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The Contradictory Statement of Riyadh on Syria Talks

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir currently stated that the Syrian talks in Astana would lead to ceasefire in the country.

However, in this context, the minister’s statement sounds a little bit strange as throughout the Syrian conflict, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states have been providing comprehensive assistance to Islamic State terrorists, supplying weapons, equipment and mercenaries to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. 308 more words


Soul Searching: Amazing Destinations for Finding Yourself

By Chillwall.com

Modernization has seen some of the most complex and lavish things. But to our surprise, it’s the simplest things that bring calmness to our soul and real peace to our mind. 289 more words


Stuttering Saudi Thoughts

Today, January 17, marks the six year anniversary of when I landed in Saudi. I’ve since moved back, but a lot of those early dates and activities really stick in my mind. 325 more words


Yemen conflict: At least 10,000 killed


At least 10,000 people have been killed in the war in Yemen between Houthi rebels and the Saudi-led coalition supporting the government, the UN says. 177 more words

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Censored Silk Electric cassette

The cover portrait for the 1982 Diana Ross album Silk Electric was based on a Polaroid picture that Warhol shot of the singer, with bare shoulders. 153 more words

Andy Warhol

Diplomatic Memorandum - King Salman

Speaking as King Salman, the absolute monarch of Saudi Arabia, I believe that American values and interests are at stake in the Middle East today. For one, there’s democracy. 654 more words

The U.S. Military Loves The Obama Doctrine. Can It Survive Trump?

What comes next in Iraq is on everyone’s mind. Trump will inherit Iraq, its internal ethnic divides and external pressures between Iran and Saudi Arabia. He will inherit a complex, deliberate way of war solidified over eight years by Obama, yet born of the experiences of U.S. 15 more words