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Celebrating the Small Waste Free Victories

I work at a preschool & today was a teacher workday – which usually means lunch is provided – to make us feel extra special. With no children around, I already feel special – ha! 417 more words

NASA asteroid SHOCK: Plan 'to SAVE Earth' from 500m space rock REVEALED 

Asteroid 101955 Bennu is a carbonaceous space rock, first discovered in 1999. It is a potentially hazardous object listed on the Sentry Risk Table with the second-highest rating on the Impact Hazard Scale – giving it a 1/2,700 chance of hitting Earth between 2175 and 2199.  11 more words

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Clair View Ridge (introduction)

The cold wind masks the screams of agony and rage while the snow covered pines deaden the sound of gunfire. The door lay knocked off its hinges inside the warm, small cabin with a fire still burning bright; inside a second man struggles against his captors as they drag him into the knee deep snow and force him to the ground. 194 more words


Prime Pantry

I love Prime Pantry for many reasons.

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There are great coupons, make sure to check under the coupon tab in Prime Pantry. 47 more words


Making Online Shopping as Cheap as Possible

If you are like me then you much rather prefer shopping and finding great deals online over spending a lot of time in store. Online shopping can save you A LOT money if you do it right. 1,063 more words