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Thespian Thursday: Saving Face

There was a time in my life when traditional rom-coms seemed empty and vapid, and I turned to indie LGBTQ+ films to fill the void. Okay, I still do. 225 more words


Saving Face (2004)

There’s a distinct style of comedy cinema that’s rooted more in the humor of recognition than it is in the intricate construction of a punchline or bit. 877 more words


The Importance of Chopsticks

If you’ve had any interest in Japanese culture via exported anime Americanized into your favorite childhood memories or by other means, you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Gaijin Smash’ in some context. 3,297 more words


Processing Aziz and My Experience

The Aziz Ansari story on Babe.net really made me think about my own experiences with sexual encounters that made me feel icky and uncomfortable, where suddenly the other person crossed some boundary unexpectedly and left me feeling shocked and not quite sure what to do. 1,363 more words

A Life Examined

Kim Jong-Un - China's Tiger to Tame

Forgive, is the message of Christmas.  But do not forget.  The person who betrayed trust is still in that body.  Trust is a gift best reserved for those who deserve it. 870 more words


Lesbian Rom-Coms? It's more likely than you think.

This is my very first post here at Much Ado About Cinema, and because I’m a fine upstanding member of the community, I thought I’d use this opportunity to highlight some true saviours of the film industry – the handful of lesbian movies that actually provide us with light-hearted relief. 1,020 more words


14: Saving Face

Cue the homecoming montage!

Chapter One

Table of Contents

Help me pick a title!  Check out the notes in Chapter 13 for details.

EXT.  DOLINA FIELDS.   1,804 more words