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Does Eating a Vegan Diet Really Save Any Animals?

My main reason for going vegan is to spare the animals. But when I watch documentaries, I get upset that I can’t do more. And I’m often left wondering how much of a difference one person can make. 650 more words


Saving Baby Birds

In our apartments starlings nest in dryer vents and are viewed as a pests.  Although the best solution would be to insure that the vents are cleaned out before spring time and blocked somehow to prevent nesting, baby birds are often removed in inhumane ways, either taking out the nest and laying it on the ground or blowing the nest and babies out with a blower. 484 more words

'Be Kind to Animals Week (5/7-5/13)' - Be Kind Always!

This week is a “celebration” of being kind to animals, though the question begs…shouldn’t we always be kind? This week is more of building awareness for others to make a change or be a part of change. 370 more words

Animal Awareness


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(Video) Shark appears to ask diver for help, diver pulls hook out of its neck

So check out this video via GrindTV of a dude with balls of steel. When a Lemon Shark keeps bumping into him he sees, without even flinching, that the shark needs help removing a hook from its neck.  31 more words

Kaheka on the Move


The whole herd is on the move. Literally. We are relocating in a few days to a small ranch with a lovely homestead feeling. And it’s for sale! 251 more words

Human Rescue