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Common Misunderstandings: Eating fat will make me fat

Not necessarily.  There is one problem with this statement.  There is more than 1 type of fat.  A lot of people just assumes fat is fat and that’s the end of it. 407 more words

Low Dietary Fat - A Set-Up For These Ten Health Problems

Thinking you might lower your dietary fat intake to extremely low levels so you can improve your health? Think again. Fats are a class of food group known as ‘essential fatty acids’. 882 more words

Don't Be Afraid of FAT!

If I hear one more person say they can’t eat red meat or butter because of the cholesterol content, I’m going to scream!

We need cholesterol to build and maintain our cell membranes, to make bile in the liver, which helps us digest healthy fats, to create Vitamin D and other steroid hormones (estrogen and testosterone among others). 300 more words

Pulse Heath Charts

These charts and information have been compiled in consultation with an accredited, practising dietitian

Total Fat

Recommended Daily Intake* = 70g

Despite being a scary sounding word for someone wanting to eat healthily, fat is actually a very important part of our diets. 731 more words


You Asked: What High-Fat Foods Should I Be Eating?

By now you’ve probably gotten the message: dietary fat is not the enemy. When you reach for low-fat salad dressing or fat-free snack foods, you’re not doing your health or waistline any favors. 541 more words

How to Lie about Saturated Fat

Creating confusion and false controversy is how many industries, ideologues and propagandists use science to tell lies. It’s not the science that is incorrect, it’s the way the scientific findings are analyzed. 66 more words