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Quest for Fire (1981)

What the hell did I just watch? Well it did have Rae Dawn Chong from Commando in the buff and making cute noises, so it wasn’t at all bad. 471 more words

Action & Adventure

Sweet & Sour BBQ Ribs

 Serve with potato salad, cornbread, Lucky Crunchy Slaw (see previous listed recipe), and collard greens.

Little Witch Academia Episode 1

Little Witch Academia has been high on my radar ever since the ending of Space Patrol Luluco. I’m mean it’s trigger for goodness sake and as a resident fan boy of the studio I have been hyped to see this, staying up late waiting for the subs to be released ( as the shows not being shown on Crunchy Roll we are having to rely on fan subs). 229 more words

YumYum Butter Chicken

Butter chicken. No, it doesn’t contain sticks and sticks of butter (not like that would be a bad thing). I mean, that was my first impression of it when my husband took me out to an Indian buffet here in Seattle. 599 more words


Writing 365 - Leftovers

I am going to try to make most of these stories into drabbles, which means they will be around 100 words. I don’t know if that’ll make them easier or harder, but I guess we’ll see! 179 more words

The Six Best Pizzas From Regina’s, Ranked: What to Eat to Console Yourself This Finals Season

By Estefania Lahera’20

It’s that time of year again: finals. We’re tired, we’re cranky, and most importantly, we’re hungry. And let’s be honest: what’s more convenient and comforting than pizza? 1,879 more words