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Butter Isn’t That Bad for Health

A pat of melting butter on a slice of golden brown toast is as glorious a painting as Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” and as luxurious an indulgence as torched foie gras. 410 more words


Why Animal Fats Are Paleo And Belong In Healthy Diets

I’ve been looking at some of the more mainstream, yet Paleo blogs, and I noticed a trend: even in the Paleo community there is the message that animal based fats aren’t healthy. 782 more words

Paleo Diet

Redefining Breakfast

Breakfast in the US is bad for you. I love all things breakfast: pancakes, waffles, bacon, biscuits and sausage gravy, sugary cereal, even creamy oatmeal. But, they are horrible; too much sugar and fat, calorie heavy, and low on nutrional benefits. 1,573 more words

Why say "YES" to "Wisely Sourced" Saturated FATS????

Well hellooooo everyone :) Since I see people still panicking about adding “good” fats to their diet I thought of writing yet another piece on how amazing the “good FATS” are. 920 more words

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Coconut oil and its health benefits..?

Hyped up as a superfood, coconut oil has been everywhere for months.  I asked google and found websites praising it’s benefits for hair, skin, teeth and weight loss to name a few. 313 more words


Eating lots of cheese may help you lose weight

Forget what you have heard about cheese – we have Gouda news for you.

Eating cheese does not raise your cholesterol and could actually help you lose weight, scientists have found. 225 more words


Why Fat is Important For a Balanced Diet

In many cases, when people are seeking positive dietary changes there are usually a number of key food groups which they choose to cut out. The most common foods to be scrapped are those which are high in sugar, processed foods, carbohydrates and in some cases fat. 321 more words