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Too Cool, Yeah

Tequilas are the product of the central Mexican state of Jalisco. Here, rows of agave plants – succulents with thick, fleshy central portions – are cultivated at heights of 1,500 feet above sea level and further, while many acres’ worth of lesser quality are planted on lower plains, too. 318 more words

Maturing tequila

An everlasting youth.  PATRICK LECLEZIO touches base with an old friend.

First published in Prestige Magazine (June 2016 edition).

In the movie Betty Blue, there’s a memorable scene in which Zorg, one of the principal characters, mixes shots of alcohol with a carbonated beverage in a glass, that he then wraps in a napkin and pounds on the table, inducing an explosion of fizziness, before downing the mixture.  891 more words

Spirits Column