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Large study identifies trans-fats as the risk factor for heart disease, not saturated fats.

Fats, we love to eat them but they are often the target of much hate from the latest health crazes. They make you fat, they clog your arteries, or they give you heart disease. 768 more words


No proof that butter is better

Original post from Heart Matters


 “Butter unlikely to harm health, but margarine could be deadly”

– The Telegraph, 12 August 2015

The BHF’s view…

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Know your fats

With advice on dietary fats constantly changing and research tending to contradict itself sometimes, what is the average consumer supposed to do? I thought I’d simply summarise some facts about fat and present the relevant arguments for you to make up your own mind. 456 more words

Ingredient Find: Kerrygold Butter

Butter is hot right now. Just as hot in the health arena as any other kale, quinoa, or tofu out there. And for good reason. The once demonized, tossed in the trash, left for mold, is just starting to be recognized as a healthy component of any meal (and/or snack!). 502 more words

Nutrition 101

Wednesday morning gripe session

Sixty years ago a scientific study concluded that saturated fat was the primary cause of heart disease. Saturated fats are those that come from animal sources, like cream, butter and lard. 418 more words


Meta-analsyis: trans-fats', saturated fats' association with CVD and others

A new study published in the BMJ (funded by WHO) is a meta-analysis of previous published results. These kinds of studies are an attempt to review existing data and scrutinise them for any bias and assess the integrity of the conclusions. 309 more words