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Maturing tequila

An everlasting youth.  PATRICK LECLEZIO touches base with an old friend.

First published in Prestige Magazine (June 2016 edition).

In the movie Betty Blue, there’s a memorable scene in which Zorg, one of the principal characters, mixes shots of alcohol with a carbonated beverage in a glass, that he then wraps in a napkin and pounds on the table, inducing an explosion of fizziness, before downing the mixture.  891 more words

Spirits Column

Dome is not always home

Contrary to popular belief, the dome is not always home. At least for bin.

The night was Christmadome in July, and started out very stereotypically for hag, bin and I (Jizz), pouring back tequila shots as if they were water. 116 more words

Fab February Day #4- Dani Reviews A Beverage; Sauza Original Sparkling Margarita 

Disclaimer- I bought this with my own money and all opinions are my own.

I feel like I should say that I don’t usually buy a ton of pre-mixed cocktails, even though I reviewed a beverage last month. 172 more words

Fab February

Tequila producers take a shot at flavored liqueurs

The key to a really good tequila is a pepper finish – not a burn, but a little hint of the spice.

But increasingly, tequila-based beverages are introducing new flavor profiles to challenge that formula. 605 more words