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Rome Has Fallen

I have to admit, this whole thing seemed painfully pretentious. The whole blogosphere of emotional young adults searching for answers while simultaneously having all of them. 916 more words


Act I - Officer

I witnessed the fight this morning and the guards of Montague seemed eager and ready to start a war. One of them dared to bite his thumb and then claimed they were keeping the peace. 215 more words

Is Master P's Ex WIfe Really A Drug Addict

So Master P is the true savage for the year of 2015. This man had two kids out of wedlock with his wife and still decides to divorce her. 36 more words


King Sav - Mobb Life (Stream)

New project from Savage aka King Sav called Mobb Life. When Country Rap Tunes meets Baton Rouge you get Mobb Life.



My shadow’s cryptonym,

A susurrus in my soul,

That distant memory,

Of a primitive self,

Diluted, polluted, distorted,

Shelved next to the savage,

That quietly rages at recollections, 15 more words


Son of Zeus Part 31: God of War

Hercules took an arrow from his quiver and readied his bow. Carefully he advanced along the boggy ground conscious that a bird might be returning from a hunt and ambush him from behind. 1,748 more words


Shadow of a Doubt 8.9

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Within a few minutes, the area was swarming with police cars which screeched in from every direction while a team helped the armor team extract themselves from the twisted, sparking wrecks of their power armor. 1,640 more words