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My father and grandfather used this tried and true method of calculating when to plant their crops. I remember them guarding their Farmers Almanac’s , Moon Sign Books, and Companion Planting Guides like they were treasure, and in a way they were. 339 more words

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Our drought: How bad is it? What's next?

Imagine the West without water. Parched soil, lakes reduced to puddles, streams dried up, mountains without snow. If this sounds like a doom- and- gloom Hollywood flick to you, read this book from The University of California Press— 845 more words

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The hot water in summer or cold in winter can actually be one of the reason for our distress...

Water is known as cure for various ailments, but the adverse temperature of the water can be unwelcoming. Sanicon offers you a solution to let you have the water for its best use and not for unhealthy reasons. 50 more words

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Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Summer is just around the corner and that means the season for swimming is almost here! While this is a fun and popular recreational sport, it is important to do so safely. 314 more words


7 reasons to grow succulents in the drought

Succulents look gorgeous, even during drought. They’ve got their own moisture sources, says Debra Lee Baldwin, succulent expert and author of three books on the subject. 605 more words

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Are You Ready To Come Clean?

A colleague recommended me an interesting website a couple of days ago. The title on one of the visuals caught my attention immediately – “Are You Ready To Come Clean?” 395 more words


Ten of the world's most sustainable buildings

Striking and sustainable buildings

Today, it’s not enough for the buildings we live and work in to be beautiful, big and bold.

With climate change a looming threat and the need for renewable energy sources evermore pressing, skyscrapers, office blocks and residential apartments need to be green too. 884 more words

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