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Water Conservation

Whether it is shortening the length of your shower (every minute saves almost 75 gallons per month!) or using a broom to clean your driveway instead of the hose or only doing full loads of laundry, … 21 more words

Reutilizing Greywater In Home

Water used for washing dishes, laundering, or bathing is called grey water. Any other water that is discharged from toilet wastes or kitchen is the black water. 349 more words

Good Idea

5 Ways to Prevent Pool Construction From Taking Over Your Life

It used to be that some people didn’t want a backyard pool because of the maintenance burden. But today, automation and easy chemical testing mean that maintenance takes only a few hours a week — so it’s well worth getting a swimming pool for the exercise and entertainment benefits. 428 more words


Great Suggestion!!! No more using fresh water? Panel on Yamuna restoration suggests ban

A slew of measures have been suggested for maintaining the natural “ecological” flow of Yamuna while it passes through the capital.

A committee constituted by the National Green Tribunal has suggested that use of fresh water should be prohibited and made an offence in order to maintain the minimum environmental flow of Yamuna river. 321 more words

Good Idea

Consider Adding Solar Pool Heaters to Save Energy

Whether you’re planning on building a new swimming pool, or updating your current pool, one thing we should take into consideration is cost-savings and energy efficiency.   296 more words


#DYK Despite some rain, we are still at a level 3 water restriction. Here's some tips to conserve our water supply and help your wallet!

Our reservoir for Metro Vancouver is only at 58% as of today. Be sure to keep following the regulations as we continue through the level 3 water restriction. 170 more words