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The Tiger Trapped In a Corner

The absolute worst thing you can do to an angry animal is put its back to the wall with no visible means of escape. Because it’s at that moment, the animal realizes it must fight for its survival. 534 more words


Gossip Girls

Everyone likes gossip. The Chinese like it more. The exchange of information – true or false – is the currency of your value in relationships. 481 more words

Saving Face With Avoidance

“We Thais are afraid that bluntness will be interpreted as rudeness so we try not to hurt each other’s feelings or cause someone to lose face by saying what we really mean.” – Auntie Nong… 537 more words


Saving Face

The mirror lies
Reflections tell tales
But she won’t accept
The lines of her life

The cosmetic cover up
Hiding the scars
Of years gone by… 76 more words


Our culture is rife with sarcasm, put downs and mean spirited behaviour. It is so nice that our school offers a complete break and contrast from this. 147 more words

Sifu Waller

Saving Face (2004): A Different Kind of Romantic Comedy

As a young adult it’s practically in your job description to break long standing traditions and expectations, but it’s quite something else when your middle-aged tiger mother starts doing so – as Wil finds out in Saving Face, a charming romcom based around the lives of a tight-knit Chinese community in Manhattan. 342 more words


A few tips on how to be a good tourist in Cambodia

I say “good tourist” loosely. I am merely a beginner here in Siem Reap and I’m pretty pathetic about knowing their language and understanding their customs. 574 more words