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24 Hours Cruising

I’ve started cruising for sex again. It’s a mixture of the weather turning nicer and my return to regular exercises. Being sedentary for the last year and a half was one of the worst things that happened to me: my libido disappeared, I lost interest in things… maybe I was depressed. 238 more words


Learning English in the sauna, flying as a bird in the swimming pool!?

Yes, there are some strange things you can do in your public sport centre here in Liverpool, just depends on your life style and your preferences, there are 13 centres to choose from and it’s not expensive (and free for children). 347 more words


Camp Etiquette

For our family, the May 2-4 (ironically not even close to May 24th this year!) is the beacon of summer: from then on, its camp every weekend until Labour Day weekend in September.   1,183 more words


Spa Break, The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

For lovers of relaxation there may be no better place for a spa break visit than Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. A short bus ride outside of the capital Reykjavik, these geothermal hot springs have an astonishing blue colouring from a reaction of the sun on the silica rich waters. 126 more words

#Motivation from justtsaraa

surprisingly great advice thanks to an ad on the walk back to the apartment in vegas
#change #motivationalquotes
feeling refreshed and renewed after a day of yoga, steaming, hot tubbing, sauna, yummy eats, and a very long walk!
so grateful <3

by justtsaraa


What is a jjimjibang?

Jjimjibang 찜질방 (public bath) can be found in almost anywhere in Korea, such as in the neighbourhoods, hotels, etc. Even Incheon airport has their own called… 362 more words

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