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Sustainable Sundays: 10 Sustainable Finds For Home & Kitchen

You all know how I’m an advocate for zero waste and I try as much as I can to be sustainable in my everyday life. Many people had commented before and got through to me through… 1,106 more words


Imagine we lived on a planet called Earth

First Published 2016/01/02 on http://www.fullft.com

Imagine if we lived on a planet called Earth – where all species that live there are dependent on each other and the Earth to survive. 636 more words


When Did We All Forget About the Environment?

Well shitballs! Hasn’t the new show War on Waste got us all talking about our environment?

I’m a bit bothered about this. Why? Because I thought we knew a lot of this stuff. 493 more words

8 Reasons to switch to Cloth Diapers

I started using Cloth Diapers in February this year, when my baby was around 5 months old. At the beginning, I was thankful every time I found a clean diaper (without 💩) and dreaded the day I would have to wash a dirty diaper. 857 more words


The Paris Climate Accord Pull Out

President Trump Makes Announcement of Decision to pull out on Paris Climate Accord – June 1, 2017

“Mass Trump Hysteria” that President Trump did what he said he’d do, pull out on a very unfair deal for Americans, called The Paris Climate Accord. 3,062 more words


Take, Take, Take - A Poem By Gina Harrison

We take oils and gases what a fucked up mistake

Earth cries out in the form of a fatal earthquake

The planet She is hollow we have drained her of blood… 240 more words

5 EASY Ways to Conserve Water

Hey Inquisitive writers! Today I will be talking writing about water conservation, because it’s a very important topic. So, how much water do you think you use daily? 401 more words