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Saving Face

Zimbabwe is known to have some of the most desirable weather in the world. Summers are hot and countered by rain during the wet season. Winters are mild with warm sunny days. 1,101 more words

I Am Livin'

A Pregnant Fireman

Photo Credit: Arny Mortgensen via Unsplash.com


“Give me a sentence about a public servant,” said a teacher.

The small boy wrote: “The fireman came down the ladder pregnant.” 52 more words


Oh, to be human can cause us such miseries. It’s how I experience life. I have to remember that I am talking for myself only. To punish myself and feel worse, I judge myself for my humanity. 325 more words

The Shadow of Fear

Getting past the “pause” and moving beyond the “stuck place” is a challenge that we all come upon many times over in life. What is it that stops us? 1,033 more words

Spiritual Path

Thespian Thursday: Saving Face

There was a time in my life when traditional rom-coms seemed empty and vapid, and I turned to indie LGBTQ+ films to fill the void. Okay, I still do. 225 more words


Saving Face (2004)

There’s a distinct style of comedy cinema that’s rooted more in the humor of recognition than it is in the intricate construction of a punchline or bit. 877 more words


The Importance of Chopsticks

If you’ve had any interest in Japanese culture via exported anime Americanized into your favorite childhood memories or by other means, you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Gaijin Smash’ in some context. 3,297 more words