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high heat in the grill/

chicken, lemon, cumin, salt/

fresh guacamole

Sunset Hipster Mullet

This client was super rad. She had a bit of a mullet happening, but somehow it worked on her. Sh wouldn’t let me trim her hair though… otherwise I’d have cleaned it up a bit. 9 more words


Walks: Saturday, July 23

First walk as a family in a few days! The baby has been sick and my wife is getting over a case of strep throat. Bear couldn’t stay on the trail and walked through every bit of tall grass he could find. 24 more words

Carb Loading

Sweet Symphony

This Saturday we are getting together with old friends. Our BFFs. Our Besties for life. ❤️. These friends have tasted many upon many of our Saturday sweet cheat treats. 255 more words


White Like Me - Saturday Night Live

Going back to my teenage years, the 80s…

Subscribe to SaturdayNightLive: http://j.mp/1bjU39d
SNL Video Shorts: http://j.mp/13EN6ag
SEASON 10: http://j.mp/14vnJab


Lazy Saturday: 7.23.2016

Saturdays have become one of my favorite days.

  • I get wake up without an alarm.
  • I cook myself a big breakfast, today it was waffles!! Yum.
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