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Magical Mystery Tour

I like this one almost as much as Sargent Pepper…  The Beatles are Immortal Gods of the Musical Underworld!  Sit back and enjoy this romp through some kind of acid trip.  Music soothes the savage breast!

Acid Trip

There are not two kinds of human being, savage and civilized. There is only the human animal, forever at war with itself.
– John Gray…

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Review: Savage by Kelley Armstrong

This is by far one of my favorite, if not the favorite short story from the Women of the Otherworld series. When it comes to origin stories, too often authors are afraid to go into detail or to spend an adequate amount of time actually making it a story. 238 more words


Molding the Beast

It has been too long since I’ve allowed my thoughts to truly pour out of me aligning themselves into intricate stories. Instead I have spent my time with simplistic rhymes and caught in a web of utter frustration as I attempt to gain hold of my own confused perceptions. 205 more words


FAILE: Savage/Sacred Young Minds

You still have one week left to enjoy this piece of contemporary art. Forget about boring paintings or not-being-able-to-touch sculptures, this collaboration between artists Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller brings  multimedia installations, large-scale paintings, and sculptures from a wide variety of sources, including American quilts, folk and Native American art, religious architecture, pulp magazines, comic books, sci-fi movie posters, adult entertainment advertisements, and storefront typography. 103 more words