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NEW MIXYDOO! 90s TV Themes!

This time, we’re back with a playlist of your favorite 90s TV theme songs! Which ones are your favorites?

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An Actual Sonic Fan: Sonic Rheum

Yeah, I know, weird title. Why not Doom, or Gloom? ‘Cos those have been done.

Anyway, Cartoon Network surprised assumedly no one but me when it announced that for 2 straight weeks, we’d be getting brand new episodes of Sonic Boom. 483 more words

The Artist & The Economist

Episode 3: Education Killed the Saturday Morning Cartoon

In the first of what will likely be many attempts to reclaim their innocence and childhood Nick and Joe fondly remember their formative years. They talk their favorite cartoons and discuss how with the overabundance of cable channels, the Saturday Morning Cartoon has gone the way of the Dodo. 88 more words


Animation Monday: View My 21 Life Lessons From Saturday Morning Cartoons

I am going to be away for half of this week making a lot of videos to be uploaded!  So for now, enjoy one of my viral presentations called 21 Life Lessons From Saturday Morning Cartoons.   19 more words

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Dallas Police HQ Attacked; Suspect Cornered

DALLAS (AP) — Nomann Merchant reports:  At least one gunman opened fire on officers outside of police headquarters in Dallas early Saturday, spraying squad cars with bullets before fleeing in a van, which officers followed to a suburban parking lot and surrounded, beginning a standoff, the police chief said. 358 more words

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Kill Your Television

That is a radical cure for the nation’s ills proposed by Ace of Spades.

I feel so hopeless about the political situation I’ve begun looking for Hail Mary solutions.

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[VIDEO] Isn't the 'Blood Moon' Special?

The first of two lunar eclipses visible in the U.S. this year will take place early Saturday morning. NASA explains why the first one is so special.

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