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Eccentric, maybe? But my flowers will bloom all Summer

Okay–its time to be a bit vulnerable.
I have a unique personality that is results-oriented, and also very frugal. Like others I have talked to, I credit that character quality to the influence of my parents, who were themselves influenced by the sobering, life-altering experiences of the Great Depression (and its aftermath), and World War 2 and the Korean War. 164 more words

Creative IDEAS

Homemade Dishwasher Tablets

I’ve been making my own laundry soap for YEARS, but for some reason I kept on buying dishwasher tabs in the store. They were just so easy – grab one, pop it in the dishwasher, press start. 391 more words

Saving Money

Unbreak the Bank--Tips on Saving Money on Beauty NOW

It’s that time of month.  Rent has been paid and it’s a holiday weekend.  You’re scared to look at your credit card balance, but you’re jonesing for a new patriotic crop top, and forsee hangover  brunch on Sunday’s horizon. 242 more words

New shoes, a Xbox and fireworks

I decided to splurge a little bit this week and buy myself some goodies. I bought a new pair of shoes, a Xbox One + Arkham Knight and some fireworks. 751 more words

Saving Money

8 financial tips for college graduates

College graduates are now entering the next phase of their life: financial independence.

Classes, homework and tests have been replaced by jobs, paychecks and taxes — and these can be very overwhelming. 94 more words


Getting Coached

So after yesterday’s disappointments, I took it all (eventually) on the chin and have bounced back feeling more optimistic than ever!

I still have the awkward task of informing the developer that I a) can’t take the house, and b) want my reservation money back, but by having the time to think, I have realised that I will now be in a better position than ever. 471 more words

No spend day 2 & 3

Update so far…

Yesterday the only spend was on bread that I managed to forget in my grocery shop – $1.80. I spent the morning at the park with the kids taking all our snacks and drinks :) 209 more words