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Save Your Money #savemoney

Labeled by an older generation as “Millennials”, which some of you might not be, we have certain stereotypes that have been cast on us. One of those large stereotypes is that we are terrible with money. 801 more words


How you save money when recover your lost data as well

Data loss – be it from a Windows PC or a Mac – is always heart-breaking. Sometimes losing data makes you sad even more than scoring your Girl Friend or Boy Friend. 398 more words


5 Tips to get you traveling sooner

My latest quest has been to uncover more ways for us to get traveling sooner.  Finding new adventures and checking out new places has always been one of my passions. 625 more words

Save Money

Smart Saver Vancouver

It is a sunny Wednesday, which means we are going to save money again! In this Smart Saver I will give you examples of student discounts, like some of you I am still a student and you can have quite a few benefits from owning a student card. 358 more words


How to Build and Stick to a Budget

Budgeting can seem like a daunting task. You aren’t sure where to begin and how to go about creating a budget you can stick to. I am going to show you an easy way to create your own budget in excel or you can use a great online program. 593 more words


Top 3 Airfare Tools All Budget Travelers Should Know

As a traveler the brunt of expenses usually comes from airfare. It’s more expensive get to and from that place than it is to actually stay there so I present to you three airfare tools that have saved me loads of money and hopefully will save you some too! 387 more words

How to travel without buying the international data plan

When we travel we try to save where we can. One thing we have yet to pay for is an international data plan.  On some of our earlier trips we turned off all devices and found our way around with the help of maps and tourism booths.   352 more words