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Rollover Doughnuts

According to mathematician and puzzle enthusiast Martin Gardner, a torus is the simplest instance of “a surface of revolution obtained by rotating a closed plane curve about an axis parallel to the plane which does not intersect the curve.” To those not mathematically inclined, that may not sound simple at all. 726 more words


Recipe: traditional Dutch sausage rolls

While travelling through the Netherlands, I noticed they have two kinds of traditional sausage rolls. Both can be bought at bakers’ shops, supermarkets, and a a snack at many a local café to go with your cup of coffee or tea. 619 more words


Ephemeral Rolls

I am surrounded by beautiful ephemera: a spent fine feather of a King Parrot recently found, the golden leaves of the Gleditsia begin to fall, this morning’s Autumn haze slowly lifts. 43 more words


My Matchday groundhopping - Fraserburgh overcome a hard working Lossiemouth side

Fraserburgh 1v0 Lossiemouth 

Saturday 21st March 2015

At the weekend I travel to the Broch to watch Fraserburgh face Lossiemouth. The sun certainly had its hat on at Bellslea Park. 870 more words

Highland League

Super Herby Sausage Rolls

Living with someone else means compromise. Compromise on the films you watch. The bedding you use. The food you cook. It’s a careful balance of give and take. 531 more words

Snack Time

Sausage Plait - Recipe

Sausage rolls are like the Alison Holst or Mary Berry of the edible world. Loved by all ages and welcomed with open arms at any occasion, they rebel against food trends and have stood the test of time. 468 more words

Eating In

Nigerian Sausage Roll

Sausage rolls are snack made with sausage and pastry which are baked but in Africa, the sausage is ground into paste and used as a filling then baked.   267 more words

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