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Conscious Living - In the Kitchen

Being in the moment and trying to better myself, family, and the world is the daily goal. With every step, decision, and action my family and I make, I want it to be a choice that… 506 more words


From chemical weapons and drugs to seeds and pesticides. Bayer is taking over!

Wake up green friends! It’s the largest all-cash takeover recorded in history. It’s also the most DANGEROUS combination to ever happen in the world agriculture industry. 500 more words


Save Tortoises and Turtles - Need of the hour - Save earth

I’ve seen a lot of people getting confused between a turtle and a tortoise.

Here you go.

Turtles can swim. They live in water most of the time. 54 more words


The Polylepsis forest in the Andean Paramo of El Angel

The Polylepsis forest in the Andean Paramo of El Angel

This past weekend I had the great experience to visit one of the world’s oldest and most endangered Polylepsis forests in the world. 654 more words

Book Chapter


Finally, it is the time for me to explain the big idea behind this project. But I don’t have millionaires as investors or billions of followers on my social media network. 669 more words


CHAPTER 2 - PART 2 -BONITA'S STORIES - 20 € per week in Paris.

In the first part of this chapter, I mentioned some horrible facts around the world in terms of our waste of food. The enormous numbers are shocking for me. 1,124 more words


Humans: Earth's most dominant species

Human beings are extraordinary creatures. I say this because, in the 4.5 billion-year-old history of the Earth, no other living organism has come close to what we have been able to achieve as a species. 583 more words