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I Believe Some Dots Are Missing Back to the Cause of the Oil Surplus . . .

. . . wouldn’t it be interesting to see an upsurge in clean energy (e.g., solar) jobs?  We can only dream.

Connecting The Dots—-Oil, Jobs And Consumer Confidence


Government Fury

Turkey-Saudi relations turn 'a new page', says top Turkish advisor

Relations between Turkey and Saudi appear to be on a major high this week, a shift which could have critical ramifications for peace and security in the entire region, the Turkish president’s chief policy advisor said. 43 more words

Mike Huckabee on Netanyahu, wage stagnation, 2016 and more


Right Turn

Mike Huckabee on Netanyahu, wage stagnation, 2016 and more

By Jennifer Rubin March 4 at 2:49 PM

With Huckabee, however, who has been going to Israel for 42 years, one is compelled to start with… 684 more words

Flying Experience - Saudi Arabian Airlines

So many reasons I can put forward to explain my blogging hiatus. Don’t know about YOU but it would definitely bore me doing so. ( Don’t want to come off as a Whiner :P ) 423 more words


-Is Teaching Evolution Forbidden in Iran? -Hell no!

Among all interesting questions and comments that I get about growing up in Iran, I got a very interesting one yesterday from a fellow physicist grown up in Europe over the coffee table that I would like to share with you: 261 more words

Daily Notes

Letter: We should be setting a secularism example for the world to follow

When are we going to get this right?

I am thoroughly disturbed by the actions of the Quebec court judge who refused to hear the case of the woman wearing a hijab, and to some extent by some of the reaction to that decision. 245 more words


More Purim turnabouts: Arab reactions to Netanyahu's speech

Purim has begun tonight here in Israel (Purim post coming up later), and in a similar manner to the upside-down “Venahafoch Hu” character of the day, reactions to Netanyahu’s speech to Congress were precisely the opposite of what one would expect. 542 more words

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