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How to Live Cheap in an Apartment

If you’re living in a low-rent apartment there is a good chance that your landlord isn’t covering the cost of your utilities, especially electricity. In Ontario hydro can easily add $50 or more a month to your residential expense. 1,192 more words

The problems of having a bump

Bending over, rolling over and having to put on shoes, socks and moisturising your feet is the hardest thing to do when pregnant. There are other things that a pregnant women can’t do with their bellies being on the way.  294 more words

Lights Out

I was walking down the street thinking about saving electricity and I had the brilliant idea that I should fit sensors in all the rooms at home so that the lights automatically switched off if no movement was detected for a while. 29 more words



Karina’s Environmental Eating Tips!

There are many creative ways you can help the environment whilst enjoying your meals. The below is a very short, but different, list to get your creative juices flowing: 121 more words

What are you wasting money on in your house?

There are so many things that we all do everyday to save money, but there are also things which we do, without realising we are wasting money. 747 more words