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Love-Respect-Fear-Save Nature! Only nature can save you!

One fine morning, after finishing off a Badminton game, my husband found this beautiful artist sitting on his car windshield.. He casually clicked and it and showed it to me. 405 more words


How Individuals & Organizations can care the Nature in summer


Blessings and beauty of nature

We as human being are all busy in modifying and modernizing things as per our requirement  and in this we many a times neglect to even care as how our such step will affect the other creatures  and other . 1,282 more words


Earth day! Stop cutting trees

Today is  Earth Day!

As we celebrate the Earth Day today with various activities and events, it sets me thinking whether all this is actually making any difference? 405 more words


アースデー! “Lorax”

アースデー! “Lorax”

Earth Day will not be complete without mentioning two most, perhaps influential songs of the modern time. Songs that remind everyone the beauty bestowed upon us by Mother Earth. 177 more words


NaPoWriMo Day 22: Treasures of a Kind

We humans have just one place to live and we seem to be squandering it outright. No, I wouldn’t want to go live on another planet and destroy that too. 137 more words