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Sauna Health Benefits and Dangers You Better Know About

Finnish sauna and similar amenities are used in all corners of the world for at least 2000 years. And it’s not accidental, as sauna… 1,225 more words


My outlet

The gym is not everyone’s fav place and there is nothing wrong with that. While I do think exercise is so important for physical and mental health, there other ways to do it aside from going to the gym. 758 more words


Lifestyle & Dietary Revelations Part 1

Hemp seeds

I bought hemp seeds recently cause I heard they were extremely healthy for you, boasting a very good protein profile as well as being rich in omega-3 acids. 709 more words


Enjoy the silence of Finland!

What is silence?

For me Finland means silence. Finland is silent compared to many always buzzing countries and cities around the globe.

Silence has also many stages. 587 more words


Sundeck - Bern, Switzerland

I came to this place with many hesitations. First of all it was snowing that day, which led me to believe that the place might be empty. 605 more words


Finnish Culture in a Nutshell

The Finnish culture could be compared to an iceberg, that is to say? Finns are not very open at first, but once they know you a little it gives you all they have! 283 more words


The Swede

The Swede has been texting me and it’s been more fun than a tornado in a trailer park.

He went out drinking with a friend and I got fantastic text messages from him as he drank beer. 182 more words