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The Jerky Boy in my Life

Consumerism.  It’s brought us so many wonderful items.  But it’s also made us lazy.  Cars now tell us if someone is in our blind spot rather than the simple action of turning our heads.   470 more words


02 -The Necessary Preparations

As of late, I’ve had far less time than I once did. This has caused me to try and streamline certain aspects of my life to have more time to do what interests me. 349 more words

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Saving Money--May 29, 2016

I picked spinach, lettuce, boc choi, parsley and cilantro from the garden.  I put it in various containers and filled them with water outside.  Then, I carried them into the camper, washed them (putting the wash water into the pots) and then dumped the water on my flower pots outside. 478 more words

Saving Money

10 things to know before going to study to the UK

Moving to another country long-term for studies or work is always a hard process followed by your mind puzzled with following questions: what documents will I need there? 1,495 more words

Living In The UK

Top 10 Ways to Save Money as a Student

I’m back from my blogging hiatus and ready to talk about saving money with my fellow 20-somethings (if you’re older and reading this, you’re more than welcome to read my money-saving tips as well!). 1,627 more words

A penny saved is a penny earned...

The best feeling ever is getting money back for shopping for what we already need. I spent $5.82 on 2 green bell peppers, 1 red pepper, 1 large red onion, 1 large broccoli crown, and 1 bunch of organic kale. 113 more words

Saving Money

Is the banking industry destroying the average American's financial security?

50 years ago the average American family could survive off of a single income. Today this is no longer true. The decrease in the purchasing power of the dollar has caused a level of inflation that is making it difficult for average families to enjoy the same quality of life that existed 50 years ago. 278 more words