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Fog Birds

Raven in Fog

The thick fog I saw from the highway waits for me at Saanichton Spit, a long, sandy tongue of land south of Sidney, BC. 451 more words


Savannah Sparrows

The second sparrow species I noticed singing this spring was the Savannah Sparrow. Since moving to Northwest Calgary at the end of February 2016, I’ve been visiting the urban park and wetland near the Alberta Children’s Hospital at least twice a week. 428 more words


A Few Good Bird Sightings and Some Wet Weather

The weather forecast indicated about 20% chance of rain in the mountains yesterday. Around here, that means it’s not likely to rain. It was sunny and reasonably warm at home when the girls and I left for the 6500′ Freezeout Trailhead and the hike to Tiffany Mountain. 360 more words


Ever Seen an Alvar?

The word “Alvar” is strange, conjuring up all sorts of visions. I had never heard the word before and certainly never seen one, until the first time I hiked on the “Alvar” at Cameron Ranch, I was fascinated. 437 more words

Grassland birds

In a hay meadow near Brunswick, Maine:

Bobolink, taking a break from his jumbled singing flights over the field.

Savannah sparrow, keeping an eye on neighboring males. 316 more words