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Fight for it - Chronic Illness Challenge, Day 22

How do you feel you have been treated by the medical system? Explain.

Well, urgh, part of me really doesn’t want to answer this because I have so much respect for the NHS and it’s employees. 1,033 more words

Insulin belongs to the world

Today is World Diabetes Day. The date was chosen as it’s the birthday of Frederick Banting, the Canadian Nobel Prize winner who pioneered the use of insulin in the treatment and management of diabetes. 815 more words

Things I Think

Positive NHS Stories

I’m never sure how to start posts. Increasingly I have been wondering about trying to be more involved with the world beyond my immediate family and friends. 349 more words


Which one would you buy a used car from?

Here’s an interesting thought. Who would have guessed that The Parliamentary Labour Party could ever have devised a plan so cunning that even old Baldrick would have dismissed it as a non starter? 1,840 more words

Quietly Contemplating.

Musings of a "less affluent left-wing voter".

If anything good or interesting came out of the EU debate over the past few weeks whilst I was out of the country I would have seen it in the British newspapers. 2,271 more words

Quietly Contemplating.