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Snow storm


you can inhabit me

when all else is bare

the wind clearing space

I didn’t know was there

for now I do wish

never to remember why… 45 more words

The Engine is Knocking

I compress my thinking into a knot
trying to be what I’m not
with noblest of plot

Savage at heart
I swear I’m not to blame… 6 more words


Valiant's Savage #1 Claws into Fourth Printing in February!

Valiant has announced that two of its best-selling titles of the season have sold out at the distributor level and will return with the Savage #1… 27 more words


Calories? What?

Calories is an unit of measure of energy. Our body needs energy to perform its activities.We get the energy from the food we consume. The energy provided by the food items is counted in calories. 721 more words


Easiest Diet Plan in the World

It is said that the success of physical transformation ( losing fat/gaining muscle). All the hard work in the gym will be rendered worthless if diet is not planned well. 177 more words




i like to bring a 20 oz genuine thermos to work with me, full of coffee or tea. i like to bring an genuine awakened consciousness, too, as this can be helpful in tricky situations. 153 more words