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A New Found Love With Digital Garage Sales

Since moving into my own place, I have gotten most of my belongings second hand which I am immensely thankful for. However, this has also caused me to obtain more than one of the same object secondhand. 432 more words


"Green"-Plate Special

Each year, nations generate 1.3 billion tons of waste.

-Ann Simmons

In the recent blog post (One less straw pledge), we talked about where these go — which is, nowhere but here, with us, on the same planet we’re in.

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Save The Earth

Vote on More Than 40 Ideas for Improving the World

Now that finalists from the National Geographic’s CHASING GENIUS challenge have been revealed, the race is on for the People’s Choice prize.

Source: Vote on More Than 40 Ideas for Improving the World


One less straw pledge

The featured photo (above) is the cover of the monthly digest published by Healthy Options. It’s a 12-page spread that kept me up for 3 nights — reading, rereading, and thinking about the (good and bad) contribution I made to the environment and how in the world can I help in my own little way. 891 more words


Let The World Grow Greener

The Trojans shout “Let the world grow greener!” Yes, as the title have said.

Mother Nature has provided for us long before we even existed. But as the humans that we are, we have taken more than she could give.

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Forest Fairy Tale by Oleg Aleschenko

Forest Fairy Tale by Oleg Aleschenko Oleg Aleschenko: Photos

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Can This Controversial Practice Save Ecuador’s Wild Frogs?

Ecuador is home to over 500 frog species and many face risks from the illegal pet trade. One company thinks it knows how to stop it. 10 more words