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Saving Money Expert, or Teach Your (Bloggers) Well

I’m no saving money expert, nor am I FSA regulated, so I am not sure how helpful I can be to help you, the 99%, survive in this downturn economy (if you are reading this from the UK welcome to the double dip recession). 582 more words

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5 Tips To Keep Black Friday From Becoming Your Financial Nightmare

In the United States, the holiday of Thanksgiving starts major retail shopping until Christmas. Many people fall into this spend, spend, spend trap every year. Then after all the lights, velvet, food and music are gone they are left with a financial nightmare! 289 more words


Be Thankful For What You Do Have

Hey everyone,

I know many of you are getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I know it can be stressful, getting ready for company to visit. 174 more words


DIY Holiday Gifts!


          Hey, yall! The holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s time to head to the mall and break your wallet for Christmas gifts. 732 more words


The Frantic Mom's Guide to Dinner

Too bad supper doesn’t roll around when we have excess energy instead of at the end of the day!  “Should we just go out?” one ponders.  284 more words

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Smart Shopping Tricks to Make Your Budget Last All Month

We can all use ways to stretch our paycheck each month, but it’s not always easy to know which expenses to focus on minimizing first. The fact is, some costs are easier to trim down than others. 750 more words

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