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I so enjoy uplifting traditions!

5 years ago when my eldest was 5, we began a tradition of visiting a great local tree farm on the day after Thanksgiving ( or soon after we get home if we’ve traveled far for Thanksgiving) to find our new Chriatmas Tree and have Daddypops ( our family nickname for my husband, Marc) chop it down! 248 more words

Crazy Knitter Bakes Too!!

Spending my Saturday evening baking last minute goodies for a family get together, that just happens to be Grey Cup Sunday, so we getting extra special treats. 58 more words


What a WONDERFUL start

Good Evening,

I hope you all are enjoying your Thanksgiving break/weekend and I do hope you had a FANTASTIC Black Friday.

I wanted to share my start with… 549 more words


saturday night bites

at some point you reach an age when your saturday night plans cease to exist, you’re home, alone, and your only hope is the slightest chance that there’s something you haven’t seen on netflix that’s worth watching, but there’s nothing because after you’ve swallowed the thin slice of cake at the top all that’s left is regurgitated slime, a trite, redundant, gimmicky pile of donkey turds┬álike e.e.cummings and his fucking lowercase bullshit.

Today's Whereabouts

Okay, so my dad had only 3 fish in this really big tank. We’ve all been trying to tell him “aye, you need new fish” but he never took us to go buy new ones. 118 more words


Comfy Saturday

Sorry for not being around lately, it seems like I’m only up to two things nowadays. Either I’m studying; be it at school or at home, or I’m out and about with friends. 651 more words

Daily Life Talk