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True Horror of Bigfoot

Bigfoot caught on tape (Patterson footage stabilized)

Over 20 years ago, at my old Conspiracy Nation web site, I published The True Horror of Bigfoot… 906 more words

The X-Files (Topps) #37 - The Face of Extinction (Review)

This May and June, we’re taking a trip back in time to review the fifth season of The X-Files and the second season of Millennium… 2,026 more words


Wildalone by Krassi Zourkova

Thea Slavin was accepted into Princeton with exceptional piano skills without realizing that she was following in the footsteps of her long-dead sister. The mysterious sibling was kept a secret from her until she began to follow bread crumbs into the past. 313 more words

Paranormal Romance

New Editor at The Onion Leaves After Much Confusion!

The media website The Onion thought they had scored a great new addition to their staff in Joel Copperfield, a vastly educated editor who came highly recommended.  64 more words


Addition to the Supernatural

***This is going to be quite a strange post about my thoughts on expanding the vampire universe which has been part of my writing for quite some time – lead by Uncle Dracula, Vampire Bat, Vampire Owl and Vampire Crocodile along with the other vampire team having guest appearances from werewolves, zombies, mutants and many others. 561 more words


No one seemed to notice the horns growing from her forehead.

Puberty was not kind to her. Oh sure, everyone struggles with hair in unexpected places, voices cracking, breasts growing, that sort of thing. For Veronica, though, it was even worse. 933 more words

365 Day Challenge

Georgia Satyr

The Georgia Satyr can be found along the coast and up into the sandhill areas of the two Carolinas.  We found this one and at least a dozen more flourishing in the wet fields at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve in Florida.  30 more words

Florida Butterflies