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Cultural Event: Most Commonly Asked Questions about the Saudi Culture

The Most Commonly Asked Questions about the Saudi Culture event will take place Thursday, April 14th from 4:00-6:00pm on IRC 104. The purpose of this event is to clear misunderstandings and misconceptions around Saudi Arabian culture. 34 more words


Dear Saudi Arabia, Please Help Me Understand

Why won’t you let any refugees in? Please, help me. I want to understand. I want to think better of you than what I see. 1,138 more words

Foreign Girl

Me, a Joke, and the Secret Police

Theory: A sense of humor is to every human quality as salt is to every food. It doesn’t take much, but the lack of it will pretty much kill whatever you’re serving. 1,761 more words

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Where Dude Meets Dude

I love intersections, when things coming from different directions cross each other, and the interesting things that happen to both of them when they meet each other. 1,044 more words

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Degree & Documents Attestation from Saudi Consulate / Saudi Culture / Embassy


Requirement for Attestation of Degree from Saudi Culture / Consulate / Embassy is as follows:
   2 Color Copy of Passport 1st Page (Signed and Stamped by Employer) 205 more words

Degree Attestation Saudi Consulate