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My 3rd Birthday Starter - Sausage Stuffed Giant Mushrooms

As if it has been three years since the birth of Homemade with Mess… doesn’t time just fry when you’re having fun! And as with most birthdays… the older you get the easier they are to forget, and if I’m honest I had no idea until I was politely reminded by WordPress this morning. 240 more words


Spaghetti with Salsiccia, Sun blushed tomatoes, mushrooms and aubergine

If I have learned anything from cooking in Italy and cooking with Italians it is this……do not smother pasta with sauce…it needs to ‘sing with’ whatever you serve it with not be upsatged by it. 345 more words


Spanish White Bean and Potato Stew

We have not had much success with slow cooker recipes that used some form of sausage as the central ingredient. Our blog followers have seen one or two exceptions in the past, but the current recipe is simply an outstanding exception to the usual problem: too greasy. 398 more words

Main Dish

Snausage and Egg Frittata

Here's your gluten free one pot dinner, or lunch, or breakfast. I've had the sausage free version and unless you're a vegetarian, with sausage is better. 257 more words

Dish Of The Day

A Heartwarming Winter Meal - Chicken Thigh and Italian Sausage Cacciatore

It doesn’t seem like it could actually get much colder or more miserable around this winter and February has only just begun. We have had enough snow already with more in the forecast for this week to go along with pretty frigid temperatures pretty much every day of the week for the last two weeks. 605 more words


My Sausage factory

A few weeks ago I looked in my freezer and noticed it was getting a tad empty particularly of burgers and sausages. Time to order more meat! 1,900 more words