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Meliá Paris La Défense, Paris, France

The Destination
Is there anyone in the world who would not love the city of art, culture and love, and has not visited the city of Paris in the dreams? 526 more words

Luxury Hotel

Detox is everywhere!

There’s a lot of buzz these days about detox. It’s on all the health news outlets and I bet you can’t pick up a magazine without some kind of quick-fix-promising detox! 1,198 more words


Aspects Shells 10PCS Bright Colorful Plastic Spiral Coil Wrist

Many websites offer a sizing strip you can print off cut out and place around the finger. However this method of sizing can be very inaccurate. 259 more words

4pcs Avirulent Insipidity Antiskid Waterproof Plastic Mat the Bathroom

Tailored car mats are made of exact measurement and size of cars so when you buy tailored car mats you should be sure of make & model of the car. 323 more words

Sauna Convert

The sauna is a true Finnish institution, found in most homes, summer cottages and even flats. Most Finns have a sauna at least once a week, usually on a Saturday night – or more often like my parents do too. 161 more words


Uncovering Cyanics Sauna Boy Portable Mini Office Bedroom Humidifier

Far Infrared sauna Evaluations – Benefits of Far Infrared Sauna

Sauna is really a Scandinavian word that refers to an ancient form of heat therapy. The conventional… 294 more words

I Enjoy Friendly Competition At The Gym...But I'm In It To Win It, Even In The Gym Sauna...You Have Been Warned!

I like competition, I think it helps you push yourself harder and further than you would otherwise, so when I’m at the gym working out, it’s always a competition, if I see someone lifting something I have to make sure I lift just a little bit more than he does, it helps keeps things interesting in what otherwise could be considered a monotonous activity…I lift it up…I put it down and repeat! 1,058 more words