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Waste Less {Happy Earth}

Hi all! Recently, my love and I were watching BBC’s Blue Planet II, because we are both very fascinated in the ocean, marine biology, and oceanography. 295 more words

Mother Nature

Britain's War Against Plastic

By Haylie May

Recently the Queen of England has called a war against plastic.

After working side by side with Sir David Attenborough on a documentary featuring wildlife in the Commonwealth, the Queen has decided to form a new waste plan to use throughout the royal estates. 349 more words

The Amur Leopard

By Carson Yenchar

The Amur Leopard is one of the most beautiful animals in the world. Agile and poised, they seem to gaze into your soul with their piercing eyes. 262 more words


Rise above plastic

Have you ever noticed our magnificent planet’s ability to sustain life? How does it do it? Although Earth has survived billions of years and has held billions of different life forms, it seems to be dying. 463 more words


The Horrors of Fast Fashion

By Carson Yenchar        

Fast fashion is a term used when fashion trends make a quick transition from the catwalk to your local stores. It makes getting new styles of clothing more efficient and keeps you up to date on the current trend circulating throughout the world. 334 more words


Wind Farms in South Africa

By Kara Headley

Much of the world’s energy comes from the use of non-renewable resources, which, as proven in the past decades, is terrible for our environment. 299 more words