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Exclusive Invention: The Sawner (like a sauna, but not)

We decided not to research saunas for this piece in order to come across as complete ignoramuses, spouting forth unfounded nonsense and clueless gibberish. Admittedly this is nothing new for us… I mean, look at the title of this blog. 382 more words



the rec center was fun today
sweating helps relieve something
unforeseen of the skin

it all drips
down and away from the
person who is being… 14 more words

When you go out with Mommy

Sooo my family likes to be taken care of. And i don’t mean like in the sense, you probably think of right now. No we like to go to SPA. 371 more words


Shedding Winter Skin

When the pores are not clogged with dead cells and the lymphatic system is stimulated and cleansed, all organs in the body are better able to carry out the important function of eliminating toxic waste. 420 more words

Wellbeing Corner

Adventures in Eritrea 1- [Tish, the Eritrean smoke bath sauna]

Depending on how much I can remember, this could be a long blog post, so I will separate it into bits. I usually write down some kind of record of my travels, but strangely not for this one, so I am attempting to recall as much as I can now to keep memories alive. 907 more words

Carvings, Trees and Finnish Hospitality

It’s hard to cycle in Norway without coming across a tunnel or two. It is said that if Everest was in Norway, there would be a café at the top and a tunnel underneath. 2,156 more words