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Heeding the Warnings

I started this off with what I think is a statement photograph. I love the way the battle of the grayish-blue and orange sunrise above looks against the deadness of the tree in the foreground, and the light of the snow below. 914 more words

Saving Money

Discover new money to save....via DIGIT

I recently read an article on Yahoo about Google Ventures investing in a new company called DIGIT. I read more about DIGIT and found out that this is a very interesting startup that saves money by taking away money from your account that DIGIT predicts you will not need. 466 more words

Checking Account

Shopping and Rain Checks

How many of you go to the grocery store to get something that is on sale only to find an empty shelf? I have done this numerous times and it can be so frustrating when I leave the store empty handed. 482 more words

Saving Money

Money and Stress

Are you stressed out about money?  Does a discussion about money in your home cause a fight?  Apparently we are still stressed out in this country and mostly over money.  312 more words


Laundry Savings

It has been a long time since I have had an actual normal, working laptop. I am so excited to be able to type on a keyboard instead of on my phone to run my Facebook page! 282 more words

Saving Money

First post Hello All

Hello to my Bargain hunters!

This is my first post and just wanted to advised that all the below are things that work for my family – if you don’t like what your reading keep on going only positive things here :-) … 459 more words


Building a Queen Size Bed Frame Part 1

I’ve finally convinced my husband to let me get a guest bed! Gone are the days of having guests sleep on yoga mats, swimming pool floaties, and that heavy sofa mattress that is such a pain to pull out of the couch and lay on the floor. 920 more words

Saving Money