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Congress Finally Steps Up on Yemen, Saudi Arm Sales

Far from the ISIS-inspired headlines of Syria, Saudi Arabia has pretty calmly and easily been engaged in an endless series of war crimes in Yemen. Its policy had always been to keep Yemen weak, but not in total chaos. 435 more words

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SAUDI ARABIA - Labour Market Test for Block Visas and Increased Fees

Effective 1 August 2016, The Ministry of Labour in Saudi Arabia has announced the introduction of a Labour Market Test for the application of new  37 more words


Yemen’s Ansarullah says ready for peace talks

After the talks’ failure, the Saudis and Yemenis resumed pounding each other’s positions. The Saudi war on Yemen began on March 26, 2015. It has killed over 9600 Yemenis, most of them civilians. 283 more words

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Why Saudi Arabia’s Road To Asia Runs Through Pakistan

In cosying up further to Saudi Arabia, Nawaz Sharif is unlikely to face resistance from the country’s powerful nuclear-armed military, which is known to hold sway in matters beyond its jurisdiction. 33 more words


US, Saudi Arabia reveal new plan to end Yemen conflict


Secretary of State John Kerry has revealed a plan to restart talks to end the ongoing civil war in Yemen with help from Saudi Arabia. 348 more words

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Opinion: Guilt Based Faith

What’s a Guilt Based Faith?

Guilt Based Faith is when faith, a strong belief in God or a certain doctrine, is built based upon guilt or hatred towards oneself and their inability to become perfect, to become an angle, to feel the obligation to discard entertainment or joy in life for not being related directly back to a good deed in plain text or worship. 531 more words