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Moon Dance

                                              photo: Bruce Lhuillier

It’s under the full Moon we see our shadow self projected where we stand. And while this is true of every full Moon, this full Moon with its Aries/Libra energy casts light on the basic polarity of male and female interaction.   837 more words


Is There Life In Uranus? (Or your Neptune...)

Somewhere along the line we stopped calling Uranus and Neptune “gas giants” and started calling them “ice giants”.

Their surfaces are incredibly cold frozen places with even gasses like Nitrogen wanting to condense. 379 more words

Science Bits

A Viking Christ

How could there be Viking Christ? Well I would say it is easy as accepting that *Anointed One = Christ*, then the Viking  AO is positioned to bring back a modernised version of the Old Saxon Tribal Ways, who is also a representative of a Father/King God ( 474 more words


I await the bus into town with a bag full of lessons and pockets filled with memories

Saturn, our primordial sun from which the ancient waters spurted, influenced me heavily… 87 more words

Not a Solar Eclipse

No, it’s not a solar eclipse. It’s a picture of the rings and a couple of the moons of Saturn. The large object near the center is Titan, Saturn’s largest moon and one of the most interesting objects in the entire Solar System. 87 more words