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How I Travel

Hi! I’m an avid traveler, currently on my third passport, member of the Global Entry club, and love exploring the world’s offerings. Most recently I traveled to Dubai, UAE. 564 more words


The Perfect Potato

A loaded baked potato is one of my favorite things in the world- when done right. In the past, I haven’t been able to cook it just right and a loaded potato at a restaurant can run from about four dollars to almost 10! 270 more words

Saving Money

3 Tips for Saving Money on a Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes, Flowers, Invitations, Oh My!

Wedding season is in full swing. With so many lovely options to choose from, how do you have your dazzling day within your budget? 273 more words

Gluten Free

Already March. Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit!

I literally cannot believe we’re in the 3rd month of the year already. 2015, you’re going to fly by, aren’t you? This year, I don’t have a big wedding to look forward to, so it seems like I’ll be coasting through life. 965 more words

Working Out

Bag a bargain

Inspired by one of the popular tasks on BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’, Challenge 11: Bargain Hunt gives the challengers one year to buy ten items for the lowest possible price. 444 more words

Challenge 25

DIY Toddler Food

Once your kid can start feeding him or herself, there are a million pre-packaged, expensive foods you could buy. If you’re awesome and frugal like me you think “Surely, there have to be convenience foods I can feed this kid that don’t cost as much as lobster, ounce for ounce”. 706 more words

Easy Recipe

How to Save Money While Abroad

For some strange reason I feel like Euros are comparable to Monopoly money. They’re colorful and cute and super easy to spend, right? RIGHT. I feel like since I’ve been in Barcelona I’ve been doing nothing but spending all of my (well, my parent’s) money. 1,747 more words

Study Abroad