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5 Ways to Use Less Paper (and why this is important)

A simple way to reduce the spread of climate change? Use less paper. You may remember how we mentioned in Bring Back our Forests! that trees are doing us a favor by absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air and converting it into earth-friendly carbon? 277 more words

The Latest on Our Children's Trust Lawsuit

We, the League of Women Voters of Umpqua Valley, are proud that our state League (LWVOR) signed on to an amicus brief in support of Our Children’s Trust with our national League (LWVUS). 358 more words


What are some easy, organic, environmentally friendly product swaps?

Oh, well, I’m glad you asked!

I’ve been researching for months on items in my apartment I can swap out not only efficiently but where I’m not breaking the bank. 289 more words


Everyday Plastic Items in Your life

Toothbrush. Body Wash. Shampoo. Face Wash. Liquid Hand Soap. Conditioner. Toothpaste. Lotion. Deodorant. Chapstick. Pens. Perfume. Food Containers. Plates. Forks. Spoons. Knives. Bowls. Cups. Lids. Straws. 92 more words



A large ancient tree on kitimaat, bc Canada, on strawberry lane. Broke in half one stormy winter. The tree was there when the village settled. There once was two. 265 more words

Be A Saver

Bathroom Cloaked in Plastic.

Once I replaced my toothbrush, I began to think, “What else can I easily replace just as I did my toothbrush?” I looked hard at my bathroom and was disgusted not because I haven’t given it a good scrubbing in a few weeks but because of the amount of plastic products I use. 196 more words


Banana Leaf Plates: For the Eco-friendly and Lazy, Walwal Barkada

Aaaaaaah, nothing beats a good ol’ trip to the beaaach with your crew. And also, nothing beats the mess that the tornado (our wrecked selves) brings inside the beach house. 229 more words