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The Green Revolution 

People across the world are struggling with the everyday realities of climate change. The poor in developing countries are hit hardest and face difficult challenges: How to deal with higher temperatures, changes in rain patterns, rising sea levels, and more frequent weather-related disasters? 221 more words


Protect the Earth

Beware the Ides of March!

Except the Ides mean, according to Roman calendars, the middle of the month as marked by the Full Moon.

Adventure Wicca, coordinators of Facebook… 179 more words



​… when hypocrisy abound in the masses, their voice has nothing to do with GOD or Good; see the skies and feel the earth #Afrika_says_yDm

Creative Arts

Love your earth, Join ICCE ✨

The Green Revolution

It is an initiative by the ICCE towards tackling climate change and preserving the goodness of the earth and the environment, in association with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. 340 more words


Recycling in Malaysia

When I was studying in the UK, recycling was made very convenient. Each houses would have 2 coloured bins: green and blue for the normal waste and recyclable items. 273 more words

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STEM Careers That Would Help Solve Air Pollution

A job that would help prevent Air Pollution is a job in Environmental Planning and Design. The main goal of a program in Environmental Planning and Design is to merge environmental concerns with human desires and needs.  206 more words


How You Can Help the Improve Air

They’re people everywhere that want to help the air with air pollution that don’t know how. Well they’re many ways that you can help the air such as: 282 more words