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The True Cost of Low Self-Esteem

Close to $15,000. That’s how much my low self-esteem cost me, anyways – not including my student loans (or my parents’ loans) for the $70,000 tuition at the expensive private university I chose for fear of being perceived as “dumb.” But that’s a post for another time. 589 more words


How You Can Become An Online Shopping Master

Shop around online to find the lowest price. Making purchases online is a great way to get the best possible price. As you are searching around, use prices from stores in which you would trust to get the prices to compare. 2,421 more words

When There's More Month Left Before You Get Your Next Social Security Check

I get my Social Security check towards the end of the month which at times can make my life a bit difficult. Financially speaking, that is. 1,015 more words

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Save Day

Start a saving account. Whether at home or with a bank/credit union.

Saving Money

Stash Invest - Do you have it?

I have always been drawn to investing money. I like watching it grow, what can I say?

Recently, I tried something outside of my 401(k), that allows me to invest with my phone. 513 more words

Money Making Ideas

Saving For A Rainy Day

Its important to save money, not just for emergencies, but also for major expenses like homes, cars, education and retirement. Most financial advisers recommend that you have the following: 334 more words


The Purgatory List

Rule 4 clearly states, I can buy items from the Purgatory List, so long as the requirements are met. The Purgatory List is a list of items I anticipate needing to buy as time goes on. 1,015 more words