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Thomas Friedman: Tell Me How This Ends Well

New York Times: HONG KONG — I’ve been in China for the last week. It’s always instructive to see how the world looks from the Middle Kingdom. 209 more words


Yemen Airstrike Hits Mazraq Refugee Camp, Killing 45: Aid Group


An air strike at a camp for displaced people and refugees in Houthi-

An air strike at a camp for displaced people and refugees in Houthi-controled northern Yemen on Monday killed 45 people and wounded 65, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said. 298 more words

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Tamparan Menlu Saudi Kepada Presiden Rusia Vladimir Putin Terkait Suriah

Ada yang menarik pada acara penutupan Konfrensi Tingkat Tinggi (KTT) Liga Arab  ke-26, yang diselenggarakan selama dua hari di kota Sharm El Sheikh, Mesir hari Ahad (29/03/2105) kemarin.Sebelum di tutup Ahmad bin Huly selaku Wakil Sekjen Liga Arab membacakan surat presiden Rusia Vladimir Putin kepada forum.  417 more words


Don't bring the Saudi imperialist war to my home

Last time it happened, the Saudis sided with Zaidi Imam Muhammad al-Badr.

It was the year 1962, when revolutionaries inspired by ideas of Arab nationalism deposed the last king of Mutawakilite Kingdom of Yemen, Muhammad al-Badr, and put an end to the rule of Zaidi Imams who had been kings of Yemen for the most part of past one thousand years. 696 more words

Yemen, Iraq conflicts may be connected--Mark on the radio

Are the conflicts with ISIS in Iraq and the Saudi leadership in the civil war in Yemen related? It makes sense…only if it makes sense. I make sense of that (or try to) in… 20 more words

FULL-SPECTRUM CYNICISM: Yemen and the Art of International Subterfuge

From 21st Century Wire, by Daniel Spaulding, Mar 2015

Encapsulating his view of the essence of politics, Vladimir Lenin famously asked “who, whom”, that is to say, what matters in power relationships is who does what to whom. 722 more words

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