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Naked sauna anyone? Read this first.

The cold weather is coming so you might want to go for a sauna…

I thought I could handle any social situation until my boyfriend invited me meet friends at a sauna in Germany.  895 more words


Body-for-LIFE: Week Two

All told, not a bad week as I address challenges in my lifting schedule, set new personal records on the cardio and struggle mightily with the nutrition aspect of the Body-for-LIFE Program. 797 more words


Camp Etiquette

For our family, the May 2-4 (ironically not even close to May 24th this year!) is the beacon of summer: from then on, its camp every weekend until Labour Day weekend in September.   1,183 more words


A beginners guide...

So, to the average Brit mention a European sauna and they fall about in fits of giggles, or are just totally shocked imagining god knows what…to us Saunas are maybe somewhere we would spend 10 minutes at the end of other exercise if we’re lucky enough to belong to some swanky health club, with swimmers on and towels wrapper tightly. 289 more words


To bare or not to bare?

So here’s the deal: Whenever I go to a spa in a different country, I am reminded that the most essential things are never mentioned in travel guides. 534 more words


Sauna Etiquette

I was invited for a sauna the other day and thought it was just the thing my aching legs needed. Up I rocked in my bikini, flung up the steamy door…and found all the other ladies naked as the day they were born. 322 more words


Two Men And Three Legs

“Well, I think that the new-style bike is simply too easy. On the rider. Too easy to ride fast and far.”

He stopped speaking. I looked down, holding my head in my hands. 416 more words

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