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Spring Break at the Beach

Isn’t it beautiful?! There’s nothing quite like spending some vacation time at the beach, sitting on the warm sands, watching the sunrise in the morning. And then returning that evening, after  full day of doing nothing, to watch it set. 773 more words

Catching Raindrops

Toy Rotation Update: Pure Bliss

Some ideas don’t work out … like that time in college when I thought that by dressing up like Madonna for Halloween I would basically transform IN TO Madonna – instantly looking and singing exactly like her … #disappointment #allbad #getoffthestage. 383 more words


Easy way to save money while shopping online using EBATES

I was snapping and doing insta stories a bit ago on some online clearance when my little EBATES button popped up reminding me I can activate cash back when I realized I have never shared with you guys about how I use EBATES. 187 more words


Join the challenge!

A few how-to’s and explanations on how to survive a spend-fast. Hope you’ll join me for this February’s Spend Fast Challenge!

This challenge will force you to clean out and use up what you already have and discover time and money you didn’t know you had. 30 more words

Tammy Lanham

Where to start...? (a guide of what to spend your money on at home)

Happy January 2017 everyone. We made it!

I enjoyed my week away from work, writing, interiors and all things loft extension, but it’s now time to crack on with life again. 1,172 more words


Decluttering the Closet. Again.

Hello, my readers! It’s been a minute, no? Crazy year, not much to say, etc.

I’m on Christmas Break from school this week and next. Due to the decision makers at the school board, we have a really interesting schedule this year, but I’ve adjusted, as much as someone who hates change can. 1,136 more words

Saving Money

How to Save Money and Watch Free Movies!

I just finished watching the movie Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Yesterday I enjoyed the Denzel Washington movie Magnificent Seven; and before that, it was Meryl Strep in  648 more words

Catching Raindrops