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Price Busters' Tips for Saving Water At Home

At Price Busters Plumbing, we have a real hard time understanding how some folks are so shocked by their water bill. Unless you have an unexpected leak or repair that needs to happen, it should be pretty straightforward. 942 more words

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Top reasons why we are facing a global water crisis

We live on a planet that is covered with seventy percent of water. However, the scarcity of potable water is faced by people all around the globe. 521 more words


Water Scarcity: Causes and Effects

Water scarcity refers to a deficiency of appropriate water resources to meet the water demand in a particular region. When water is insufficient for food and sanitation, it is considered to be the shortage of fresh water. 932 more words


पानी उतना ही इस्तेमाल करें जितने की जरूरत हो

जल है तो कल है, जल बचाएं जिंदगी बचाएं, जल ही जीवन है जैसे स्लोगन हर तरफ देखने को मिल जाते हैं. लेकिन क्या सिर्फ नारों से परिस्थितियां बदली जा सकती हैं!


Saving Water the #CuttingPaani Way!

Hubby: (with a relief on his face) Aah! Indeed, water is life!

Me: (surprised) What makes you say this hub?

Hub: You know hun, it’s summers that make you realize how essential water is in our lives. 585 more words


The Journey of Water From Abundance to Scarcity, Purity to Poison

“I used to walk about 4-5 Kms everyday to bring water. I was a little girl, seven or eight years old, that by the time I brought the pots home, they would be half empty as the water used to drip.” my grandmother recalled. 924 more words


Pani, Pani re!!

“They say you understand the value of something when it is not there and the moment you get it you lose the value of it.” 665 more words