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Clean water, dirty air

My second ever winter swim at Kings Cross pond was a bit crap. It’s Monday, early afternoon, most people are in work and I have a spare hour to get a swim in. 268 more words

German spa etiquette

I thought I knew everything about the sauna as I come from the country that invented it. But when I entered a German spa, I found another world I did not know anything about.. 805 more words


How To Enjoy Sauna

There are a number of articles onlineĀ that will explain you step by step, the rules to follow in the sauna. I do not intend to write another one of those. 722 more words

How To Enjoy Sauna

Naked sauna anyone? Read this first.

The cold weather is coming so you might want to go for a sauna…

I thought I could handle any social situation until my boyfriend invited me meet friends at a sauna in Germany.Ā  895 more words


Body-for-LIFE: Week Two

All told, not a bad week as I address challenges in my lifting schedule, set new personal records on the cardio and struggle mightily with the nutrition aspect of the Body-for-LIFE Program. 797 more words