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Preparing for your Chickens + Coop Review 🐔

Having a safe place for your chickens is essential before bringing them home, you will want to research what kind of enclosure or coop to have in advance that is able to keep your chooks warm, happy, and safe. 611 more words

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Funding Your Future: The science of saving money

Sometimes it can feel as if the world is against you when you’re trying to save your hard-earned money. Financial expert Rachel Langlois of Cyprus Credit Union… 364 more words

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I Can't Afford to Save any more Money

I went grocery shopping with my wife the other day.  The store had several sales going on:  buy one get one free, buy two get three free, two for five dollars, etc. 400 more words


Self Funding Your Wedding ~ Tips on Making Your Big Day Affordable

With our wedding fast approaching in just two months time we are at the point where all the last minute bills need settling and almost wishing time away to a point where our pay checks don’t have to go towards the big day and honeymoon! 1,154 more words


Do you own your things or do they own you? (why I started this blog)

I believe my journey with ‘materialism’ began as early as eight years old. I remember feeling distraught by the fact I only received eleven presents for Christmas whilst my best friend got at least twenty. 729 more words

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Tuesday’s Frugal List 04/24/2018

  1. I took a 2-minute shower
  2. I continued working on Spring cleaning (and regular cleaning). I cleaned our bathrooms, vacuumed the entire house (via the Roomba), mopped all of our hard flooring, shampooed the bottom three carpeted stairs of our staircase, dusted artwork in the living room and dining room, and I cleaned out and organized two closets.  
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Spending Money Wisely/Saving Techniques

Most college students would agree that it is somewhat tricky spending money wisely. The solution to this stressful issue can be solved by a couple methods: evaluating needs vs. 160 more words

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