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Mardi Gras Monday

You know when you go outside and you can’t feel your face and then you walk out further and the wind hits you and you can’t feel your brain?  691 more words

Golden Retriever

Probiotic foods: Which ones to eat that are healthy

Probiotic foods are those containing the good bacteria for your gut. They are found in miso soup, tempeh, sauerkraut, bananas, onions, garlic, olives, seaweed, asparagus, pickled vegetable like pickles and from 298 more words

Health And Longevity

So i bought some kimchi saurkraut (which is yummy by the way….its saurkraut with kimchi seasonings), and had no idea what to do with it. My reference is saurkraut wih potatoes and sausage. 37 more words

Gluten Free


I wanted to make kraut. It seemed easy, I was craving it and so I went for it. With only a few ingredients and not too many steps, I thought it may be a quick job. 65 more words


Gorgeous Purple Sauerkraut

Let’s just all pause for a moment to admire that vibrant purple color.

That color came about by accident.  I went with my friend, Tara, (the one I met at sourdough bread class, remember?) to HEB the other day.   745 more words



Did you celebrate the tradition of March 17th?

I know I made my dad and I some corned beef with sauerkraut.  I topped mine with a slice of thin sliced Swiss Cheese and made a lower carb Thousand Island Dressing by using Mayo, SF Relish and Low Sugar Ketchup. 48 more words