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Sixth Mass Extinction Of Species - Do We Care At All?

According to the latest findings, the number of animal species that went extinct as a result of a squandering human activity since the rise of industrial society is so enormously high it is possible to speak of a sixth mass extinction of species already underway and running in full speed. 1,045 more words

Environmental Awareness

Slipping Existence

Every now and then I come across articles and posts about how we need to conserve and save the planet and it breaks my heart. This planet is our HOME. 366 more words

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Now a days kids and students are busy as their summer vacations are over but with the entrance of rainy season , rain is now binding them to spend their weekend at home . 893 more words

3d Movie On Earth

The Beginning of new life..

There is a new life in soil
for every human being,
There is a healing in the trees
for tired minds,
There is an enchanting music in the fresh air… 105 more words

Happy Doctor’s Day!!! Be a Doctor of Earth!!!

Doctor’s day in India is a big awareness campaign offering great opportunities to all to get aware about the roles, importance and responsibilities of the doctors as well as promote medical professionals to come closer and follow the responsibilities of their profession very dedicate. 302 more words

Biomass Briquettes


“The mind was a blank space as an exhausted and fatigued body tried, barely, to crawl across the barren land. The sun scorched relentlessly on the naked body, draining out even the slightest ounce of grit. 560 more words


Things You've Gained From Knowledge

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when all hope is diminished

when everything you stand for falls

when you feel that there is nothing worth living for… 106 more words