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The Importance of Knowing CPR Around Swimming Pools

While no one plans for a relaxing day at the pool to turn into a rescue situation, you should always be prepared just in case. Swimming pools are one of the most common places for accidents in which lifesaving rescue tactics are needed. 370 more words


The entire country of Costa Rica is currently running on completely renewable energy ...

Costa Rica uses 100% renewable energy for past 75 days. How are they doing it?

Costa Rica aims to be carbon-neutral by 2021

The entire country of… 405 more words

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Water is Life Water is our World

22 March was World Water Day. Water is linked to everything, no life without water and the way the world is heading one day humanity will perish without potable water. 26 more words


How To Recycle Air Conditioning Water For Your Garden

If you have an air-conditioning system in your house, you can easily recycle air conditioner water and use it for your garden. Private buildings and office complexes have been harvesting condensate for years. 339 more words


Here is How You Can Recycle Air Conditioning Water For Your Garden

Air conditioning systems generate condensate that is unfortunately never put to good use. In fact, most of this condensate ends up in the sewerage system. The good news is you can recycle this water and use to wash your car, flush the toilet, or water your garden. 339 more words


How To Recycle Your Home Air Conditioner Water

Few people are aware that the condensation from air conditioning systems can be recycled with a few simple steps, some time and a bit of effort. 367 more words


What Are Those Brown Stains in My Swimming Pool?

Swimming pool stains have many sources.  Algae, metals, calcium buildup, and just plain dirt.  While we touch on pool maintenance in this article to help prevent staining, we’ll spend some time talking about what to do if you do have stains. 526 more words