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Its mid September and the summers are still scorching fiercely, few years earlier summers were never so long and the rains were never so short, they used to take over the weather baton quite soon, talking about my own city, this year the clouds seem to shy away with a 43% fall in rainfall for the tri city area (Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula) this season. 296 more words

Save Earth

2015 -2016 : Le réchauffement climatique à son apogée

La sonnette d’alarme est tirée sur le réchauffement climatique. Le nouveau rapport de référence sur le réchauffement climatique, publié  par l’Institut météorologique britannique (Met Office) a été clair: il faut agir vite et, surtout, se détourner des énergies fossiles. 465 more words


When the Earth spoke

When the Earth spoke….

I twist and I turn,
I weep and I burn,
I cry with excruciating pain.

You say I’m your only home, 55 more words

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Today I’ll be sharing with you a short story, a story with a moral.

Once upon a time there was an affluent businessman, he was extremely wealthy somewhere between Bruce Wayne and Uncle Scrooge, in spite of being an accomplished businessman he had an immortal sentiment for plants. 482 more words

Save Earth

[How to Actually] TAKE ACTION


I suggest that everyone reads this article and tries to do as much as they can from it.

If everyone did something it would be pretty cool because then there would… 30 more words


Meet the 15-year-old hero who just gave the U.N. some real talk about the future of his generation

A 15-year-old kid from Colorado just walked into the United Nations and dared a group of world leaders to do something about climate change…

His name is Xiuhtezcatl Roske Martinez, and he’s a true teen badass with… 21 more words

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