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Enjoy the Warmth Outdoor with Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Thinking of getting a hot tub for your backyard! Are you worried about the dearer hot tub prices? Want to enjoy a deep soaking experience in a budget friendly hot tub! 252 more words


Frequent Saunas May Lead to Longer Life Spans

CHICAGO — Frequent sauna baths may help you live longer, a study of Finnish men suggests. It would be welcome news if proven true — in Finland where hot, dry saunas are commonplace, and for Americans shivering in a snowy Nordic-like winter. 461 more words


Cedar sauna

Cedar Spa Barrel is an organic herbal & aromatic steam sauna for one person made from cedar wood that grows on the high elevations of the British Columbian and Siberian mountain ranges. 54 more words

Cedar Barrel Sauna

Anti-gravity and sex orgies

We’ve been given the opportunity to tour multiple labs at CERN. One of coolest was this Anti-matter factory! Every particle (proton, neutrino, etc.) all have an ‘opposite’ parter which is a similar particle just with an opposite electrical charge. 926 more words

Can We Talk About...Saunas and other Sundries

Okay Em,

How could I but respond to this Sweaty Sauna Saga. First of all. Why do people talk to each other in Saunas? Number One. 576 more words


Thermea by Nordik Spa-Nature: Putting the 'aaahhh' in spa

The wait is over. After years of preparing, partnering and constructing, Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature is officially open in our city. And it’s unlike anything most North American spa-goers have seen. 57 more words


Day 23 - Lets get naked

What does one do when one can’t eat comfort and rewarding food?

One of the things about this whole thing is habit breaking.

For us, that has meant not reaching for comfort food, avoidance food, nurture food, procrastination food, social food …. 876 more words