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Real-life economics: why saving 50 cents matters

Have you ever wondered why saving fifty cents on a box of cereal even matters? It can seem a bit ridiculous, cutting out coupons or spending time searching through the prices to save such tiny amounts. 270 more words


Don’t Be Ghetto

Look at your year calendar. Stare at it. What’s different? There are 52 weeks a year, and if you get paid every week there are a few months in which there are five Fridays. 40 more words

Spring Cleaning

Nothing inspires me to clean more than nicer weather. It is not only a great way to get you in the mood to get active and open your windows but it also makes it easier to cart away unwanted items and declutter. 136 more words


How Millennials Save Money

My full-time job is in the field of Personal Finance. I handle over 60 individual’s finances daily. I have been doing this for almost five years which would lead one to think I have my own finances in tiptop condition but one would in fact be wrong. 810 more words


VIDEO: DIY Whitening Toothpaste

Alright, I’ve been making this stuff nearly two years now, my whole family uses it and I even have a few friends that get some from me and they like it too. 92 more words


My Top 4 Favorite Discount Websites | Life Financial Disruption

Here I have listed my top four favorite discount websites to use (in no particular order). All of these sites have thousands of deals accessible at your fingertips, each and every day. 23 more words