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EP Review: Sketches of a Kone by Kone

English rock act Kone are set to release their new 3 track EP Sketches of a Kone on September 1st. You’re instantly reminded of older rock acts like The Velvet Underground and Shellac with touches of Sonic Youth and Savages thrown in, but it’s the post-punk edge that really suckers you in. 140 more words


essential sounds - la guerra contra los lobos

Savages – Fuckers (2014)

The devaluation of honesty, sincerity,connection in life; is it an illusion? has alienation become the norm in everyday life; east/west, north/south, cities/towns, wilderness/civilisation. 161 more words

Savages (Single) by Dero Defrance

Chicago Hip-Hop artist Dero Defrance has a high ceiling, and his latest track Savages proves that fact to be true. The remastered version hit iTunes, and Tidal yesterday. 65 more words


Stop destroying our planet.

It really gets old seeing all of the stuff posted about how “people” are acting, such as the people rioting again in Missouri. I’m going to post what I think with no bullshit honesty. 175 more words

Review: Savages by Greg F. Gifune


It’s a rare thing, but sometimes you come across a book that feels like it was custom made for you, hitting all the right sweet spots, all the right fist-pumping beats, as it swallows you whole into its world.  418 more words


The Human in InHUMANity

as the needle stuck
the song became torture

is this when we became like savages?
Did we disappear
like the last of the ice age’s… 279 more words


Peinard L’épinard #26 L'Heure Exquise

Avec ce Peinard Hedwige vous fait profiter de l’Heure Exquise ! Ce moment où le soleil descend lentement pour rejoindre d’autres contrées éloignées.

La peau échauffée par les coups de soleil, qu’elle ne découvrira que plus tard sous sa douche; les cheveux ébouriffés, encore salés, Hedwige s’adonne aux plaisirs des derniers rayons.  27 more words