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I’m sitting about 100 meters from a humane trap in which I’m hoping to catch what I’ve been told is a pregnant cat. I’m listening for that distinctive clap which tells me that the trap has sprung and the desired prey is safely inside. 725 more words

Using a nebuliser to treat a hedgehog with pneumonia

Like humans, hedgehogs can contract pneumonia. Often it is linked to having a high lungworm burden. As the name suggests, this parasite lives in the lungs and can cause severe breathing problems and secondary infections. 396 more words

Helping Hedgehogs

Burgundy is back at Sandcloud!

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Saving Baby Birds

In our apartments starlings nest in dryer vents and are viewed as a pests.  Although the best solution would be to insure that the vents are cleaned out before spring time and blocked somehow to prevent nesting, baby birds are often removed in inhumane ways, either taking out the nest and laying it on the ground or blowing the nest and babies out with a blower. 484 more words