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Pickled Pepper Beef

This old buffet dish can be regarded as an American version of sauerbraten, though purists of that most characteristic German dish will regard that claim as utter and total nonsense. 165 more words

Food And Cooking

Trade Days Bill of Faire: Pork Ribs Sauerbrauten style with Sauerkraut and Corn Meal Dumplings

I was going to roast a chicken using the tin reflector oven and make dumplings but thought better of it as the chicken didn’t need the heat in 20 degree temps as much as I did. 460 more words

Main Dish

Jan. 26-27, 1965: The sour and the sweet.

I’ve written a couple times about my grandpa and grandma going out for a restaurant meal, and I’ve always wondered what they ordered.

In their day and age, a night out to celebrate usually meant a steak of some sort, and I’m sure my grandpa enjoyed more than a few of those. 750 more words


Karl Ratzsch's Sauerbraten

One of the most celebrated Sauerbraten in Milwaukee, the recipe was published in 1983 in the Milwaukee Sentinel.

Karl Ratzsch’s Sauerbraten
4 lbs. beef (rump, chuck or sirloin) 195 more words


Brezel Pretzel

When I was a kid, nearly every summer our family would make the trek from L.A. back to my hometown of Atkinson, Nebraska. We would often stay with Aunt Ruby and our cousins on the farm, but also spent time with Grandpa in town. 507 more words


Sauerbraten in the Crock Pot

When you were a child did your parents ever torture you with some horrible meal that they thought was so great and you absolutely hated?  Well one of those meals for me was Sauerbraten.  409 more words

Beef Dish


Sauerbraten has been the only Christmas dinner I have ever had (except for one year when I went with my husband to visit his family for Christmas down east and it just didn’t feel like Christmas that year). 2,722 more words