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Cucumber-Melon Salad

One of us is not a fan of mixed-greens only salads. No matter how fresh the greens or how it’s dressed, it might as well be beige. 182 more words


Fideos with Chorizo and Mussels

This was my first attempt at making the Spanish pasta Fideos at home and I can honestly tell you this is one of the best dishes I’ve ever made. 564 more words


Paleo Zuppa Toscana

I’ve seen this soup floating around Pinterest, but knew it was off-limits for me with my sensitivities to dairy. Then…I saw a paleo version that uses coconut milk and I knew I had to try it. 251 more words


Simple, Hearty and Delicious - John Besh's Classic Creole Seafood Jambalaya

Shrimp is one of those ingredients that is a lot more versatile than many give it credit for. While Sean would be happy if I simply made fried shrimp every time I picked some up from the seafood market, I like to mix things up and try different things with it. 634 more words


A Meal of One's Own - Apple, Sausage and Wild Rice Stuffed Acorn Squash

As tempting as it might be to make big ,filling meals all of the time like meatloaf, fried chicken, burgers and the like, sometimes you need something a bit more on a little bit lighter for dinner. 734 more words


Mama's Breakfast Casserole Recipe

MealFit Breakfast Casserole

This is a busy moms best friend. Make 2-3 of these and freeze them or make one on the weekend for the week and it makes breakfast a breeze in the morning. 282 more words

Just an Update

We’re still here. Still kicking. Been real busy at work, short staffed, working lots of weekends so I haven’t been posting much. That’s all about to end soon…hopefully. 303 more words

Big Green Egg