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Networth update April 2015

Home: 251,600.00€
Portfolio: 3,552.00€
Cash: 45.10€
Loan payment account: 297.31€

Total: 255,494.41€


Mortgage: 235,676.04€
Student loan: 15,600.31€
Credit card: 3,400.00€
Spending loan: 1,326.66€ 119 more words

Financial Independence

How We Live On $650 a month

We have 6 people in our family – including 4 crazy kids! And we manage to live on $650 a month. This is how we do it! 780 more words

Life & Times

Frugal in Forty ~ A 40 Day Challenge

Introducing “Frugal in 40,” a series of posts I will be publishing daily for a total of forty days (excluding weekends). That’s eight weeks of frugal posts coming soon! 168 more words


Category Budgeting

When I first tried envelope budgeting deciding on what categories was a challenge. I did research on the most common categories people use but found that most of those didn’t seem to apply to me. 177 more words


Saving with Point Based Rebates

A few months back I talked about saving with cash rebates. All of these rebates came from apps that allow you to scan your grocery receipts and get cash rebates on selected items put into your account. 607 more words


Out of Sight - Out of Mind Budgeting

Envelope budgeting, when dealing with actual cash, has its advantages such as “out of sight out of mind”.

I use a three ring binder to hold my envelopes which are really three hole pencil cases.   172 more words


Coin Purse Budget

In my second post, https://mycashstash.wordpress.com/2015/04/17/gilligans-island/, I mention that I had failed at envelope budgeting in the past because I didn’t know what to do with all the change when using actual cash. 222 more words