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Agree to Disagree -If You Think We Suck Now...

While “If you think we suck now. just wait til we sell out” is a 2014 release. Massachusetts Agree to Disagree and their ambitious sixteen song imprint are as new to me as last night’s bowl of mac n cheese. 145 more words


Reflecting On: Saves The Day - Sound The Alarm

It feels like Saves the Day have always been a staple of the pop punk scene, forging a path on their own against the grain the their peers. 1,427 more words


That song you forgot you loved and find years later and still know all the words to...

When our Friday brunch turned into a 12+ hour day, we ended up back at our villa, singing along to songs from the early aughts… 130 more words

Life Outside Of Writing

Learning to Dance

I’ve always had a complicated relationship with dancing. I spent a lot of time miserable at dances when I was young. My parents would drag me a seemingly endless stream of wedding receptions or graduation parties, or even just these big shindigs my folks’ friends would throw just cause they wanted to dance, and I hated it from the start. 988 more words

Young Woman Shocks Everyone (Herself Included) By Predicting A 'Near Tumble' Down The Stairs!

Earlier this evening, our dear young woman at Number 28 shocked her fellow inhabitants AND herself by making prediction that caused her to (jokingly) be branded a witch by the son of the house. 242 more words

Awkward Events