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Saving Face

The mirror lies
Reflections tell tales
But she won’t accept
The lines of her life

The cosmetic cover up
Hiding the scars
Of years gone by… 76 more words


Our culture is rife with sarcasm, put downs and mean spirited behaviour. It is so nice that our school offers a complete break and contrast from this. 147 more words

Sifu Waller

Saving Face (2004): A Different Kind of Romantic Comedy

As a young adult it’s practically in your job description to break long standing traditions and expectations, but it’s quite something else when your middle-aged tiger mother starts doing so – as Wil finds out in Saving Face, a charming romcom based around the lives of a tight-knit Chinese community in Manhattan. 342 more words


A few tips on how to be a good tourist in Cambodia

I say “good tourist” loosely. I am merely a beginner here in Siem Reap and I’m pretty pathetic about knowing their language and understanding their customs. 574 more words


Erving Goffman’s Symbolic Interactionism theory is a micro level theory, which uses meanings, orientations, and assumptions to form the basic motivations of people’s actions. This is basically saying that we use symbols to interpret other people’s behavior. 516 more words

John Kerry tries to save face for State Dept.

In a possible attempt to distance himself from mounting evidence of Hillary Clinton’s wrong doings, John Kerry has joined the fight against mishandling of Federal property and information on computers. 161 more words


March 1915: California

Dear Arn,

Naïve! Our worlds are so different.  You must view me as so very naïve and sheltered.  Your words are kindly and encouraging, as are you; but I wonder that you do not dismiss me as yet another well-intended but pitifully ignorant white man, moaning and groaning amid his opulence.   360 more words

March 1915