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Saudi = world's biggest arms importer

Just learnt Saudi has beaten India and the world’s biggest arms importer. Not quite sure how I feel about this. Apparently imports have increased to combat regional threats from Iran and ISIS, but it sure is weird seeing police armed with large guns. 17 more words

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ceasefire off, Foua and Kafarya again being pounded by saudi/nato terrorists

Mariam Mohammad (a Beirut-based justice activist with contacts in the villages) updated:

“It was officially announced that the second truce and round of negotiations collapsed today.

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Aleppo soap - my next soap...?

Well, now my Back to School mini series is out of the way, I need to spend some time on my soaps, so I did a little bit of research with some of the women I know over here to see if I should slimline the types of soaps I make and also to see if there are any types that people want to see and a few people came back wondering if I could make a soap with an Arabic twist. 334 more words

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Getting ready has been quite the feat. Seriously, I can’t even tell you how many times I decided I was beyond done and just wanted to give up and not even try. 426 more words

Karena Jomblo Membludak, Arab Naikan Batas Mahar Wanita

Mblo, ke Arab yuk!!!. Banyak jomblo loh disana, Siapa tau bisa dapat jodoh. Pemerintah Arab Saudi memberikan batasan maksimal mahar pernikahan sebesar 50.000 Riyal (Rp.190 juta) untuk wanita lajang dan sebesar 30.000 riyal (Rp. 400 more words


Saudi Arabia must cut Billions From Its Budget due the Oil Crash

Saudi Arabia is seeking advice on how to cut billions of dollars from next year’s budget because of the slump in crude prices, according to two people familiar with the matter. 407 more words