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The 8 Week Meal Plan (Part 1)

In the beginning there was a new mama… a tired new mama.

A new mama with such little brain power she couldn’t even answer the question “How are you?” let alone the biggest question of all, “What’s for dinner?” 1,159 more words

Meal Planning

The Best Way To Stick To A Resolution - Don't Have One

The best way to stick to a resolution is to not have one, yes you read that right. Take it from me a serial procrastinator and die-hard quitter. 348 more words


Are these 3 things making you feel sick? Simple tips to a healthier home

Listen to the newest episode of my podcast, GYST2020 – Get Your Shit Together by the year 2020: Are these 3 things making you sick? Simple tips to a healthier home… 9 more words

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Wedding Expos & Bridal Bouquets

Hi there!! Thanks for joining in on my first ever Wedding Wednesday post including tips and tricks for all of you Bride to Be’s! I’m so excited to share what I have learned about wedding planning, but also to hear what you know from your own experience! 383 more words

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Carnival Fantasy Dates & Prices under $1000 for 2

There may be affiliate links in this post which earn me commissions at no cost to you. I usually just try to cover my costs in fees and annual dues to the timeshare exchange companies. 499 more words


If you plan your shopping now, you can save money throughout the year #shopping #money #saving #tips #mall #stores #business #house #family

A new year brings an expectation to set the perfect resolution. Here’s an idea: Resolve to buy all of the things you want and need, but pay less money for them. 15 more words