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Wind Power Drill Turbine                                             

Two years ago we got the taste for this fascinating new wind catching shape when we saw it as a small Kickstarter project. 1,240 more words


Changing Our Landscape

From outer space, Earth shines like a beacon. Reflecting sunlight off silvery white clouds, opal blue oceans, and forest-tinged continents, it’s hard to imagine from this image that humanity is making any kind of imprint. 97 more words

Landscape Destruction

Why Going Vegan Can Save the Planet

We often take for granted how absolutely perfect the conditions on earth had to be for life to exist: life requires carbon, energy from the sun, water, oxygen, gravity, atmospheric gases, and neighboring moons.  1,273 more words

Truth Vs. Myth

Sept 5th

Hello all,

Happy Labor Day to my fellow Americans and thanks to all of those who fought for civil rights in the labor movement and unions so I can have weekends and safe working conditions and so much more. 471 more words


World Wildlife | ART

i’ve decided to focus on environmental issues through art! this is a good way to raise awareness in society and urge my peers to take action! 27 more words



This Art Piece is  a representation of the earth and one of the causes of global warming; pollution. This was created by a 12-year-old learner who felt the need to express how she felt about pollution and how it impacts the earth. 204 more words

selfie vlog: king's landing

so this is the story.

i took selfie videos while going around the old city in dubrovnik, croatia where they shot game of thrones. then i edited them with music from the show and posted on youtube. 205 more words