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Saturday Spotlight: Sterling Gonzo Lannister Pryce

Big week for tv fans – not only are we right in spring finale season, this past Sunday was the series finale of Mad Men. As we said goodbye to the show that led us through the 1960s, we also prepared to say hello to some great fall premieres – and to finally start watching Game of Thrones. 236 more words

Saturday Spotlight

Saturday Spotlight: Cool Graphic Tees

What completes a casual cool outfit like a funky tee shirt?  That was a trick question.  The answer is “nothing.”  Whatever your style, there is a place for a graphic tee in your closet.   148 more words


Saturday Spotlight: Aca-Relevant

4/5 of these posts are irrelevant to the a capella theme: ac-irelevant. But if Pitch Perfect taught us anything, it’s that you can add aca- to the beginning of a word to make it relate to acapella: Aca-Relevant. 156 more words


Saturday Spotlight: Meet The Met (Gala)

Just when it felt like awards season was dead and buried, we’ve hit gala season. With just a bit of time to recover from the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, this week we celebrated the Met Gala! 222 more words

Saturday Spotlight

Saturday Spotlight: Teenage Dreams

Ah, the teenage years. Seems like but a dream, doesn’t it? But no, it all really happened – giving us inspiration for this post, as well as stacks and stacks of photos that we’re thrilled aren’t on the internet. 205 more words

Saturday Spotlight

Christian Youth Theater Presents Robin Hood *May 14th and 15th 7 pm

Christian Youth Theater of Wichita  (CYT)  presents:   “Robin Hood” The Musical

Pathway Church |  2001 N. Maize Rd | Wichita, Ks 67212

Thursday, May 14th – 7 pm… 19 more words

Saturday Spotlight

Saturday Spotlight: What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

A  cold truth: once you’re an adult, nobody asks what you want to be anymore. I mean, just because I have a professional degree and a job doesn’t mean I’ve given up all my dreams, right? 339 more words

Saturday Spotlight