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Travel Dreams - Future Destinations

Where would you go if you could choose anywhere in the world?

As always I have been well for three months after I arrived back in Munich. 445 more words


Useful Travel Info.

My roommates make fun of me, and say that if there’s a deal, you can depend on me to find it. I think if I were to have my own show, it would be similar to Guy Fieri’s Triple D, except my “Triple D” would stand for DEALS, DEALS, DEALS! 918 more words

my little secret

I have a not-so-secret secret that I am super excited to share. Not really a secret because I’m sure a good handful of others have found this life hack already but for those who have not, here it is: shop at the k… 250 more words


5 Ways to Save money on Birthday Party Supplies

1. Don’t buy themed decorations

Your kid might really want those Paw Patrol-themed decorations, but they’re quite pricey! Going with simple, solid-colored paper products will save you a lot in the long run. 310 more words


Decluttering your closet: When not enough clothes is actually too much

We all have those mornings now and then where we look into our closet or dresser drawers and we think ‘I have nothing to wear!’. On the night before an interview, a special event, or while packing for a trip we just don’t seem to have enough to create the perfect outfits. 836 more words

Do you have a Plan? Organize you finances ~ October is National Financial Planning Month

So do you have a budget? Do you know when you power bill is due? Does your significant other?

Yes ~no~ maybe? While for many couples money is a point of contention. 810 more words


Five things your haircut says about you, without you even realizing! The first thing it says is: “get your hair cut by a robotic hair cut helmet.”


Haircuts can be time-consuming and expensive. Somehow, even though modern robotics have resulted in quad-copters, robotic surgery, and an alarm clock with a hand that slaps you in the face, the dream of automated haircuts remains elusive. 239 more words