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And Our Bikini Pictures results (no it's not about Hannah Giles)

You might recall this post that I made in a silly mood last week:

Are people more interested in Mika Brzezinski bikini pics, or Joe Scarborough Speedo pics?

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Morning Joe

What does the public want? Mika in a bikini or Joe in a speedo?

Back before I was proudly Banned from lgf for daring to defend Rush Limbaugh, Honorary Lizardoid I included the strings Mika Brzezinski bikini pics, Charles Johnson bikini pics and Robert Stacy McCain Bikini pics (this was during the Hannah Giles bikini pics days) and I mentioned that while I was getting some traffic from the Hannah Giles links, I got the same number of hit from the Mika Brzezinski bikini pics as I did from the Charles Johnson or Robert Stacy McCain strings, that is nearly 1. 191 more words

Morning Joe