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30 minus 30 - Goal Setting


This year, I am turning 29. Which means that next year I’ll be turning…. well, 25 again. Although I am proud of what I have accomplished in terms of my education, there are things I would like to achieve for myself before I turn 25 again – these are weight loss, being debt free and saving money. 127 more words


Want to save some cash? Cut your own hair.

If you have longer, simple hair like I do, you can easily save some money every month by trimming your own hair.

I go to the salon twice a year to professionally shape up my layers and do any coloring I don’t trust myself to do at home. 117 more words

Spring Cleaning... Kinda

Since we moved during Springtime in a mad rush, I never felt I had accomplished my annual “Clearing of All Unnecessary Items”.  So, that’s just what I did…. 313 more words


Building Your Own Solar Generator/DIY 12v Camping Power Supply Ammo Box

Recently I’ve just got back into camping, getting away from the city and finding new areas in the beautiful state of Arizona. I do however still enjoy some of the luxuries of home like powering my phone, charging DSLR batteries, running a small USB powered fan, and running some hanging USB powered lanterns. 813 more words


6 easy, cheap travel tips...

I’ve seen more than one post about how to travel better, and I am sure most of the people who write them are far more experienced than me. 1,378 more words


Saving Money and Weekly Update--Sept. 23, 2017

I enjoyed this gorgeous cloudscape one evening as I was heading home from work.  The late-day rays of light were glorifying the edges of the clouds.   1,156 more words

Saving Money

How To Save Money For Travel : A Complete Guide

For us travel bugs, it quickly becomes frustrating and overwhelming to have such a costly passion.

While others may be focusing heavily on saving up to buy a house, or to pay off student loans, we’re the type who are daydreaming about when and where we’ll take our next big trip. 3,548 more words

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