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March 1915: California

Dear Arn,

Naïve! Our worlds are so different.  You must view me as so very naïve and sheltered.  Your words are kindly and encouraging, as are you; but I wonder that you do not dismiss me as yet another well-intended but pitifully ignorant white man, moaning and groaning amid his opulence.   360 more words

March 1915

Give Me a Reason

I love Facebook. And that’s sarcastically.

My father has been active on Facebook for the first time in a while. And what he posts bothers me, because it’s unfortunately in line with what I already know about him. 617 more words

Korea's new silent killer - "saving face"

Last weekend, I had an occasion to pick up a cue stick and play some billiards with a friend, something I hadn’t done in a long, long time. 886 more words


The Game Conundrum

“sometimes you just gotta play the game”

well I will challenge that phrase as yes, but  “life is too short.” if you just “play the game” to please people or get on peoples good sides, that the hell is that? 338 more words

New York/Nueva York

Facebook, FaceBaiting, and Saving Face

“OMG!! It is over!”

You may have seen a Facebook post like that at some point. It typically is followed by a comment that looks something like this: “What is wrong? 870 more words

Dirty Laundry

Saving face

Why is it that we stand behind the facade of well being, saving face at every turn? In many ways I agree that one must save face but it seems like we have lost the reason to do so. 568 more words

Health Of All Kinds

Voyeur of Voyeurs

Lately, I have been trying to view things in a more positive light. My default mode is to not care, but usually, I feel guilty that I don’t, so I express negative opinions, and that leads me to actually feel negative about things. 1,591 more words