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Saudi eyes 40-hour work week with two days off

Saudi Arabia’s powerful council affirms the 40-hour work week proposal
Under the amendment’s provision, a two-day off will also be granted for private sectors
The news has been lauded by both local and expatriate employees… 13 more words

My Dear Anushka, the Stripper

It was a while before I finally found out that Anushka had been stripping. She had probably been at it for a good month or two before I caught her out, which is impressive since we live in a small flat together and have relatively little privacy. 1,014 more words

Saudia airlines says bomb threat on Madrid-Riyadh flight is a hoax

Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia), said a bomb scare that grounded its Riyadh-bound flight from Madrid on Thursday was a false alarm. 87 more words

Saudi Campaign against Valentine’s Day

Many Saudis believe that ‘the norm in Saudi culture is to have only two celebrations, and therefore it is to stay like this, and there can be imported any more celebrations’ (Interviewee). 291 more words


Job Opportunity: VIP Flight Attendant Required

On behalf of Mr. Dietmar Duller who is a VIP Cabin Crew training & recruitment specialist, Flight Attendant Club would like to share this amazing job opportunity for  VIP Flight Attendant based in Saudi Arabia. 173 more words



My penchant for foreign horror films is no secret and you probably already know that if you have been reading my blog. Saudi horror is not a thing that is banded around usually but on this occasion, it is. 82 more words