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Kaheka on the Move


The whole herd is on the move. Literally. We are relocating in a few days to a small ranch with a lovely homestead feeling. And it’s for sale! 251 more words

Human Rescue

Saving Frogs, Toads and Salamanders

If it weren’t for my dog running around smelling everything during our morning walk in the fields, I would never have noticed that the blobs in the road were actually smashed frogs and salamanders.  229 more words

Volunteer Service

Your opinion is needed

Here at Big Hearts Foundation, what we work to improve is animal welfare in Russia. However, what we also care about immensely is what people think – namely, what they think about the animals we are trying to help and how to change the minds of those that don’t care… 166 more words


Big Hearts Foundation at the Russian Business Week!

An exciting event for Big Hearts is around the corner!

This February, our Foundation will participate at one of the largest events at the London School of Economics and Political Science. 277 more words



What better way to begin 2016 than to veganize Ned Taylor, a sixteen-year-old from Victoria, BC? In December’s MEATLESS ANYDAY AND A TEENAGER’S PLEDGE TO HELP CHICKENS, I blogged about promoting Ned’s petition – “ 788 more words

Ten Happy Bears

Remember the 100+ happy cats we told you about?

Well, today we’re here to tell you about the ten happy bears in Utyos that, because of your donations and support, will be sleeping warm and snug all winter and not even notice the holidays that are nearly upon us! 115 more words