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"The Gary Coleman Show" (1982)

Picture this: you’re the parent of one of the biggest child stars in the world, a kid with crack comic timing, and who, due to a medical condition, has been able to stay little and cute well into puberty. 671 more words

Saturday Morning Cartoon

"New Kids on the Block" (1990) & "Hammerman" (1991)

I was pretty sure I came up with a word for what I do here, and that word is “nonstalgia,” looking back on something from my youth without any particular fondness, but rather a grudging “Yeah, that happened, I’m not going to pretend I don’t remember it.” It seemed like such a clever word, maybe not necessarily the next “humblebrag,” but certainly something close to it. 2,087 more words

Saturday Morning Cartoon

"Laverne & Shirley in the Army" (1981)

“Sheila, hold all my calls.

How ya doin’, kid? You’re looking a little pale, you gettin’ enough sunshine? The missus and I, we have a little weekend place out in Palm Beach, maybe you can drop by some weekend. 1,350 more words

Saturday Morning Cartoon

"Rude Dog and the Dweebs" (1989)

You don’t have to have watched a single episode in The Simpsons‘ robust 47 season run to be familiar with some of its best bits. 1,091 more words

Saturday Morning Cartoon

BW's Morning Video Link: Pirates Of Dark Water Review

This is for the benefit of two friends, one offline and one online. My friend Sean is a big fan of The Pirates Of Dark Water… 84 more words

Saturday Morning Cartoon

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