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Mental pictures of Summer 2019

In the last week, Levi has gotten more creative in how he wakes me up in the morning. Of course, he wakes up at his normal time between 5-6:30am because our work schedule had him conditioned to wake up at this time and drink his morning bottle before diaper change and loading the car on our way to GiGi’s so mommy and daddy can go to work. 930 more words


The Good Steward

A mockingbird sits in the top of our Yaupon holly tree every evening right before sunset. I watch him out the breakfast room windows, admiring, wondering as he defends his tree from all comers. 462 more words

Short Takes On Life

Precious moments

A close friend told me I wouldn’t remember many memories of Levi in these first several months. When I mentioned that to my mom she agreed she didn’t have many memories of the first several months of mine or my sisters lives either. 819 more words


An artistic way to save travel memories

Travel souvenirs come in all shapes and sizes. They might be paper ephemera like postcards, brochures and maps. They might be artwork. They might be kitschy little figurines or t-shirts or hats or anything in between. 252 more words

Tips From The Team

My Nanny- brighter than all the sunflowers

My mom got me thinking about my Nanny today. Levi was laying on the floor babbling and looking straight up, even kinda had his head tilted back some, like he was looking at something specific but there was nothing physically above him. 1,039 more words