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An Awfully Big Adventure

Tomorrow I embark on an awfully big adventure. I am flying to London, on my own. From which I will travel England and Europe on my own.  501 more words


Saving Money--April 30, 2016

The walls of water did their job so well that they were crushing the tomatoes that were trying to grow up and out of them.  We let a little water out of the walls a couple of times.   700 more words

Saving Money

Use-It-Up-April 30, 2016

I pulled 2 bags marked “wings” out of the freezer and thawed them.  They were marked 2014 so I was hoping they were still good.  They were quite frosty and I was hoping that they were not freezer burned.   369 more words

Saving Money

In the Garden, where Savings Grow

Usually people forgo their savings goals for instant gratification:

  • They will pledge to save few hundred dollars, only to go out and spend it all on a big TV, unable to resist the satisfaction of watching the footy on a slightly better TV than their last one.
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Three Things to Read

I can’t wait to share what adventures I’ve been up to lately! But my computer is in the repair shop, so until I get it back and can share the photos I took, here are a few things that can take up your reading time. 437 more words

Saving Money

How We Afford 90 Days on the Road

Ever dream of quitting your job, selling all your stuff and hitting the road? That’s exactly what Bello and I did late last year.

We believe if we follow our passions (for Bello it’s photography, for me writing) and work hard towards our dreams, they will become our reality. 796 more words


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Your 0.99¢ Guide to Saving and Making Money Without Going Crazy

Here’s my very first e-book and I’m working on the second one. I would like to publish e-books and keep the price to .99¢ so everyone could have easy access to information. 148 more words