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The End of the Line

This is what the end of the line looks like, particularly on spiritual journeys but also in so many other life situations. When the social self-image is pressed firmly up against the glass so to speak, there is no way forward. 321 more words


My Savings

Never lost one bit

not a single cell

I kept it all

My Face

It’s under the bed,

the floorboards,

and a blanket of pride, 47 more words


If I can Manage Losing Face then I can Manage Losing Anything

Within the last couple of years, I’ve become unable to work due to a diagnosis of PTSD.  A large part of my self esteem has always come from my identification with my profession.  1,513 more words

Childhood Abuse

Saving Face While Capitulating: Congress and its Debt Limit Plan

From The Daily Signal, by Romina Boccia

The debt limit is upon Congress challenging lawmakers to address rising spending and debt with serious budget reforms. 590 more words


The Political Ramifications of Saving Face

The Asian aversion to losing face is an important concept to understanding the political situation in East Asia and may prove to have disastrous consequences for those involved. 852 more words


Latest update: new job and feeling homesick

Woop woop! I’ve just scored myself a new job teaching English at a Grand Ecole! This deserves a big pat on the back as the Grand Ecoles (of which there are several different types) aren’t just your average university. 1,368 more words

La Vie Francaise

Saving Face By Not Losing It

Recently the New York Times could not be printed in Bangkok, for the printer was afraid to leave himself open to prosecution under the country’s Lese Majeste statues, which are frequently invoked to protect the reputation of the Crown. 681 more words