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super simple: chicken and pesto sausage rolls

While traditional sausage rolls are super scrumptious and are great on an occasion, they are not so great on the nutritional side of things.

That’s why these chicken and pesto sausage rolls are so great – not only are they really tasty but they are high in protein, contain good fats and satisfy those carb cravings with the delicious Filo pastry. 257 more words


Sausage Rolls

Sausage Rolls
Use pre made puff pastry sheets which come with a piece of plastic between each layer. Once you make the rolls, use the plastic to wrap two long rolls separated by plastic to make it easy to take individual rolls out of the freezer at a later date. 262 more words

Sylvia's Sweet Chilli Sausage Rolls

A party favourite: makes 80

1 kilo of lean beef mince

200 gm sausage mince

1/2 cup of Masterfoods sweet chilli sauce

1 carrot grated… 127 more words


Simple Sausage Rolls

To rescue this blog from becoming a primarily political rant I shall now post a recipe that I made on Friday evening. This ended up becoming Friday night dinner and the rest were polished off on Saturday, a testament to the fact that they were delicious. 224 more words


New Yorker Sausage rolls

20g cocktail gherkins, well drained.

6 quality pork sausages (400g), 75-95% pork content, skins removed

2 tsps American style yellow mustard

1 tbsp flat leafed parsley… 229 more words

Pampered Chef

Bake More Often 2/10: Baking from the Big List

Well, at least one of my foodie resolutions is going well. So far this year I’ve baked three times, which is the same amount that I managed all year in 2014 and its only March! 614 more words