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Radical Islam Rant

As most of you know, even if you don’t follow me on Instagram or have me as a Facebook friend, you know I’ll post things that offends some people. 285 more words

MN07 // The Hippie Apocalypse

We are super excited that the new MN07 Spring/Summer 15 collection ‘The Hippy Apocalypse’ is launching today.

Available exclusively through the following stores in the UK – Flat Spot, Krusoe store, Academy clothing, Urban Industry, The Idle Man. 144 more words


aka public stoning for the 21st Century. Needless to say that I had a VERY enjoyable 3rd AND 4th period. They probably use it to force confessions in US military prisons. 17 more words

Anything Of Absolutely No Relevance What So Ever

"Men of their times". —

Suppose I criticize this or that hero of “Western civilization”, the one I know best, and which we are continually assured is the best. And of course, we are already presuming that life under the rule of states, highly-unequal ownership of property, and blessed by religious authorities, is incomparably better than the lives of materially-poor, notoriously violent savages, e.g., roving hunters and foragers who lived more like predatory beasts than the prosperous, refined, and gentle residents of cities — only the latter are genuine human beings. 746 more words


What’s happening in society today. A young girl gets pummeled close to death and nobody lifts a hand. Both the savages who beat her and the bystanders should all be arrested. 25 more words

Justice For All

Why Marina and the Diamonds Wrote a Song About Rape Culture on Her New Album

Marina and the Diamonds once critiqued the dangers of fame and celebrity by pretending to have succumbed to them. On her 2012 album, Electra Heart… 545 more words


Caves were our abodes
Horses were our rides
Languages nowhere
Religions not in sight

Those were better times
Humanity was strong
While we were savages… 26 more words