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Thousands of Worlds Could Lurk Beyond Pluto - This New Animation Shows Them AlI

Welcome to our cosmic neighbourhood.

 You may be familiar with our Solar System’s eight planets – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. There’s also their famous dwarf-planet companion,  662 more words


Weekly Tarot card reading, 27th March!

This weeks card is the World!

Completion of some sort is at play for you, your soul is asking you to see what that is? This may mean an ending of some sort, also, to start a new. 167 more words


Next Up: Responsibility

As we said earlier, both of the last two weeks of March are Heavy.  We’ve already introduced the 3/27 New Moon, at…


Our next big Adventure is about Responsibility, as dwarf planet and Centaur Pholus Stands Still at 1am PDT 28 March, five hours after the New Moon.   1,120 more words


B-Ring It On!

What do you think this picture might be? Could it be a microscope’s view of a hair? Could it be the pages of a really big book? 452 more words

Solar System Planets

Idol Mahjong Final Romance 4 : Romancing the Pai

So, this is a weird but ultimately very fun bit of Saturn history.

Most console mahjong games – and, by the way, I learned today that Wikipedia has an entire category page for… 613 more words