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Rule 5 Squared

Left-wing organizer Saul Alinsky’s Rule 5 states that “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” Kamala Harris set herself up for a dose of ridicule by allowing this obviously staged picture to be tweeted.Pro Tip #1: Experienced cooks don’t leave the packaging for raw chicken lying on a kitchen counter. 72 more words


Hillary Clinton Does Not Know When To Stop As She Is Still Using The Marxist Playbook "Accuse Others Of What You Do!"

I saw film clips yesterday of Hillary Clintons latest lies and it reminds me of something right out of the Marxist playbook as when Karl Marx stressed “accuse others of what you do” and there is no one who does it better than Hillary Clinton who learned all about it from her mentor Saul Alinsky in as much as Hillary has been doing it for years and will continue to do it until it catches up to her at the right time and with the right case. 349 more words

My Patriots This Is Not A Small Matter, It's Happening! Rand Paul Is Harping In Of The Fact That The Congress Should Start Investigating Obama

Well, well, what have we here, the Mueller report is finished and already it’s happening what I thought would happen once that report was finished and in the person of Rand Paul. 440 more words

President Trump Must Win The Presidency In 2020 For The Survival Of The United States Of America

I am sure that President Trump will win in 2020 but can you imagine the United States of America at this stage of our history if he didn’t. 683 more words

Weary Climbing the Second Mountain

David Brooks in The Second Mountain talks about the four major commitments in life that lead to a good life. The fourth one is commitment to community. 367 more words


John Steinbeck’s "In Dubious Battle." Means, Ends and Morality in Popular Social Movements: An Organizer’s Casebook.

John Steinbeck’s In Dubious Battle.

Means, Ends and Morality in Popular Social Movements:

An Organizer’s Casebook.

Burton Weltman

“What though the field be lost?

All is not lost—the unconquerable will, 9,719 more words


Ocasio-Cortez Supports Tlaib's Vulgar Impeachment Comments...Socialists of a Feather...

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. – Unknown

FoxNews.com reports that

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took a stand for fellow House freshman Rep.

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