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Boosting Savings: Auto-Save Challenge

In a previous post I briefly discussed money challenges and how people use them as extra motivators to either boost savings or pay down debt. Whether you’re saving for a vacation, a house or just want to improve your money management skills, you can never have too many tools or tricks at your disposal. 290 more words

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Understanding KiwiSaver

 Like any normal woman in her 20’s I love spending money -studying, travelling, shopping (clothes/bags/accessories) and prettying myself up.  BUT one must also know the value of saving and actually SAVE MONEY.   381 more words

My Deal Scoring Strategy - Five Tips to Get the Best Deals (No Extreme Couponing Required)

I love a good bargain – don’t you? But as a busy, full-time breadwinning mom of three, I don’t have time for things like extreme couponing and shopping at three different grocery stores to score the lowest prices. 1,998 more words


Day 9 Savings: £223.36 Houston, we have a problem

Only £4.16 saved today. Yes it’s not much, but it’s better than nothing. I’ve finally (finally!) done a run-through of the numbers – how much I earn, how much I spend, and how much I can save – and I’m afraid they just don’t add up. 339 more words

Saving Money

weekly budget check

Is Sears closing?

I am asking because there were excellent deals this past weekend and I could not help but shopped there.

I am not sorry :) 298 more words


Millennials wonder: 'Where's my money going?'

Millennials could be risking their financial future as they craft ways to tackle their student loans, car payments and credit card debt.

New research indicates that many are overusing credit cards, racking up fees with late payments or overdrawing checking accounts and in some cases even taking loans against 401(k) plans. 1,372 more words


Budgeting 101: Start, Stick, Succeed

Your budget is at the root of your financial success or failure. Having the right budget can be the determining factor in the outcome of your personal finances. 654 more words

Money And Personal Finance