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Waste Not ~ Want Not

     Putting food on the table for self or for your family is paramount to your survival.  Most pantries that are available might require that you have to stand outside on a line in the street. 200 more words

Home Remedies for Weed Control

Our garden is planted and seedlings have started sprouting up and so have the weeds. No matter how much we try to keep those weeds away, they pop up everywhere. 432 more words

Helpful Tips

College Saving Plans

Saving up for college to assist with expenses in higher education can be ideal plan. If your family starts early enough, you may be able to save a substantial amount for college before you’re ready to attend. 227 more words


Leave Your Card At Home and save $100

A few months back, I calculated the amount of money I spent on Fast Food, Vending Machine items, and gas station food and drinks for one week, and I was shocked to find I had spent almost a hundred dollars on just those things alone. 281 more words


Meal Plan Monday - Week 25

Links, highlighted in red, are the recipes I am making this week. The recipes I’m using come directly from my personal recipe page on the Plan to Eat website. 373 more words

Saving Money

Saving Money Stopped Me From Selling Drugs

In the summer of 2001 everyone was in the business of selling hard drugs. When I say “everyone” I mean the 2% of who society considers low-lives. 477 more words


Living Well On One Income

So completely ignore C’s face in the picture. We are often asked and often wonder ourselves… “How do you all make it on one income? I mean you have 97 kids.” Brad isn’t a doctor or some CEO. 399 more words

Big Family