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Advent: a reminder that to be Church is to always be compromised

Advent has arrived and with it come the annual pleas to keep the season as a special time in the life of the Church and to resist the creeping advances of Christmas. 652 more words

God Reflections

Fast Food Hit: Maple Sausage Rolls

I love a sausage roll. Let me rephrase that, I have learned to love a sausage roll.  These are quintessentially Australian, I’ve never encountered them on my global travels anywhere else.   862 more words

Migraine Trigger Free

The Blue Anchor British Pub

This is my go to pub, located Delray Beach, Florida. The food is splendid and authentic. You can never go wrong with the sausage roll, and a Jameson neat to chase it down with. 25 more words

Pubs And Bars

On Greggs and the nativity

It may surprise a lot of you reading this, but behind the hard, cynical and gruff “yorkshireman” exterior, privately, I am a practising Christian. I take certain points of my religious texts with a pinch of salt, and pray for my heart to understanding when I don’t agree with certain things I read (1st Timothy has a couple of “questionable” aspects). 529 more words

Let’s Talk About

Greggs misadventure, or genius advertising?

There are times when the only response to a news story is a dumbfounded : “What were they thinking?!” That was my response to the news that Greggs, the high street bakery and convenience food chain, had this week released promotional material for their branded advent calendar with a picture of a sausage roll replacing Jesus in the manger. 701 more words

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Greggs, the sausage roll nativity and all that jazz

You have probably seen the recent controversy (perhaps deliberately created) around Greggs the bakers creating an Advent Calendar in which the last window sees the body of the baby Jesus replaced with a sausage roll. 891 more words


Roll over Jesus

Police are investigating after it emerged that an advent calendar contained a type of food that was supposedly well below the sugar levels traditionally found in advent calendars. 318 more words