the Medical World.

Today, we’re going to talk about sex and it’s relationship to that big voodoo daddy; Cholesterol. 371 more words