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4. Keeping the Mind Young in the Sauna

We focused last week on research that has shown that using the sauna can act as a nootropic on the brain and improve our performance. … 896 more words

Good For The Mind

Day #166: Sweat Out Toxins in a Sauna

Enter. The gates of Hell.

I inhabited this little chamber, better known as a sauna, for 30 minutes this afternoon. The local spa that I went to provides this as a luxurious way to rid the body of harmful toxins. 251 more words



Q&A a Day: Are you holding a grudge? About? Nope.

I cut my pinky knuckle on the playground and then bent my nail so hard to give myself a blood blister on the same finger. 275 more words


New Study Links Cardiovascular Health Benefits to Regular Sauna Use

Most fitness enthusiasts treat the sauna in their gym as an afterthought; a way to sweat out some extra toxins after a grueling workout, or a means of repentance after one-too-many whisky gingers at last night’s happy-hour-turned-happy-evening. 352 more words

Alzheimer's Disease

Dr. Rhonda Patrick on the Benefits of the Sauna | Joe Rogan Experience

Growth Hormone

(Episode 459) 1:18:04 – Growth hormone can be increased through exercise and the sauna (dry). This blows Joe’s mind. This is great for injury as well… 468 more words

Hang Ups and Loving Yourself

We all have too many hang ups. Speaking for myself, I’d say so at least. Or at least as I sit here after my 15th chemo and cold capping, this seems to be true.  905 more words

Hotel Jezerka - luxusní wellness odpočinek pro všechny rodiče

I rodiče si zaslouží odpočinek. A proč by to nemohlo být rovnou ve wellness? Takže domluvte hlídání – babičky a dědečkové určitě rádi pomůžou – a vyražte za relaxem! 609 more words