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So I’ve always had this task on top of my bucket-list, and I think it’s about time to start working for it. So, the wish is that, I should at least plant 100 trees before I turn seventeen, and to be honest I’ve only planted one:( and it’s been a since I planted that one. 90 more words


Weekly InfoBit

Are you below 10 years old? Read the article below. If not, scroll further down.

The Ozone Layer is a part of our atmosphere, which means that it is in the sky. 307 more words

The EcoClub United

She Is Nature

She is nature
The soft gentle breeze
The very air you breathe
And the drought, the hurricane
Wiping good and evil
All the same.

Destruction without… 85 more words


A thought on Population Explosion.

Hi, This is my mostly 2nd blog. So I was wondering I should give a shot/thought at some social topic. After thinking a while, I came to know that everything leads to scarcity of the resources, resolving the issues, troubleshooting some pre-existing issues. 355 more words


As We Slowly Die

I believe
There is magic in this world
And it lives within
The enduring trunks
The delicate leaves
The blossoms of the young
The fruit of the wise… 156 more words

The Library

Save Her. Save yourself.

She stood, umbrella in hand, trying her hardest not to break into pieces. She had to be strong, for the wait was long. She looked around in the hope of seeing something that could make her smile. 458 more words

Pen Stories

काळजी घ्या, पुढच्या पिढ्यांसाठी - लेखांक १

काळजी घ्या, पुढच्या पिढ्यांसाठी

एक नवे सदर चालू करत आहे… काळजी घ्या नव्या पिढ्यांसाठी

आज आपली जीवन शैली वीस तीस वर्षांपूर्वीच्या आपल्या आई वडिलांच्या (किंवा माझ्या तरुणपणीच्या म्हणा) जीवनशैलीपेक्षा फारच निराळी झाली आहे.