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Karina’s Environmental Eating┬áTips!

There are many creative ways you can help the environment whilst enjoying your meals. The below is a very short, but different, list to get your creative juices flowing: 121 more words

What are you wasting money on in your house?

There are so many things that we all do everyday to save money, but there are also things which we do, without realising we are wasting money. 747 more words

The Deep End

Tuesday night this week was my night to cook. Now, having gone from boarding school to res, I have never really needed to cook for myself, as my mom was always perfectly happy to treat me when I came home. 646 more words

Ideas for saving Electricity in the U.S/Canada&Mexico

4 years ago I was on a bus from New York to Texas to visit a few friends since it was my first time traveling by busy I decided to take the window seat so i can have things to look at the view was beautiful and i had a blast I began to noticed a few things on the high way and in a few little towns some of those places their street lamp post had solar panels on them and some had their own generator since I am a huge fan of helping our environment and hopefully the world I had an idea, 698 more words


How to Save Money On Electricity - by WikiHow

By WikiHow

For most people, the monthly electric bill accounts for a significant part of the monthly budget. In fact, the energy bill is often only surpassed by the mortgage or rent payment. 1,420 more words

Quality Of Life


So for the record, I didn’t cop out of writing my blog already. Promise. I was sick last week and now that I’m better I have a lingering cough. 346 more words


design as a force for good (6/7): the best answer of them all

My personal hands-down favourite examples came from the most unexpected source. The survey started off a disaster; I conducted it on phone and as a result found it quite impossible to count to ten, so I unleashed from within me the obnoxious surveyor to put an end to all obnoxious surveyors. 1,575 more words

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