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Re-evaluation of the traditional diet-heart hypothesis: analysis of recovered data from Minnesota Coronary Experiment (1968-73)

Objective To examine the traditional diet-heart hypothesis through recovery and analysis of previously unpublished data from the Minnesota Coronary Experiment (MCE) and to put findings in the context of existing diet-heart randomized controlled trials through a systematic review and meta-analysis. 392 more words

Randomised Controlled Trial

Veggy spaghetti in mascarpone and tomato sauce

I am super ecstatic! Yesterday’s news absolutely boomed with articles saying eating saturated fat isn’t bad for you and that we have gone through an era of bad dietary advice. 769 more words


Nutrition: Healthy Animals Produce Healthier Food

I’ve written in this blog many times before about how important it is to choose the cleanest foods that have been raised and grown properly. By that I mean produce that is organic and not sprayed with pesticides or genetically modified. 423 more words


Fats: The Good, The Bad and The Delicious

One disagreement that seems to always arise when on the topic of a healthy diet is that of fat content and consumption. Despite the fact that most of us don’t want to gain fat, the truth is that the body needs fat to function. 517 more words


What are Fats?

Good fats. Bad Fats. Mono, trans, saturated, omega 3. What does it all mean? The world of fats has become very confusing and it is hard to know what you are supposed to eat. 1,503 more words

General Health

Coconut Oil: Greasing the Skids to Wellville or Clogging the Arteries To the Heart

While the skeptical cardiologist was wandering around in ketoland, he acquired a large jar of extra virgin coconut oil for the purpose of boosting his fat consumption. 1,619 more words