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My Favorite Homemade Granite Cleaner

Like I mentioned yesterday, I am on a quest to live simply and frugally. In my cleaning cabinet I have 4 bottles of cleaner. I have an all-purpose, a granite, a floor, and a glass cleaner. 118 more words


30 Things Twenty-Somethings Need To Stop Wasting Money On

We’re all guilty of wasting money in one way or another. Millennials? Well, unchet’s just say our generation has an extra-special knack for blowing through our hard-earned cash. 1,575 more words


A Quest for Less

Over the last year or so I have worked towards a more simplistic life .Am I there yet ?Not entirely ,but certainly on the right track.Perhaps this blog has helped me gather thoughts like a diary would .Here is a list of my progress so far. 221 more words

Frugal - a year of free fun - month 9

This month’s fun activities were:

  • worked on existing craft projects for which I didn’t need to buy anything: knitted cocoons as presents for friends, and a knitted top for me using some wool someone from knit group gave me (I got the pattern in a book for Christmas).
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Piggy Bank

How to Save Money When Shopping

Shopping can cause a serious dent in your wallet. With so many trends going in and out of style, it can be hard to keep up! 616 more words


Make it from home

Trying to get creative with saving money. First anything that I’m not using gets shut off or unplugged. Recycle, recycle,make things like chips from home a bag of potatoes , it will make tones of different things from chips, fries, scallop potatoes, etc. 200 more words

Are You Taking Advantage of the Most Aggressive Energy Rebate Programs in the Country?

Have you been in contact with the Granite City Electric Energy Group? Did you know that our Energy Group is available to contractors and business owners to help you save money, time & energy? 490 more words

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