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Precautions for Outdoor Hot Tubs Used in Winter

A growing number of people are now using their hot tubs in the outdoor area during the chilled winter condition. Though winter is the most perfect time to soak in outdoor hot tubs, there are a few precautions users should take to make sure the smooth operation and energy efficient performance of their hot tubs. 546 more words


Lot of Information on Saunas and How you can Unwind Your Soul

A person’s lifestyle, mind-set and energy sources will often influence the path they choose to health but many people are choosing saunas after getting advice from someone who can give a first-hand account of their positive experience with Far Infrared Saunas (FIR). 450 more words


Hot Spot: The Springs in Los Angeles

“The creative and unique yoga studio space, complete with wall mural, will immediately put you at ease. The studio offers yoga, meditation, sound healings and other unique events that help with your mind-body balance. 23 more words

Salty spa washes up on Pearl Street

“Patrons can read, meditate or even sleep through their 50-minute session. Bohunovsky said as long as they’re breathing, the salt clears out the lungs and nasal passageways, leading to better respiratory health.” 10 more words

Recovery the key to wellness? Cloud9 Float and Spa opens in ...

“The facility’s infrared sauna can hold two people at a time and is a natural form of detox for clients at Cloud9. As the air heats around those inside, it raises the body’s temperature by 2-3 degrees, creating a self-induced low-grade fever in order to eliminate toxins from within. 23 more words