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Pool Leak??

How do I test for a leak in my pool?

Spring is officially here and the temperatures are warming up. Summer months are right around the corner. 292 more words


Bacteria-Infused Material Pulls Energy Out of Poop

​You’ve probably never thought of the toilet this way, but from a chemist’s perspective, your average flush is a goldmine of untapped chemical energy. Over the past few decades, scientists and engineers have tested various ways to reclaim raw sewage’s wasted energy and recycle it back into sewage treatment. 490 more words


How D.C. Is Going To Drill a Tunnel Through Frozen Ground

Groundwater is not a friend of folks who dig tunnels. And just like with a pesky person you don’t want around, the best way to deal with the problem is to freeze them out. 687 more words

Good Idea

Water Saving inventions

1. ODO

Odo is a advanced water irrigation system. Odo saves water by only watering plants when they need it. Odo connects to the web to check the weather to avoid watering plants right before a rain storm. 149 more words


How to grow the perfectly watered Movember moustache

Please, enjoy Movember responsibly.

By Dave Gaylinn and Jimmy Luthye

Movember 2015 is coming into the home stretch. By now, we have no doubt those Movember ’staches are rounding into their adulthood. 154 more words

Your Denver Water

Spa Tip

If your spa is still looking a little iffy after refilling with clean water, check your water chemistry and make sure you are running the filter for at least 2 hours a day. 42 more words


Infinity Pools

Vanishing edges or Infinity Pools are known for their dramatic effect.  Many pool owners find this is just what their backyard oasis needs to make it feel like a full time result. 68 more words