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Ivory Lane 9

The story so far…

Ivory is unto Dafe. She had the opportunity to kill him finally. Runo leaves Coco for Ivory. Mr Larry is searching for a safe haven. 1,681 more words

Gere Ochuko

Is It Too Early For A Christmas Shopping?

Christmas is now around the corner and we cannot think of anything but shopping and gift-giving. Surely, malls and stores nationwide are already planning of a wide sale for the anticipated season. 264 more words



I will still save the pretty engagement rings on Pinterest that I consider. Especially the rose gold, it’s so cute and pretty.

A Trigger For Your Thoughts

The “B” word...Beating Around the Bush about...


I have set some realistic goals for todays needs, a bit later in life and retirement…”

Now that you have made some notes in your money journal about your spending habits, this next step is to roll up your sleeves and dig in! 482 more words



Today is a very special post because today is my birthday! I turn 23 years old today. Such a crazy thing to think about! Honestly all of the really good birthday years are behind me it feels like, so I wanted to do something fun this year to celebrate! 346 more words