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Saudi Arabia refuses to bow to pressure to cut oil production

For those believing the oil price may reverse its faith in short term, please wait and observe first, it may take time for oil price to bounce back given the current economy situation. 19 more words

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Gunmen Kill Two Militia Leaders In Yemen

Two loyalist militia leaders were killed, by unidentified gunmen, in the port city of Aden, in southern Yemen. 280 more words


Nafud Desert

What makes a desert a desert is the lack of water. In the Nafud Desert in the northern part of the Arabian peninsula rain occurs once or twice a year – in some areas even less.

One Word Photo Challenge: Drought

One Word Photo Challenge

Could Trash Talk Bring Iran and Saudi Arabia Together?

What’s the connection between the garbage piling up on the streets of Lebanon and the war in Syria? The geopolitical rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia. 1,475 more words

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First Day in Madrasah

Today was my first day as the title says in Madrasah. My Arabic class got me nostalgic and it was like when I had my English class in gr-1 and I had no clue what my American Teacher was saying. 162 more words

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Oil prices are going lower again—and will stay low through 2016

Oil prices have surged about 25% in recent days, but that’s of little consolation to the oil drillers, investors, and petro-autocrats who have suffered a 14-month-long price plunge. 326 more words