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USA to Bogota, Colombia Round Trip as low as $219!!!

Click on the image above for the deets and save some serious $$$ on your round trip fare to Colombia on AA and UA. You’ll have to play around with dates to get the best deal here, but for a fare this low it’s worth the time!

Save Money

Free app shows you how to save money by not wasting food

JAMESTOWN, N.C. — According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, Americans on average toss out about 20 pounds of food each month.

Of course, if you’re throwing away untouched food, that’s the same as throwing away money. 76 more words


Cawfee Tawk

Oh, man do I love my ice vanilla soy lattes from that local cafe and bakery that charges way too much for my morning joe. In fact, I have to pay about $5.55 for a medium one of those every morning. 384 more words


What's For Dinner?

I’m struggling this month, I’m really struggling this month. My boyfriend had a birthday and it wiped me out financially. Damn him for being born! 283 more words


Saving money could save your life

Why is it important to save? Because life is a big old machineĀ of who-knows-what tossing unexpected bullshit your way at any given second. No money in the bank is probably the worst fate there is. 281 more words


Weekly Menu: August 30th - September 5th

It’s official, summer is over! Our two-week summer break has ended, and today began our full-force fall schedule. We have TONS of activities on our fall schedule, so it’s going to be a busy ride! 656 more words

Saving Money

Would You Like To Save Money At The Super Market?

If you have never heard about this amazing app I suggest you go and get it like asap. It’s easy to use and you are not stuck at just getting things from one store you can buy whatever is on your list and from any store. 134 more words

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