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Nature is created by God

Let’s remind ourselves of something awesome…

Everything you see in the outdoors God made! There’s a piece of God in every tree, flower, bird and cloud. 286 more words


10 Things You Can Do To Save The Earth

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again you don’t have to be a hippie to have a passion for living a natural lifestyle, using oils, herbs and holistic practices to take care of your family and the same goes for our planet. 1,470 more words

Healthy Lifestyle

Water Crisis and Rainwater Harvesting

The human population is rising so rapidly, especially in urban areas that the issue of supplying adequate water to meet societal and personal needs is of prior importance. 2,080 more words


May Thoughts

What am I going to do with my life? So many people my age are freaking out about this question, and believe me, so am I. 383 more words


Five Earth Saving Tips

In celebration of Earth Day, I thought I’d do a quick post on my top five earth saving tips. It’s so easy to make little changes in our life, little changes that make a huge difference! 331 more words


A heaven called Earth

“Nothing is rich but the inexhaustible wealth of nature. She shows us only surfaces, but she is a million fathoms deep.” Emerson

Yet another Earth Day is here today… A day dedicated to mother Earth who grows younger as her children grow older. 186 more words

Seasonal Ponderings

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Did you know that gardening can be good exercise too? You can burn around 200 to 400 calories by pulling weeds and planting flowers for one hour! 24 more words