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Saving Face: America’s TPP Disaster

Source: New Eastern Outlook, by Joseph Thomas

Long before US President-elect Donald Trump even began his presidential campaign, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was already crumbling along with the rest of America’s so-called “pivot to Asia” policy. 527 more words


The Kindness of Saving Face

The kindness of saving face is a type of kindness extended to others to help them avoid embarrassment or humiliation. The best example of this is in the movie… 338 more words

“Saving Face” was the first Asian American queer...

“Saving Face” was the first Asian American queer film I ever watched, and still one of my favorites – I’ve seen it 4 or 5 times! 72 more words



Fissures break out

onto the face

We work hard

At saving,

Making the mask

Purposeful and perpetual.

Yet fissures

Crumble its façade.

Fault lines emerge, 43 more words

The Diplomatic Value in Hangzhou's G20 Facelift

Brief: Hangzhou, China hosts the G20 summit on 4 Sept. 2016. Despite various human rights groups’ insistence that world leaders utilize this opportunity to confront the PRC on unresolved humanitarian issues, the PRC has insisted that members of the G20 avoid sensitive topics or international disputes. 455 more words



Don’t put them on a pedestal–
for when they fall,
it will not spell,
for them, downfall,
but it may still,
by you, be felt… 216 more words


Top 5 films featuring women loving women – celebrating Pride month

Besides the coming of summer, June is also Pride month celebrating LGBTQ+ culture. I feel like this year in particular, we’ve all been tragically reminded of how important it is to defend and embrace the celebration of Pride worldwide. 911 more words