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What is Catching Raindrops in Water Buckets?

As we approach the sixth year anniversary of the start of Catching Raindrops in Water Buckets, I want to revisit its beginning. It’s interesting how things seem to work in a cycle. 795 more words

Catching Raindrops

The Benefits of Aging

I can’t remember which birthday it was. But I do remember that I was still pretty “young.” Not elementary or high school young; but you know, young; probably in my 20s. 539 more words

Catching Raindrops

Second-hand Shops and Sites

Good Friday morning! As promised, I’m back with another post for you!

In 2016, a survey showed that Americans throw away about 26 BILLION pounds of textiles per year. 974 more words

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How Wearing Sweaters in the Winter Can Help Cut Your Electric Bill

I laughed (again) as I read through the growing outrage on Facebook over some recent electric bills. Every year, around the same January through February time period, the same neighborhood FB page gets loaded with comments from people complaining that their bill had doubled, and even tripled over one month. 895 more words

Catching Raindrops

How to Cut Costs With Tiny Living - The Simple Dollar

How to Cut Costs with Tiny Living

Tiny homes aren’t just a fad anymore — what started as a way to lower mortgage payments and utility costs following the Great Recession has developed into a worldwide movement. 161 more words

Saving Money

5 tips to help you save your first $1,000 | CNN Money 

5 tips to help you save your first $1,000 Millennials now the largest living generationIf you’ve yet to save your first $1,000, take comfort in the fact that you’re in good company. 21 more words

Saving Money

How to Kick Your Bad Money Habits | Gen X Finance

How to Kick Your Bad Money Habits

Have you ever had to say I’m Broke? Well if you have this is for you. You’ve got money problems and you can’t figure how to crawl out of the hole you’ve dug for yourself.  116 more words

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